Renault Mobilize will deploy 3 dedicated vehicles by 2023

MUNICH – Renault’s Mobilize mobility services unit will launch production versions of its specially designed vehicles in 2022, starting with the Limo, a mid-size electric sedan built in China for taxi and cab companies. The limousine made its public debut this week at the Munich Motor Show, where it was …

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A welcome shot or two of the traditional

One or two welcome shots of the traditional You might find some good news, amid so much relentless change and disruption in the auto industry, to read in this week’s issue that the traditions of the industry are still in place. There’s the new Nissan Z car. Auto makers around …

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Automotive Digital Keys Market Outlook with Major Industry Manufacturers and Forecast to 2026 by Types (General Type) by Applications (Pharmaceutical, Agriculture, Paper & Pulp, Textile,)

Global Automotive Digital Keys Market Reports Provide In-Depth Analysis of Major Players, Geography, End-users, Applications, Competitor Analysis, Revenue, Price, Gross Margin, Share market, import-export data, trends and forecasts. The study will include revenue and consumption estimates from 2020 to 2025, globally and in the major regions mentioned above. The study …

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