Baby born at Miami airport has extremely apt name

MIAMI – A woman who gave birth at Miami International Airport this weekend couldn’t have given her newborn baby a more appropriate name.

The little girl, born Sunday, was named Mia, as was the airport location code (MIA).

“The story was cleared for arrival today for special delivery,” the airport tweeted on Sunday after the baby was born. “Meet Mia who was born at the airport this afternoon with the help of our terminal team, @MiamiDadFire and @MiamiDadePD.”

Photos shared by the airport show Mia and her mother in one of the terminal’s bathrooms, surrounded by airport staff as well as Miami-Dade police and firefighters.

An airport spokesperson told the Miami Herald that the baby was born in the toilets of the north terminal, near gate D43. The mother had just arrived from Chicago on an American Airlines flight, he said.

“We were honored to help the mom deliver safely at MIA and are proud to hear that the baby was named Mia due to her successful ‘arrival’ at our airport,” said Greg Chin, Director of MIA communications a statement shared with the Herald.

Social media users were also shocked by the story, although a woman on Facebook – who indicated she works with airport security team and assisted with childbirth – indicated that the baby’s full name was not “Mia” but rather Miadani. She also set up a GoFundMe is counting on helping Mia’s young mother cover the costs of her “miracle princess”.

Another Twitter user, meanwhile, had another funny idea.

“She should have lifetime access to all airport lounges and to the free line”, he tweeted in response to the airport announcement, adding that Mia now has the “biggest story” in a name. “Good job to all the participants! “

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