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Here is the representation of the German artist Albrecht Durer, from left to right, of the apostles John, Peter, Mark and Paul. Dürer lived from 1471 to 1528. (Courtesy photo)

The concept of holiness is one of the highest in Christianity, involving strict obedience to the will of God and the unwavering pursuit of virtue.

Reverend Terry Pugh and Bishop Michael Sis say the simplest example is of a person earnestly striving to be holy.

“Looking in the Book of Romans, Paul regularly refers to saints,” said Reverend Pugh, pastor of First United Pentecostal Church. “He speaks to and about the good people who serve Jesus Christ in the local church.

“You can be a church member and not be a saint. Saints are really trying to be better people within the context of Christianity.

“Modern religion promotes the idea that God will take you to any level, that you can say you’re a Christian and you love God but don’t make any changes,” Pugh said. “But God intends to make us different.

“He takes an individual who was full of sin and turns him into someone who looks and acts a lot like Jesus. It requires a lot of changes and whoever is in this process probably falls into the category of saints.

Pugh said Bible readers should be encouraged by the stories of people who fought against sin.

“We know the people of the Bible were far from perfect, otherwise Paul wouldn’t have written down everything he did to try to straighten them out,” he said.

“But he still called them saints.”

The Most Reverend Sis, Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of San Angelo, said the most basic meaning of the word “holy” refers to a holy person.

“In the New Testament there are many passages that refer to followers of Christ as ‘saints,'” Sis said. “For example, the letter to the Romans is addressed ‘to all the beloved of God in Rome who are called to be saints’.

“In Acts 26:10, Paul says he ‘put many saints in prison.’ The word “holy” also refers to a faithful Christian who is in heaven.

Sis said the book of Revelation often speaks of the saints in heaven worshiping God by singing hymns and offering prayers.

“In Romans 15:30, Colossians 4:3, and First Timothy 2:1, the New Testament encourages us to offer prayers to God for one another,” he said, “and James 5:16 says that the prayer of the righteous is powerful and effective.

Sis says Christians believe the spiritual soul survives the death of the physical body.

“Just as a Christian is called to offer intercessory prayers for others here on earth, it seems reasonable to continue to love and pray for others even after the death of one’s body,” he said. “So a saint in heaven is a member of the church who continues to offer prayers for the good of others. Death does not break the bonds of faith and love between Christians.

The bishop said Catholics view the saints in heaven as members of the church and followers of Christ.

“They are the ‘cloud of witnesses’ who encourage us to victory in Hebrews 12:1,” he said. “As members of the church, we ask them to pray for us. We don’t worship them. We only worship God. Our love for the saints must never take the place of our love for Christ. All saints are subordinate to Jesus Christ.

Sis said that during the early centuries of the Church, apostles, martyrs, and other esteemed Christians were honored after death.

“Simply by popular acclamation, they were considered saints in heaven,” he said. “Thousands of people have been honored as saints because they have led an exemplary Christian life. As the list of saints grew, the church eventually established a formal process by which a local bishop would make the final decision after serious study of the person’s life.

“From the 10th century it became common to ask the pope in Rome to make the formal declaration of sanctity. This declaration is called ‘canonization’ because the person’s name is added to the official list.

Sis said the word “canon” refers to an authoritative list.

“The first canonization declared by a pope dates back to 993 AD,” he said. “How many canonized saints are there? The precise number is debatable, but there are over 10,000. However, it is very important to emphasize that the list of canonized saints is not intended to be an exhaustive list of all people in Heaven. Most of those in heaven are not officially recognized.

“The church puts someone on the official list of saints when we have moral certainty that the individual is in heaven,” Sis said. “The most important factor is the life the person has lived. The investigation must prove beyond doubt that the person lived a life of extraordinary and heroic virtue, a grace-filled life of faith in Jesus Christ.

“There must be an extraordinary and wide popular recognition of the holiness of the person. Everything the person has written is for review and review. Investigating the cause could take hundreds of years with no guaranteed results.

“For example, the cause of Juan Diego took 500 years,” he said in reference to Juan Diego Cuauhtlatoatzin, a Chichimec peasant in Mexico who saw the Virgin Mary four times in December 1531.

“Interestingly, there is no official process for declaring a particular person to be in hell. It is because no one knows the limits of God’s mercy.

UFC: Nate Diaz challenges The Rock to be his next opponent Thu, 22 Sep 2022 14:35:29 +0000

Nate Diaz lost none of his ambition despite leaving the UFC and named the only opponent who could bring him back.

Diaz signed from the promotion with a submission win over Tony Fergusonafter his opponent Khamzat Chimaev missed weight.

Nate Diaz bids farewell to UFC with Tony Ferguson guillotine finish

Diaz has since launched his own promotion, “Real Fight Inc”, but the Californian has identified an opponent he would start fighting for again.

“I’m only going to fight The rock otherwise I’m fine” Diaz tweeted.

Diaz to fight Jake Paul?

Diaz had been linked to the fight Jacques-Paul after the YouTuber switched to MMA following his boxing career.

“Those fucking shoes suck!” Diaz rages in an ESPN interview shoes approved by Johnson.

“Look at those shoes. They made me put that shit on. F*** those shoes!”

‘Come out for a minute’

September ain’t even over yet but Johnson is not the only veteran who Diaz called.

“I want out of the UFC for a minute,” he said after beating Ferguson. “And show all those UFC fighters how to take over another sport and how you’re supposed to. Conor McGregor didn’t know how to do it.

“None of these other fighters know how to do it. So I’m going to go out there and I’m going to take up another profession and become the best at it.

“Show everybody I’m the best at it and then I’ll be back here to get a fucking UFC title. Best title in the world.”

Mark Cousins ​​Documentary – Deadline Tue, 20 Sep 2022 15:30:00 +0000

At this time, don’t we know just about everything there is to know about Alfred Hitchcock? Few filmmakers, if any, have had their lives and careers examined, explored and analyzed as much as the vaunted master of suspense. So unless hard evidence is suddenly found that the director secretly fathered a dozen illegitimate children by as many women and personally provided Churchill with an untraceable poison powder to drop in Stalin’s tea in Yalta, to see the Prime Minister chickening out is enough it’s unlikely that much new will ever be added to his life story that we don’t already know.


But let incredibly prolific Northern Irish documentary maker Mark Cousins ​​forge a new way of approaching the subject with My name is Alfred Hitchcock; he enlisted a talented British impressionist and comic, Alistair McGowan, to give the late master of suspense a new voice by providing him with witty and informative commentary that respectfully and quite amusingly ruminates on carefully chosen moments from the career of half a century from the director (McGowan is said to be awfully good at impersonating Prince Charles and former Prime Minister Tony Blair). If that seems vaguely presumptuous on paper, it never seems so in practice, as the remarks are pronounced with, say, 95% authenticity of accent and a panache that has nothing to envy to that of the subject.

The two-hour play, divided into six chapters, cheekily announces that it was “written and voiced by Alfred Hitchcock.” His first commentary begins, disarmingly, from the grave as we see a huge statue of his head in the gardens of a London housing project. “They made me this monument after I died,” proclaims “Hitch,” adding that “I look like the Buddha in the movies.”

Quickly passing on his modest Catholic childhood in east London, “Hitch” announces that “I escaped. I’ve made my life in other places,” adding confidentially that “I knew movies were a country you could go to. I wanted to escape to a parallel world,” which he was able to do with his tiny, extremely intelligent wife Alma, herself a skilled writer who started working in film production at age 16, long before his future. husband, and whose considerable contributions to her husband’s work here receives only modest attention.

Accompanied by a vast array of thoughtfully curated clips, Cousins ​​loads its investigation into the director’s life with insights and commentary that often involve his relationship with audiences; always eager to enter people’s “dream state”, “Hitch” insists that “I love you, my audience. I love to play with you. His overriding concern, he admits, is desire, and Hitch himself could not have expressed it better than the way Cousins ​​sums up Hitchcock’s and Hollywood’s attitude towards his audience: “They wanted to keep you in a state of chaste excitement.”

Even though you’ve seen all the clips and heard many stories before, the new film is refreshing, even invigorating, due to Cousins’ deep knowledge of its subject matter and the clever way he devised to allow the audience to dive back in depth. -Hitchcockiana dish. Cousins’ narration has the director confide that he wanted to deviate from “the usual way of doing things,” promising, in turn, to give the viewer “a vacation away from life.” Fantasy counts, right?

In real life, Hitchcock “escaped” from class-conscious Britain to a place where his accent and way of speaking sounded elegant, precise, even distinguished. He quickly became wealthy and later a celebrity and even, in common parlance, a “brand”, perhaps more specifically than any other filmmaker of his time.

Many films are discussed at length, for their fundamental strength as well as their quirks. “I realized that movies are rogue media,” remarks “Hitch” at one point. “I’m a crook, you see. I wanted to straddle business and art, Murnau and DW Griffith. In the final scene of his career, in Family plotHitchcock asked Barbara Harris to wink at the camera – “a trickster wink”.

There’s something akin to a meeting of the minds between Hitchcock and Cousins, stemming, at least in part, from the two men’s obsession, their deep understanding of the medium, and a mutual delight they take in the oddities and pranks. It’s wonderful how, when “Hitch” speaks, Cousins ​​chooses not to eliminate the narrator’s rough inspirational sounds; the decision actually serves to helpfully point out Hitchcock’s diminishing strength and health at the end.

Now, 123 years after his birth, we are still talking about Hitchcock and promoting new ideas about his work; is there another director of his time who is still as referenced as him? My name is Alfred Hitchcock is a lively, free and deeply informed salute from a very intelligent British guy to another who was also little more than that, the one who made his first film 97 years ago and whose work is still widely seen and known . Not bad for the son of a lowly East London grocer.

India now has eight cheetahs, but how many can you name? Sun, 18 Sep 2022 14:26:05 +0000

Bhopal: Seven decades after its local extinction, India reintroduced eight cheetahs to its wilds on Saturday.

Brought from Namibia to Africa, the eight cheetahs now roaming Indian soil are believed to include five females and three males.

Here is some additional information about the beasts that might interest you.

A four-year-old female cheetah in the group was named “Aasha” on Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s birthday, according to a News 18 report. name was suggested by the Prime Minister himself, according to the report.

However, 5-year-old Sasha is the eldest of them all. Sasha arrived with her longtime friend Savannah from the North West region of Namibia.

Siyaya, 2, and Tbilisi, 2 and a half, are the other two females in the group. Siyaya is from southeastern Namibia and had been in the care of the Cheetah Conservation Fund (CCF) since September 2020. Tbilisi is believed to have been born in the southeastern town of Omaruru in Namibia in April.

Among the male cats is Oban, 4.5, who was born at Erindi Private Game Reserve in March 2018, according to the report.

Siblings Freddir and Elton are the other two “boys” in the group. They had been kept in a private CCF reserve since July 2021.

Related News

Despite all their speed, cheetahs can barely hold back their prey

Despite all their speed, cheetahs can barely hold back their prey

The felines, as part of the first transcontinental mission of its kind, were flown in a customized Boeing 747-400 to Madhya Pradesh on Saturday morning. Later, after completing formalities at Gwalior IAF station, the cheetahs were airlifted to Palpur village near Kuno National Park in Sheopur district.
Icelandic Welsh supermarket is taking the namesake country to court to use its name Wed, 14 Sep 2022 15:21:29 +0000 Welsh supermarket chain Iceland is again suing its namesake, the country of Iceland, in a long-running battle to trademark the name. Welsh supermarket chain Iceland is again suing its namesake, the country of Iceland, in a long-running battle to trademark the name. deeside Iceland Foods, was founded in 1970 in Oswestry, Shropshire, …]]> //= do_shortcode(‘[in-content-square]’) ?>

Welsh supermarket chain Iceland is again suing its namesake, the country of Iceland, in a long-running battle to trademark the name.

Welsh supermarket chain Iceland is again suing its namesake, the country of Iceland, in a long-running battle to trademark the name.

deeside Iceland Foods, was founded in 1970 in Oswestry, Shropshire, and fought for years to trademark the name used by the North Atlantic island, which Iceland Sagas say was created there about 11 centuries.

The Icelandic government has claimed that the chain’s trademark battle will prevent companies in the country from describing their products as Icelandic.

In 2016, the frozen food chain, which once had an advertising campaign featuring singer Kerry Katona, received trademark registration Iceland from the EU Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO).

Iceland, the country famous for its stunning vistas and singer Bjork, then won a ruling in 2019 that invalidated this brand exclusivity.

Now, the two Icelanders will fight again after the Deeside Channel appealed the 2019 decision.

The case was brought before the Great Council of the EU Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO).

This would mean that Icelandic companies might not be able to use the word Iceland in their trademarks to refer to the products they sell,” said Margrét Hjálmarsdóttir, a lawyer at the Icelandic Intellectual Property Office. Icelandic broadcaster RUV.

EUIPO board members are unlikely to make up their minds before next year.

Vigorous Defense

Iceland Foods chief executive Richard Walker said the supermarket will “vigorously defend” its intellectual property rights, Grocery Gazette reported.

Richard Walker said: “We have successfully marketed our name in the UK since 1970, and it is now one of the UK’s most recognized brands.

“We had sincerely hoped that we could avoid last week’s hearing and come to an amicable settlement.”

Iceland Foods first applied to the EU to trademark the name “Iceland” in 2002, when it was owned by Icelandic retail group Baugur, until the financial crash of 2008.

Iceland Foods founder Malcolm Walker, regained control in 2014 and two years later the The EUIPO finally obtained the company’s trademark application.

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Chatham-Kent seeking names for municipality snowplows Mon, 12 Sep 2022 22:04:53 +0000

Chatham-Kent has launched another online contest for residents to come up with unique names for the town’s snowplow fleet.

Residents are asked to name the plows in each of the community’s six wards. Last year, the contest attracted nearly 1,100 submissions.

“We were just trying to have a little fun with winter, and that’s where it all took off,” Mayor Darrin Canniff said. “Residents of Chatham-Kent love the contests and I hope we get a good response again.

Submissions will be open until September 25, after which a committee of volunteers and city employees will narrow the list down to 25 potential names.

The list will then be posted on the municipality’s website for the vote. The 12 names with the most votes will be declared the winners.

Last year’s winners were:

  • Anita Shovel
  • Gordie plow
  • Blizzard of Oz
  • Dark Blader
  • Pillsbury Plowman
  • Zepplin Sledge
  • Buzz Ice Clear
  • Qunuk (Inuit word for snowflake)
  • George Flurrious
  • School is not canceled
  • Snobi One Kenobi
  • Sleepwood

Each plow will be branded with its new name thanks to WINMAR property restoration specialists who once again bear the cost of the program.

The municipality notes that names submitted must be family-friendly and free of discrimination to be eligible.

Have a fun idea for a name? You can submit your suggestion on the Chatham-Kent website.

Real Salt Lake stadium has a new name, but some fans say they’ll never stop calling it ‘The RioT’ Sat, 10 Sep 2022 23:03:04 +0000

The venue was known as Rio Tinto Stadium since it opened in October 2008.

(Trent Nelson | The Salt Lake Tribune) Rio Tinto Stadium in Sandy on Friday, September 9, 2022.

The RioT is no more – finally in official name.

Real Salt Lake Stadium has a new title sponsor – America First Credit Union – and the stadium’s name has changed to America First Field, RSL announced on Saturday.

“RSL and America First Credit Union share many principles, including an ambitious vision, commitment and innovation for our collective community,” RSL President John Kimball said in a statement. “The depth, breadth and length of this naming rights agreement for America First Field is exemplary of this partnership, and we look forward to deepening our shared roots not only in the great state of Utah, but throughout Intermountain West.”

Terms of the agreement were not immediately available.

(Real Salt Lake) The house of Real Salt Lake gets a new name. The former Rio Tinto stadium will now be called America First Field, the team announced on Saturday.

The change raises an immediate question for die-hard RSL fans. Rio Tinto Stadium earned the RioT moniker soon after it opened in 2008, and the moniker became part of fan culture.

Some diehard RSL fans said they didn’t care which company had the official naming rights. For them, it will always be called “The RioT”, and they don’t plan to change the lyrics of the song “Believe” written by Rancid drummer and RSL fan Branden Steineckert.

“I don’t care what the sign says, I will always refer to our stadium as The RioT,” fan Mattey Casey said. “That remains true even if they build a new stadium in downtown SLC one day. And I will always sing ‘Believe’ at kick-off and after every goal the guys score. Some things are permanent.

Steineckert himself addressed this same question in response to a tweet.

“RioT applies to any home or away game,” the batsman wrote. “It’s still a RioT fighting for our club on/off the pitch and the battle anthems begin! We are here for RSL!

Another fan, Kristy Sauter, before the news was officially announced, sympathized with any new company taking over the stadium’s naming rights because, in her mind, there will probably never be another moniker reflecting the new company. .

“I would still call it RioT and I would like to keep the same song,” Sauter said. “I know it’s not fair to whoever has the next name contract, but I can’t imagine any other name being better for this stadium.”

America First has partnered with RSL since the club’s inception in 2005, when it played its home games at Rice-Eccles Stadium.

“We are thrilled to extend our relationship with Real Salt Lake and Major League Soccer by having our name on this elite sports and entertainment venue, and offering the exclusive credit card and debit card of the RSL brand,” said Thayne Shaffer, America First President and CEO.

As part of the expanded partnership, America First will create RSL-branded debit and credit cards that will provide account holders with discounted tickets, concessions and merchandise, as well as special access to events.

There is a practice field about 1.5 miles south of the stadium which is already called America First Field. This is where the Utah Royals FC held their practices before the franchise was sold and moved to Kansas City. This field will now be referred to America First Training Grounds and should receive improvements.

(Real Salt Lake) The home of Real Salt Lake will now be called America First Field.

Rio Tinto will still be a sponsor of the club in the future.

The stadium had Rio Tinto as main sponsor since it opened in October 2008. The deal was due to expire in 2018, but in 2015 was extended until the end of 2020. There have been talks with various local companies – including Visible Supply Chain Management – ​​to take over as naming rights sponsor before the organization eventually partners with AFCU.

Ask Amy: My Sister’s Name Is Karen, And She Gets Ridiculed By Strangers Fri, 09 Sep 2022 07:00:00 +0000

dear Amy: My sister was baptized “Karen”. She works in a public service job that requires wearing a name tag.

Ever since the “Karen” meme became a thing, the abuse she has to endure from customers over it is pretty severe, especially from teens, 20s, and men, who make fun of his name and make jokes about it, even to his face.

It puzzles me how, in this supposedly culturally enlightened age, a person’s name can generally be used to define a type of bad behavior, especially when the use of the term is essentially offensive in and of itself.

Not all Karen are “Karen”, and it became humiliating for her to wear her name badge or even introduce herself to new people in social situations.

I suggested she use her middle name or another form of Karen, but she’s reluctant to change her name. After all, that’s the name our late parents gave him.

How would you recommend that she respond to people who react this way?

Sister:Until this meme-scape passes, your sister might reconsider changing her name tag at work, either to show her middle name, or maybe to “K”, “Kay” or something like that . If her workplace is suitable and her name tag is large enough, she could use three names: “(Not THAT) Karen”.

The reason for any modification is not to repudiate her beautiful and respectable birth name, but to oppose the “humor” of overgrown babies and fools who should know not to degrade her – during that it serves them, nothing less!

Of course, your devoted sister must always treat all customers well. Right now, she might be required to bear the burden of customers’ ridicule with grace. The way to do this is to maintain a neutral facial expression and quietly wait until a customer’s “comedy” has died down.

It’s the facial version of a slow clap.

Here’s my fantastic “comeback” suggestion, for when she’s frustrated: “Careful, mate. I could demand to see the director.

Fantasizing – but not delivering – this line could help him through these times.

dear Amy: My brother passed away suddenly during a major outbreak of coronavirus. His family and mine live on opposite coasts.

Some of them are anti-vaccine and think covid is ‘not that bad’, including my brother’s daughter, who is an ER nurse.

I was worried that if I attended the funeral they would follow covid safety guidelines so I made the difficult decision to stay home. When I called my brother’s daughter to offer my condolences and tell her I wasn’t coming, she freaked out.

She used the f-word to tell me I’m pathetic and said if my parents were alive they’d be ashamed of me. She hung up. I assumed that was her grief talking and that she would eventually come back and apologize. She did not do it.

She is now engaged. My whole family, including my adult daughters, will be invited to the wedding, except me. My daughters decided on their own to decline the invitation.

Here’s my dilemma: My younger sister told me that none of this would have happened if I had gone to the funeral. She wants me to explain my reasoning to our niece.

I shouldn’t feel guilty for prioritizing my health. I already explained my reasons, and she didn’t accept them.

I think the only way for her to come back is if she sees how her actions are going to affect her. There will be future family events, like my daughters’ weddings, that she will be invited to. What will she do? Didn’t come?

Excluded: The only thing I notice is that you never report asking if the funeral would be conducted according to coronavirus safety guidelines. You made assumptions and made your decision based on those assumptions.

Other than that, I see no justification for apologizing to someone who behaved like your niece.

I hope you find ways to keep in touch with other family members. This kind of drama is sometimes the trigger for prolonged estrangements.

Dear readers: The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, 800-273-8255, recently changed its name and made it easier to get in touch.

The Suicide & Crisis Lifeline is now a simple three-digit contact: 988. The website is

I urge parents and teachers to do their best to spread the word.

©2022 by Amy Dickinson distributed by Tribune Content Agency

]]> Watch heartwarming video of strangers chanting a man’s name after his son got lost in a crowd in Argentina: The Tribune India Wed, 07 Sep 2022 05:44:00 +0000

Grandstand web desk

Chandigarh, September 7

This boy got lost in a crowd in Argentina, so strangers gathered to help him and chanted the name of his father Eduardo.

As the boy cried, a stranger picked him up and carried him on his shoulders.

And then musicians playing in the street joined in a song, “Eduardo, come find Juan Cruz”.

The heartwarming gesture of the strangers who have come together to help the boy find his father is incredibly adorable.

The video posted on social media has millions of views and would definitely make your day.

The elderly man wearing a Paris Saint-Germain football club t-shirt with Messi’s name on the back carried the boy as the crowd joined him in chanting the name of the boy’s father, Eduardo.

We see the crowd around applauding and loudly shouting the name of the child’s father.

Netizens flocked to the comments section to praise everyone’s encouraging gesture and kindness.

The boy’s father then introduced himself and his son ran towards him.

Lagos 2023: The Labor Party submitted my name to the CENI – Rhodes-Vivour Mon, 05 Sep 2022 14:56:50 +0000

Gbadebo Rhodes-Vivourwho defected to Labor last month after losing the PDP primaries, said his paperwork had been submitted to the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC).

The 39-year-old became the party’s gubernatorial candidate in August in a surrogate primary election in Lagos.

He spoke as a guest on the Arise TV Morning Show on Monday. He said that INEC officials were present at the alternate primary and that “INEC officials will not attend an alternate primary if the person in it has not been removed.

“There are processes that the party went through to create this surrogate primary which is tracked and approved by the INEC. And my name, as you said, was submitted to INEC as a party candidate.

He added that his candidacy was given credibility when the national leaders of the party came to Lagos to present him with a certificate of return.

When contacted, INEC spokesperson Festus Okoye did not respond to calls or text messages at press time.


The purported replacement, Ifagbemi Awamaridi, refused to withdraw his candidacy despite national leaders publicly supporting the replacement candidate.

In an affidavit of non-withdrawal, the beleaguered candidate insisted he would not withdraw.

Mr Rhodes-Vivour said the party was using Mr Awamaridi as a placeholder because it wanted a “credible” candidate to “come and use its platform”.

He also said that “these placeholders do not pay the premiums that candidates paid for these nomination forms.

“You also see these placeholders signing withdrawal letters before their names are submitted.”

He added that the party had not received any petitions from Mr. Awamaridi.

“My program for Lagos”

Mr Rhodes-Vivour said his main goal was “to imbue transparency and accountability into our system” as the state “still operates in a very opaque system when it comes to its finances”.

“Lagos State is proud to have generated so much money from the people of Lagos State, and that should go with the social contract,” he said.

“There must be a direct link between the taxes they pay and the value they get from the state.

“It can’t be a situation where people are taxed in multiple ways, but there is no direct benefit that you see yourself as a resident of Lagos State.”

He also said that he will ensure that the transport system, education and the health sector are working effectively to serve the people of Lagos.

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