Buyers name Liverpool as the ‘most desirable’ place in the North West to move

Liverpool have been named as one of the most popular places to move to in the North West.

Out of 44 locations across the UK, it was ranked third behind Glasgow and Edinburgh, according to new research from AddLiving.

It is the only location in the North West to appear in the top five destinations, with London and Dundee named as the fourth and fifth most popular areas.

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Search data conducted by AddLiving revealed that there were over 5,500 searches for ‘Liverpool flats to let’.

This was considerably higher than other cities in the country, making it one of the most desirable locations.

The data also suggests that residents of Brentford, Egham, Waltham Cross, Leicester and Beaconsfield are the most interested in moving.

Around 4.6% of Brentford residents have searched for ‘apartments to rent’, meaning they are considering moving to the area or to another destination.

This drops to 1.2% in Egham, 1.14% in Waltham Cross, 1% in Leicester and 0.66% in Beaconsfield.

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Residents most likely to stay put, with lowest number of move searches in Chester, Durham, Bradford, Newport and Rotherham.

Only 0.01% of the population searched for alternative properties in Chester and Durham, and 0.02% in Bradford, Newport and Rotherham.

Olly Roberts, Registered Surveyor at AddLiving, said: “The past two years have seen a lot of disruption, particularly in the rental and employment markets.

“Many residents have seen their lifestyles change drastically, and many are looking to relocate for new jobs or for their mental health.

“Liverpool is the only place in the North West to feature in the top five, and with 5,500 searches for flats to let here, it’s easy to see why.”

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