Brilliant but insane, Mike Lee puts his father’s reputation to shame

(Rick Egan | The Salt Lake Tribune) Sen. Mike Lee makes a comment on stage with Tulsi Gabbard, during a rally in Draper, Thursday, Oct. 27, 2022.

If Mike Lee’s dad isn’t rolling over in his grave, it’s because he’s too shocked to even move. How disappointed Rex Lee, the renowned jurist and pillar of integrity, must be in his very bright but ill-advised son.

What a shame that Mike Lee was able to use his keen intellect and fine heritage to become as genuine a statesman as his father, who served as solicitor general, founder of BYU’s law school, and then its president. But ambition blinded Mike Lee and turned him into Donald Trump’s ideologue and sycophant. Now he would say anything to get re-elected.

Remember when candidate Trump made us sick with his vulgar boast about how women love his lewd caresses and how he could shoot someone in the street and no one would care? And remember how Mike Lee first vilified Trump, calling him unfit to be president?

Then, once Trump was in power, who became one of his most ardent catalysts? Mike Lee’s own writing and consistent commentary either praised, vindicated, or supported Trump, including the big lie of voter fraud.

Rex Lee is one of my heroes, because of what he stood for and the good he did. Sadly, his son accomplished next to nothing in his twelve years in the Senate except blocking legislation that would have helped the environment, health care, supported Ukraine, and many other worthy causes. And now, to shame his father’s reputation, Mike has stooped to desperately lying about his own words, his record and his opponent, in some of the most vicious, deceptive and sleazy commercials allowed on television.

Gilles Florence, Salt Lake City

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