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When the college authorities of Dr. Bhim Rao Ambedkar College, affiliated with Delhi University, asked the students of his theater troupe to change the name of the troupe from Ilhaam to Aarambh, it caused a controversy. Although the students of the drama group reluctantly complied and changed the name, student organizations like AISA (All India Students’ Association) decided to oppose it.

“The Urdu name Ilhaam did not sit well with the headmaster of the college, Dr. RN Dubey. And he asked the students to change it. He has already done it. So we just wanted to address the issue as a call for solidarity with the students of the theater group. Seven members of AISA, including four girls and three boys, went to meet the director and submitted a memorandum against this name change decision,” says Shreya, AISA member and DU student, who was part of of the seven members. crew.

“We were not allowed to meet the manager and the police were called to the scene. The police arrived and took us to Bhajanpura police station around 1pm. They detained us there until 8:30 p.m. And they also interrogated us. First, we just wanted to file a memorandum, and there was no protest on the agenda. That’s why only seven of us went to the principal’s,” she added.

“At the police station they wrote down details but even after that they wouldn’t let us go. It’s the law that female students can’t be detained after sunset, but they kept us there. A freshman student asked for a sanitary napkin, but was refused. They even clicked on our photos without our consent. Then we were taken to Jyoti Nagar police station, where we were detained again until 9:30 p.m. Lawyers came to speak for us and only then did the police let us go. We asked them to delete the photos they had taken without our consent and gave them a group photo instead,” she added.

He was informed by Shreya that Ali Fraz Rezvi, who is the co-founder of the theater group, was also arrested by the police. However, the group members were attending class when the seven students went to deliver the memorandum to the principal.

EdexLive had previously contacted the manager and he denied any knowledge of the theater group or its involvement in the name change incident.

Shreya said that after the police detention, no demonstrations were planned. Students are busy with upcoming exams.

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