Football – SGB Sports Fri, 04 Jun 2021 16:24:22 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Football – SGB Sports 32 32 Washington and Lee University will keep their names, Lee Chapel will not Fri, 04 Jun 2021 14:59:23 +0000

LEXINGTON, Virginia. – Washington and Lee University will indeed remain Washington and Lee University.

The university’s board of trustees on Friday voted 22-6 in favor of retaining the name. The vote comes after an 11-month review of the university’s name, symbols and other issues related to its history and the campus environment.

The board cited two clear findings from its review:

  1. There is broad support for advancing the university’s commitments to diversity, equity and inclusion.

  2. At the same time, there is no consensus regarding a name change.

While retaining the name, “the board has also decided to expand diversity and inclusion initiatives and make changes to campus buildings, practices and governance,” according to the board of directors.

By making such a change, the Lee Chapel, named after Robert E. Lee, will now be known as the University Chapel, taking the building to its original 19th century name of “College Chapel”.

Along with this change, the board will oversee and approve interior changes to restore the unadorned design of the chapel and physically separate the auditorium from the Lee Family Crypt and the Lee Memorial Sculpture.

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The university is named after our country’s first president, George Washington, whose donation of the James River Canal stock to Liberty Hall Academy in 1796 ensured the school’s survival, and Robert E. Lee, whose leadership as president of Washington College from 1865 until his death in 1870 restored the institution after the Civil War.

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Dixie State University name change is underway Fri, 04 Jun 2021 00:24:06 +0000

ST. GEORGE, Utah (ABC4) – The Dixie State University name change process has been underway for over a year and there is still a long way to go.

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“The two names that I heard and really liked are Red Rock University and Deseret State University, they sent out a survey to all the students just to get a feel and see which names we like the most,”, explains Jacob Olsen, a DSU student and native of St. George.

Jacob is one of nearly 15,000 people who responded to a survey to help the Dixie State Name Referral Committee refine the search for a new name.

“I think it’s a good decision for the school that the school changes its name, as their top priority should be to serve the students and help us be successful in life, and for people outside of the south. from Utah, they don’t understand the name isn’t meant to be racist, ”Jacob says.

Dixie State and Love Communications held 47 focus groups, with people from across southern Utah. These six themes for a new name are the most popular: Academic Mission, Deseret, Dixie, Geological / Geographic, St. George and Utah.

“The name recommendation committee will recommend the name, it’ll boil down to a theme, and they’ll work on multiple names within that theme and we’ll do another round of focus groups, and then finally give the board a name. from Dixie State University, ”said Jordon Sharp, vice president of marketing and communications for DSU.

According to newsgroup data, having Utah in the name is a favorite, while including Deseret is the least favorite. 65% of participants expressed support for the name change and the exclusion of Dixie.

“The Name Referral Committee will work for the rest of the month, they will pass a name on to the Dixie State Board of Directors, they will pass it on to the Utah Education Council and the Higher Education Council.” of Utah will forward it to the State of Utah where it will have to go through the House and the Senate, ”says Sharp.

DSU will receive $ 500,000 from the state if it leaves Dixie out of the name. The committee is working to have a final name recommendation to submit to the university’s board of trustees for a vote at the end of the month.

For more information on the data collected by Love Communications and DSU, click on here.

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Neill Blomkamp’s “Demonic” teaser lives up to its terrifying name Thu, 03 Jun 2021 14:23:00 +0000

“Demonic” is definitely a change for the directors of “District 9” and “Chappie”.


Demonic, the latest film written and directed by Neill Blomkamp, released his trailer. This look at Demonic doesn’t tell us much about the movie, but the quick cuts of terrifying images certainly live up to the movie’s name.

Demonic stars Carly Pape (Elysium, Arrow), who is seen entering what appears to be a virtual reality world. Quick cuts show glimpses of cuts appearing on one arm, which appears to be a demon in a closet and on fire. Lots of fire. The official synopsis of Demonic says the film is about “a young woman unleashes terrifying demons when supernatural forces that cause a decades-old rift between mother and daughter are revealed.”


Image via IFC Midnight

RELATED: Neill Blomkamp Teases New ‘Demonic’ Horror Film With Behind-the-Scenes Pictures, New Pictures

This gruesome new movie also stars Chris William Martin (Super girl, Congratulated), Michael rogers (Beyond the black rainbow, Two for the money), and Nathalie Boltt (Riverdale, District 9). Demonic marks the film debut of Blomkamp’s 2015 film, Chappie. Before that, Blomkamp also made the years 2013 Elysium and its beginnings, 2009 District 9, which earned him an Oscar nomination for Best Adapted Screenplay, and was nominated for Best Picture.

Blomkamp directed the movie during the pandemic in Canada, and it seems like a departure from the grimy sci-fi movies he’s known for. Going out into a summer filled with great horror movies like A Quiet Place, Part II and The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It, Demonic Looks like this might just be the type of low-budget, low-key horror movie that might surprise audiences.

Demonic arrives in theaters and VOD services on August 20. Discover the teaser of Demonic below.

KEEP READING: ‘District 10’ Screenplay Now In The Making, Says Writer-Director Neill Blomkamp

Hugh Jackman in Reminiscence
‘Reminiscence’ trailer teases a mystery of the mind of Hugh Jackman and ‘Westworld’s Lisa Joy

“You are going to take a trip through memory. All you have to do is follow my voice.”

Read more

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TGS-NOPEC geophysics company announces company name change Thu, 03 Jun 2021 05:00:00 +0000

OSLO, NORWAY (June 3, 2021) – TGS-NOPEC Geophysical Company ASA, a global provider of energy data and intelligence, will begin operating under the new name of TGS ASA. TGS ASA reflects both the evolution of the company as well as its vision for the future.

Kristian Johansen, CEO of TGS, commented: “As part of our new strategy to provide deeper insight and understanding across the entire energy spectrum, our board and management believe it was appropriate to rename our company to more specifically reflect this vision. We are excited about the new name of our company TGS ASA as it allows us to better represent our company to our customers and stakeholders and further positions us to meet the energy industry where it is and where it is. directed.

About TGS
TGS provides scientific data and intelligence to companies active in the energy sector. In addition to a global, extensive and diverse energy data library, TGS offers specialist services such as advanced processing and analysis, as well as cloud-based data applications and solutions.

Forward-looking statement
All statements in this press release other than statements of historical fact are forward-looking statements, which are subject to a number of risks, uncertainties and assumptions that are difficult to predict, and are based on assumptions as to future events which may not prove to be accurate. . These factors include TGS’s dependence on a cyclical industry and its major customers, TGS’s ability to continue to expand data licensing markets, and TGS’s ability to acquire and license data. process data products at costs commensurate with profitability, as well as volatile market conditions, which have been exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic and the sharp drop in oil prices. Actual results may differ materially from those expected or projected in forward-looking statements. TGS assumes no responsibility or obligation to update or change any forward-looking statements for any reason.

For more information visit or contact:

Sven Børre Larsen
SVP Strategy
+47 90 94 36 73

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2022 Toyota Corolla Cross: Famous Name Takes Crossover Game Wed, 02 Jun 2021 11:00:00 +0000

The 2022 Toyota Corolla Cross uses the same base platform as the Corolla Sedan, but the two are hardly alike visually, and the new crossover is three inches taller and sports 8.1-inch ground clearance suitable for SUV. Toyota

Toyota’s compact RAV4 has been America’s best-selling non-pickup since 2016, but since then even smaller crossover SUVs have proliferated like cherry blossoms in spring. Toyota launched its own small C-HR crossover that year, but faced stiff competition from rivals like the Honda HR-V and Kia Seltos, the automaker adds a new small crossover: the Corolla Cross 2022.

The Corolla Cross, which debuted in Asia last year, will fit above the C-HR but below the RAV4. Although it is based on the same platform as the C-HR, its concept is significantly closer to its big brother.

Even though car buyers have been turning to SUVs for years, says Ed Kim, an analyst for industry research firm AutoPacific, that shift has come slowly for compact cars, which tend to be on the lower end. more sensitive to the price of the automotive market. “Now we’re seeing a lot more small entry-level crossovers overlapping with traditional compact sedans in terms of price. It is vital for Toyota to have something very strong in this space.

Toyota has offered the C-HR for years, Kim says, but it’s much more of a niche product. It offers distinctive coupe styling, but sacrifices the rear seat and cargo space for its looks. “It doesn’t offer all-wheel drive either, so it’s a bit out of step with the market leaders among small crossovers,” adds Kim. Tellingly, in 2020 Toyota sold ten RAV4s for every C-HR according to Motor Intelligence data.

The Corolla Cross takes a much more traditional approach. “It’s styled like a smaller RAV4, so it looks very familiar, and being straighter it’s likely to have the space and feel that people expect from an SUV,” Kim says. .

Toyota Corolla Cross 2022
Front passengers benefit from plenty of room and a beautiful, if conservative, dashboard. The cross has the same design philosophy as the more familiar forms of the corolla. Toyota

Corolle Plus Cross

In a way, the new SUV is a comeback for Toyota. The original 1996 RAV4, which shared some parts with the then current Corolla, was the very first modern crossover SUV. At 175.6 inches long, it’s almost a foot longer than the 1990s RAV4, but its proportions are similar, and it aims to bring the same kind of utility to the same kinds of value-conscious buyers. .

Among modern competitors, its size most closely approximates the Jeep Compass, Subaru XV Crosstrek, Kia Sportage and the all-new Volkswagen Taos 2022.

The Corolla Cross rides on the same platform as the C-HR, Lexus UX, and Corolla sedan and hatchback, but its straight body is about three inches taller and 2.1 inches higher above the ground than n any of her sisters. He is unlikely to ever surpass a Ford Bronco Sport on the track, but its 8.1-inch ground clearance gives it a light and plausible off-road capability.

It will be offered with either front-wheel drive or all-wheel drive, and all versions will be powered by a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine developing 169 horsepower and 150 pound-feet of torque mated to a continuously variable automatic transmission (CVT). This same combination is shared with the sportier Corolla S-trim and the Lexus UX 200, both of which are a bit slower than some of their rivals but fine for everyday driving. The Corolla Cross gets a towing capacity of 1,500 pounds, which is just enough for a small kayak trailer.

Toyota Corolla Cross 2022
The related Toyota C-HR and Lexus UX have relatively narrow rear seats, but the interior of the Corolla Cross will likely benefit from the taller proportions and increased utility of the SUV. Toyota

It’s a thrifty combo too, and Toyota says the Corolla Cross will deliver good fuel mileage for the class. Front-wheel drive models are expected to achieve 32 mpg combined, with all-wheel-drive models rated at 30 mpg. It’s about on par with the Taos and slightly better than the Crosstrek, but way ahead of the Compass or Sportage. In Asia, the Corolla Cross is also offered as a hybrid, although Toyota has not announced an American version of this model.

The larger body also translates to extra space compared to its platform mates. Although Toyota has not released a figure for total cargo volume, the automaker says the front-wheel drive Corolla cross will have 25.5 cubic feet of cargo space behind the rear seats, the model’s additional mechanical parts. all-wheel drive reducing that to 24.3. That’s more than the Corolla hatchback or the UX, and only a tiny bit less than the Taos or the Compass, which suggests a lot of utility.

Rear seat legroom looks a bit tight on paper at 32 inches, compared to 36 to 38 inches for most of its rivals. The Corolla Cross still rides on the same 103.9-inch wheelbase as the C-HR, with its rear seat confined, but being taller and more airy, it will likely have a different feel in the real world. Front passengers have more room, at least on paper, than in the Compass, Sportage or Taos.

Like other Toyotas, the Corolla Cross will come with a host of active safety features, including forward automatic emergency braking with pedestrian detection, adaptive cruise control and lane keeping assist. Blind-spot monitoring, rear cross-traffic alerts and parking assistance will be optional.

Toyota Corolla Cross 2022
From the outside, the Corolla Cross is the little brother of the RAV4. It’s actually a bit larger than the original RAV4 from the 1990s, but its proportions are similar to the first two generations of RAV4s. Toyota

The power of the corolla name

Regardless of how it looks on paper, the Corolla Cross has one advantage that no other new SUV can boast, the power of name recognition. More than 46 million Corollas have been built since the 1966 original, and the addition of a crossover to the Corolla lineup is likely to appeal to existing customers as well as to new ones, Ed Kim says.

The name is closely associated with sustainability and value, and many buyers are loyal customers, Kim says. “Some are older, more traditional buyers,” Kim says. “They might find they like the better visibility and easier entry and exit of crossings.” When Toyota launched the Scion xB aimed at young people in 2003, Kim says, it was aimed at hipsters, but found just as much an audience with older, value-conscious customers because of its upright sitting position and tall. visibility. The same was true for the original RAV4.

In the meantime, the Corolla Cross lineup will be structured in a very similar fashion to the Corolla sedan and sedan, and will target the same broad swath of customers.

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Mancini names uncapped striker Raspadori in Italy’s Euro 2020 final squad Tue, 01 Jun 2021 22:56:00 +0000

Soccer Football – UEFA Under-21 Championship – Group B – Italy v Slovenia – Stadion Ljudski vrt, Maribor, Slovenia – March 30, 2021 Italy’s Giacomo Raspadori celebrates his second goal REUTERS / Borut Zivulovic / File Photo

Roberto Mancini named Sassuolo unselected striker Giacomo Raspadori in his last 26-man Italian squad for Euro 2020 on Tuesday, but there was no room for AS Roma defender Gianluca Mancini, the midfielder. of Atalanta Matteo Pessina or Napoli winger Matteo Politano.

Raspadori will compete with Lazio’s Ciro Immobile and Turin’s Andrea Belotti for the striker position after a standout season in which the 21-year-old has scored six goals in 27 Serie A games.

Italy coach Mancini reduced his preliminary squad from 33 to 28 on Sunday, when Paris St Germain striker Moise Kean was the most visible victim.

Gianluca Mancini, Politano and Pessina were then left out of the final squad as Raspadori was recalled from the Under-21 setup.

Brazilian Atalanta defender Rafael Toloi, who made his Italy debut in March, was preferred over Mancini in defense, while Inter Milan midfielder Stefano Sensi was chosen despite concerns about his fitness after injuring his thigh on the last day of the season.

Juventus defender Giorgio Chiellini will be the team captain, one of the seven survivors of Euro 2016 along with Alessandro Florenzi, Immobile, Salvatore Sirigu, Leonardo Bonucci, Lorenzo Insigne and Federico Bernardeschi.

Italy face Turkey in the tournament opener at Rome’s Stadio Olimpico on June 11 before welcoming Switzerland and Wales to the Italian capital to complete their Group A fixtures.

Mancini’s side beat San Marino 7-0 in the first of two warm-up matches last week, the second coming against the Czech Republic in Bologna on Friday.

The Azzurri have made it through qualifying, winning all 10 games to dominate their group, and are currently undefeated in 26 games, a streak dating back to September 2018.

Euro 2020 will mark their return to major football tournaments five years after a race to the quarter-finals of Euro 2016, after failing to qualify for the 2018 World Cup in Russia.


Goalkeepers: Gianluigi Donnarumma (Milan), Alex Meret (Napoli), Salvatore Sirigu (Turin)

Defenders: Francesco Acerbi (Lazio), Alessandro Bastoni (Inter), Leonardo Bonucci (Juventus), Giorgio Chiellini (Juventus), Giovanni Di Lorenzo (Napoli), Emerson Palmieri (Chelsea), Alessandro Florenzi (Paris St Germain), Leonardo Spinazzola ( Rome), Rafael Toloi (Atalanta)

Midfielder: Nicolo Barella (Inter), Bryan Cristante (Roma), Jorginho (Chelsea), Manuel Locatelli (Sassuolo), Lorenzo Pellegrini (Roma), Stefano Sensi (Inter), Marco Verratti (Paris St Germain)

Forwards: Andrea Belotti (Turin), Domenico Berardi (Sassuolo), Federico Bernardeschi (Juventus), Federico Chiesa (Juventus), Ciro Immobile (Lazio), Lorenzo Insigne (Napoli), Giacomo Raspadori (Sassuolo)

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Hong Kong to introduce real name SIM card system from September 1 Tue, 01 Jun 2021 07:42:55 +0000

HONG KONG: Hong Kong plans to introduce a real name registration system for prepaid SIM cards for mobile phones in September with the aim of tackling crime in the financial center, the government said on Tuesday, an initiative that is likely to enhance privacy and surveillance issues.

Commerce Secretary Edward Yau said the new system would require people to register their name, ID card number and date of birth with the service provider, and authorities could use a warrant to request them. information.

The bill would be considered on June 9 in the Legislative Council – where there is no opposition after massive resignations last year to protest the disqualification of some pro-democracy lawmakers – and if passed it would come into effect on September 1, he added.

Each person could have up to 10 prepaid cards from each service provider, and consumers would have until March of next year to sign up.

Many countries have such registration systems, but some people in Hong Kong fear the move is aimed at stepping up the crackdown on dissent that began with Beijing’s imposition of a sweeping national security law on its city. the freest last year.

Now only mobile users with SIM service contracts need to register their personal data in Hong Kong, and anyone can buy a prepaid SIM card at most convenience stores.

Hong Kong has one of the highest smartphone penetration rates in Asia, at around 90% of its population of 7.5 million, according to the government.

In 2019, Hong Kong had around 14.5 million prepaid SIM subscribers, an increase of 16.6% from the year, according to German database company Statista.

(Reporting by Jessie Pang; Written by Anne Marie Roantree. Editing by Gerry Doyle)

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The surprise name that may help save next Tottenham manager from millions in the summer transfer market Mon, 31 May 2021 13:28:20 +0000

There was not to be a fairytale ending to TJ Eyoma’s loan spell at Lincoln City after Blackpool emerged victorious in the League Playoffs final on a Sunday.

A regular with the Imps during the season under Michael Appleton, the Tottenham loaner had more than played his part in the club reaching Wembley after a 3-2 cumulative victory over Sunderland in the semi-finals.

Appointed center-back again for the showdown at the national stadium, the Lincolnshire club got off to the best possible start, taking the lead with less than a minute on the clock, before Kenny Dougall’s double on either side of the break clinched the promotion for the Mandarins.

It just wasn’t for Eyoma and the Imps in the end, but no one can take anything away from the defender after a terrific season on loan in League One.

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While Tottenham have struggled in the past to pick the perfect club for their youngsters, the Lilywhites really couldn’t have made a better choice for Eyoma in terms of development.

Making 52 appearances in all competitions for Lincoln since September, including 34 League One starts, the 21-year-old will only improve for his time at LNER Stadium after spending extended periods at both right-back and at the central rear.

“I loved every minute. I developed as a player and played games both at right-back and center-back. I really feel like this season has been a good one for me, “he said in an exclusive interview earlier in May.

“It helped me to be in the right positions. I feel like I can handle the ball and I’m pretty fit so I can play in the right-back role.”

“In the first part of the season, I played right-back, then towards the second part of the season, I played center-back.

“Both positions have really helped me and have seen me improve as a player overall.”

Now that his time in Lincolnshire is over, Eyoma will enjoy a well-deserved break before returning to Hotspur Way in the preseason as he intends to take the next step in his promising career.

Tottenham’s next manager will take a close look at all of his players ahead of the 2021/22 campaign and then decide if they stay with him, are loaned out or sold.

Involved for Tottenham on pre-season tours in the past after traveling to the United States in 2018 when Mauricio Pochettino was in charge, this is a time in the calendar where players at the club’s academy can truly try their luck with a host of first-team stars. generally unavailable after their international commitments.

TJ Eyoma's only first-team appearance for Tottenham came in the 7-0 FA Cup third round victory over Tranmere Rovers in January 2019
TJ Eyoma’s only first-team appearance for Tottenham came in the 7-0 FA Cup third round victory over Tranmere Rovers in January 2019

Japhet Tanganga, whose Eyoma was once ahead in the pecking order in N17, seized the opportunity in the summer of 2019 and subsequently made his senior bow a few months later and is now part of the first team.

Eyoma will be hoping that will be very much the case for him this summer, as defense is an area of ​​the pitch the new manager has to tackle due to the squad’s struggles in the background over the past two seasons. .

Potentially offering a nice surprise to the new boss this summer, Eyoma has made his 2021/22 preseason plans clear. when in a hurry on the matter.

“Obviously being at Spurs in the preseason,” he said of his 2021/22 plans. “If they want me to go on loan again, I’m probably going to be loaned to a higher level, hopefully a championship team.”

Mauricio Pochettino is in talks for a sensational return to Spurs.

And we want to hear your point of view, Tottenham fans. Sign up to enjoy a host of exclusive features such as discussing Pochettino’s potential comeback as well as participating in Q&A with our Spurs reporters, asking them questions directly about the ongoing search for the next manager.

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A number of Championship teams will no doubt be lining up to recruit the defender on loan if he is made available by Tottenham given the success of his year at Lincoln.

Already with a lone Spurs appearance to his name after Pochettino replaced him in the FA Cup third round victory over Tranmere Rovers in January 2019, Eyoma will aim to grab the attention of the next Tottenham manager from early July and to enter into his plans for the new term.

Seeking to bring in two center-backs and move a couple if possible before the summer deadline, the youngster could potentially help save Spurs a bit in the transfer market if he is to remain an alternate defense option in the next quarter. .

Opportunities may also be there for him in the Europa Conference League as well, but it will all depend on the thinking of the new man.

Highly rated at the club having signed a new three-year contract before his loan release last August, it could very well be a pivotal summer ahead in Eyoma’s young career.

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Luca Guadagnino probably won’t make this Call Me By Your Name sequel Sun, 30 May 2021 18:35:00 +0000

Luca Guadagnino and Timothée Chalamet

Luca Guadagnino and Timothée Chalamet
Photo: Dia Dipasupil (Getty Images)

After talking at length about it, Luca Guadagnino finally seemed determined to make a sequel to Call me by your name last year, after meeting a secret screenwriter and getting confirmation that “everyone” from the first movie would be in the sequel. Unfortunately, everything was suspended in April 2020 when some kind of global pandemic broke out that destroyed everything and continues to destroy a lot of things even though we all pretend life is normal again.

Now, talking with Deadline during a break from filming his new movie Bones and all, Guadagnino casually hinted that he never really wanted to do a Call me by your name continued anyway. He’s working on all kinds of new projects, like the ones mentioned above Bones and all, the Lord of the Flies movie he could do, and also the Scarface redo it will still do. (Which means we didn’t dream the report that Luca Guadagnino was going to make a new Scarface movie.) Also, Call me by your name star Timothée Chalamet is in every movie now, so he doesn’t really have time for this sequel anytime soon. And that’s it, there are no other reasons! Not even something related to the fact that the other star of Call me by your name has become a Hollywood poison.

On a completely independent note, Chalamet and his Call me by your name daddy michael stuhlbarg gonna be in Bones and all, because Guadagnino obviously likes working with these actors and wants to work with them again – but do not in a suite of Call me by your name, which he wanted to do a year ago but does not have time for now. The film will also star André Holland, Jessica Harper, Chloë Sevigny, Francesca Scorsese, David Gordon Green, Taylor Russell and Mark Rylance.

Bones and all speaks of “a young woman learning to survive on the margins of society” and “of an intense and disenfranchised wanderer” on a journey through “the back roads, hidden passages and traps of the America of Ronald Reagan ”. The last time we heard it the movie had a kind of cannibalism scenario, which … is a bizarre coincidence, given the controversy surrounding Call me by your nameArmie Hammer, especially now that there are three people in this movie involved in this movie. Basically, the allegations against him now hang over the movies he’s not even in.

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Ontario appoints new Chief Medical Officer of Health, replacing Dr. David Williams Sun, 30 May 2021 00:32:42 +0000

As the third wave of the COVID-19 pandemic in Ontario shows signs of receding, the Ford government prepares to replace the best doctor in the province.

CityNews has learned that Dr Kieran Moore is set to take the reins as Chief Medical Officer of Health from Dr David Williams.

Moore has been the Kingston, Frontenac, Lennox and Addington Medical Officer of Health since 2011.

Williams, who has been the province’s top doctor since 2016, has faced widespread criticism for his handling of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Ontario COVID-19 Long-Term Care Commission blasted Williams’ response at the onset of the crisis.

The government-appointed commission said Williams and the government have repeatedly ignored warnings from scientists, doctors, local public health officials and even the Minister of Long-Term Care.

More recently, Premier Doug Ford ignored Williams’ recommendation to reopen schools for the last month of the school year, turning instead to dozens of public health experts, local health units and stakeholders from across the country. education for advice.

It marked a departure for the premier, who had previously expressed strong support for Williams and even asked him to delay his impending retirement to remain at the helm of the province’s pandemic response. Last November Ford reportedly said, “I don’t believe in changing dance partners in the middle of a dance, especially when he’s a great dancer.”

An announcement confirming the change is expected Monday.

Files from The Canadian Press were used in this report

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