Can your baby share a name with the same name as a famous serial killer?

Q: My wife and I are expecting our first child and we are wondering about baby names. I love my grandfather’s first name but unfortunately when combined with my last name the baby will share his full name with a well-known serial killer. Are we preparing our unborn child for a life of “Oh … like the serial killer?” ”
AW, Thornleigh, NSW

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A: Because you’ve shared your last name privately, I know who this serial killer is, and he’s not one of your longest-known lesser-known serial killers that you would be happy to have your child with. shares a name with a few murders and no real crime podcasts.

He’s an infamously monstrous serial killer, so it’s a good thing you took the “Check first name with last name before committing to baby name” test. Too many parents don’t, this is how you get sad and confused people with names like Dwayne Pipe and Ophelia Payne and a pediatrician my cousin dated as a kid, Dr.Peter Files, who wouldn’t. probably not due. I haven’t dealt with children at all.

Of course, the reverse can also happen. You can give your kid a perfectly innocent name and then a hideous human comes along and messes it up for everyone. I pity all those nice, harmless Adolf Hitlers living carefree lives in the 1930s who suddenly got really uncool and stopped being invited to bar mitzvahs.


So no, don’t give your kid the name of this serial killer. If you like your grandfather’s first name so much, use your wife’s last name instead. This is what my friend did. He was planning to name his child Holden because he is a huge Catcher in the rye fan, until I reminded him that his last name was Cox. Fortunately, I took the test for him. And saved her child’s life.

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