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As winter approaches, local auto experts warn of the potential dangers of driving during the colder months.

Cody Holt, auto mechanic with Eurosource Autowerks located in Saint-Joseph, warns of problems that could arise in his vehicle in cold weather.

“When it starts to get really cold you have to stay on top of it,” Holt said. “Things like your tires, antifreeze, and even your oil can play a huge role in how your car runs in cold weather.”

With colder weather affecting multiple avenues of his vehicle, Holt warns of costly damage that could be done to a vehicle’s electrical or mechanical system.

“If your coolant isn’t popular for the winter, it could freeze,” Holt said. “Freezing your coolant could cause your engine or radiator to crack and could cost thousands of dollars to repair. ”

When it comes to driving during the winter months, Holt said his only recommendation is for people to be a bit more careful as the roads get a bit more dangerous.

“I think people should just be careful about the way they drive,” Holt said. “Maybe you drive a little slower and try to stay in the lane that you see everyone else has been traveling in. These lanes are generally a bit warmer and more melted. ”

For more information on road travel in winter, you can find more information on the Missouri Department of Transportation website, where you will find a list of recommended items to carry in a vehicle during the winter season, as well as recommended vehicle maintenance tips.

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