Bronson appointed to Anchorage Equal Rights Commission withdraws name after anti-gay and sexist social media posts surfaced

One of those appointed by Anchorage Mayor Dave Bronson to the city’s Equal Rights Commission withdrew his name from consideration on Monday after screenshots surfaced from Facebook posts anti-gay, transphobic and sexist from an account with the name of the person named.

The mayor’s office said Cheston McCrea, a local pastor, had his name removed from consideration. A spokesperson did not respond to questions about the social media posts or whether the mayor had been aware of the posts before making an appointment.

The House was due to vote on McCrea’s appointment at its meeting on Tuesday. Assembly members began receiving calls to dismiss McCrea after screenshots began circulating online.

McCrea is an associate pastor at Praise Temple Ministries, according to his resume. In a state business database, he is listed as the director of the Church of Christ Praise Temple Way of the Cross in Anchorage’s Government Hill.

A phone call to McCrea’s church was not returned. The Facebook account appears to have been deleted or temporarily deleted.

A screenshot of a message read that “Woman and man were not created to be equal. They were created for balance.

In another screenshot, the original poster says they are reposting McCrea’s account and denigrating gay people attending church.

“If you’re a feminine, sissy, glossy lips, makeup, bent wrist, He-Shes-smelling candy, you are NOT going to lay your pretty nails on me,” he said. “… There are too many homosexuals in the pulpits, in the choir and at the head of praise and worship. “

Assembly members received a deluge of emails on Monday from residents concerned about McCrea’s appointment to the committee. In an email, a resident wrote: “Confirm that Reverend McCrea would directly violate the values ​​boldly stated on the AERC website: Justice – Peace – Equality.

The Anchorage Equal Rights Commission is the city’s law enforcement agency responsible for preventing and eliminating unlawful discrimination under Title 5, the Equal Rights Acts of the city, according to the city’s website. The commission investigates discrimination when residents file complaints, among other duties, according to the city code.

Before the mayor’s office confirmed that McCrea had withdrawn from the review, some members of the assembly expressed concerns about his suitability to serve on the committee.

Assembly member Austin Quinn-Davidson, who last year became the city’s first woman and the first openly gay person to serve as mayor, said she would not vote for the confirmation from McCrea.

“The commission provides free and confidential services to the public in cases of discrimination and harassment,” Quinn-Davidson said. “And so I think my question to the mayor would be, how can you expect Mr. McCrea to work hard to minimize discrimination and harassment when he has publicly shared both in the past on his account? Facebook ?”

Assembly member Felix Rivera also said he was concerned about McCrea’s ability to serve on the committee.

“From what I see on their social networks, this goes directly against the law of the land, which is equality for all parts of our community in matters of employment, housing, public housing. “said Rivera. “And so that puts me in a difficult position. Because I very much doubt that this person can be open and fair in all cases where he could be involved.

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