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Current Tata Sons chairman Natarajan Chandrasekaran is being considered for an extension.

Tata Sons Ltd., the holding company of India’s largest conglomerate, is considering a historic overhaul of its leadership structure by creating a chief executive officer position to help improve corporate governance, those involved in the deliberations said.

Under the proposed plan, the CEO will lead the sprawling businesses of the 153-year-old Tata Empire, while the chairman will oversee the CEO on behalf of shareholders, the people said, asking not to be identified for discussion. private information. The approval of Ratan Tata – the octogenarian chairman of majority owner Tata Trusts – is seen as key to implementing the change, they said.

Current Tata Sons chairman Natarajan Chandrasekaran is being considered for an extension after his tenure ends in February, while executives from various companies in the Tata Group, including Tata Steel Ltd., are being assessed for the CEO role. people said. No final decision has been made, and the plan and details could still change, the people said. A spokeswoman for Tata Sons declined to comment. Emails to Tata Trusts and Ratan Tata have not been answered.

The proposal comes months after former Tata Sons chairman Ratan Tata, 83, won a multi-year legal battle with his successor Cyrus P. Mistry, who alleged mismanagement within the group and sued the Patriarch for ousting him in 2016. The proposed makeover could help chart a future for the conglomerate, which is at a crossroads after more than two decades of expansion under Ratan Tata. It is unclear who will succeed him as chairman of Tata Trusts, which owns 66% of the holding company that manages the empire whose roots date back to 1868.

The shares of most of the listed companies in the Tata group rose as a result of the report. Tata Consultancy Services Ltd., climbed to 1.3%, while Tata Motors Ltd. rose as much as 2% on Tuesday, as the equity benchmark was largely flat.

A new CEO of the group will face many challenges. Tata Steel is working to reduce net debt by $ 10 billion, while Tata Motors, owner of iconic British brand Jaguar Land Rover, has suffered three consecutive years of losses until March 2021. The group’s plan to s Venturing further into the digital space and capitalizing on India’s growing online shoppers base has yet to bear fruit. While Tata Consultancy Services Ltd., Asia’s largest software services provider, is at its disposal, plans to launch an all-in-one e-commerce superapplication to market its line of consumer products and services have been delayed.

With around 100 companies and more than two dozen listed companies, the Tata Group achieved a combined annual revenue of $ 106 billion in 2020. Its 750,000 employees make cars and trucks, blend tea , forge steel, sell insurance, write software, operate telephone networks. and packing salt, among others.

The proposed management overhaul is also in line with a recommendation from the Indian Market Regulator that the country’s 500 largest listed companies have a separate President and CEO by April 2022 for better governance, people said. Although Tata Sons is not listed, the change would help comply with the rule, people said.

The addition of a professional manager at the top of the holding company also highlights how Ratan Tata – who continues to shape the group – might envision his own transition from his current role as semi-retired chairman emeritus.

Although Ratan Tata claims that he is no longer actively involved in business decisions, he still exercises considerable influence over the management of the group through his leadership of Tata Trusts. After an Indian newspaper reported in July that Chandrasekaran’s prorogation as president was “officially ratified”, Ratan Tata issued a statement saying the board had not made a decision and no one had approached him on the subject, thus strengthening his influence.

Despite the family tie, Ratan Tata’s influence on the group also stems from his record as president of Tata Sons between 1991 and 2012. A legendary figure in Indian affairs, he put the Tata group on the world map with a series catchy chords. over the past two decades, from the $ 2.3 billion purchase of automaker JLR to the $ 13 billion acquisition of UK steel company Corus Group Plc.

(Updates with the company’s stock prices in the fifth paragraph)
–With help from PR Sanjai.

(Except for the title, this story was not edited by NDTV staff and is posted from a syndicated feed.)

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The names, faces of some Laguna, Rizal officials are seen on coffee bags, tarps, a free taho stand Tue, 14 Sep 2021 09:25:11 +0000
Image by Camille MARAIS from Pixabay

Names and faces of local officials have been spotted on free coffee bags, a taho stall and tarpaulins.

Some social media users posted photos of these posts bearing prominent images of officials from the municipalities of Montalban and Taytay in Rizal and Biñan in Laguna.

A Facebook user posted a 3-in-1 coffee bag on September 12 with the image and name of the mayor of Montalban, Tom Hernandez.

The user joked with laughing emojis: “Tsaka nyo na po kami yabangan pag si mayor na yung dahilan kung bakit kayo bumabangon sa araw araw.”

At the time of writing, the Facebook post has garnered 9,300 reactions and 8,500 shares.

This photo eventually reached a Facebook page called Bantay Epal. It monitors ‘epal’ politicians or those who self-promote in programs, projects and other initiatives funded by taxpayer money.

Another Facebook page also posted a photo of a taho booth with an enlarged face and the name of another named politician. Arky manning, president of Sangguniang Kabataan in Taytay, Rizal.

He was captured during a free taho event held last April, in which the official distributed 200 free cups of taho to residents of Sitio Batasin 1, Floodway A, San Juan in Taytay.

Another photo from the event was posted on his official Facebook page.

“Nakapamahagi po tayo ng 200 cups of taho ngayong umaga. Taho has maraming bitamina and minerals tulad ng protein, pampalakas ng ating katawan and resistensya,” reads part of his post.

Last week, a Reddit user posted a photo of a tarp in Biñan, Laguna with the faces and names of City Councilor Liza Lopez Cardeño and her son and Chief of Staff Raffy Lopez Cardeño.

Their full names and faces have been removed.

Some users of the discussion section noted that it is best not to suppress or obscure the identity of government officials to hold them accountable.

Others, meanwhile, lamented the anti-political dynasty bill still pending in Congress.

“You can’t expect Senators / Congressmen to stop something that benefits them. A political anti-dynasty bill is really only an interim measure. These clans would always find ways to play with the system, ”said one user.

Last week, the priest and creator of TikTok, Fr. Fiel Pareja, along with other users, also called out some local politicians in the city of Malabon for a tarp that featured their enlarged photos in their supposed greeting for the Blessed Virgin Mary’s birthday.

READ: Malabon rulers called for Mama Mary’s birthday greeting tarp with their faces and names

In contrast to this, some Filipinos who have been vaccinated against COVID-19 in Marikina said they received gifts without prominent logos and photos from their local officials.

READ: No spale? Why freebies for Marikina COVID-19 vaccine recipients are gaining traction online

Government officials are prohibited from self-promoting acts such as putting their photos and names on government funded projects and programs under the Red tape authority (ARTA), the anti-epale provision or general provision 82 of the adopted 2021 national budget.

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Honoring ‘Soul of Salem State University’ Names Nancy D. Harrington Central Campus Sat, 11 Sep 2021 05:55:38 +0000

SALEM – When Nancy D. Harrington graduated from Salem State College in 1960, the school had few buildings and mainly awarded educational degrees. Thirty years later, when she became the first female president of the state of Salem, Harrington dreamed of transforming the small college into a vibrant university.

Today, with nearly 7,000 students enrolled in dozens of undergraduate and graduate programs, Salem State is one of Massachusetts’ largest state universities. The university honored its loyal leader on Friday by renaming its central campus in honor of Harrington, who died in December at the age of 81.

Dozens of her friends, family, classmates and colleagues gathered to celebrate the Nancy D. Harrington campus, which is home to the university’s newest buildings, dormitories and green spaces.

“She was shy and calm when we were students, but her passion for this place inspired her to work so hard,” said Eileen Walsh, one of Harrington’s many former classmates who attended the ceremony. ‘one o’clock.

Harrington’s 17-year tenure as president led to the university’s current success, President John D. Keenan told a crowd gathered on the green lawn of Viking Hall.

“It all,” Keenan said, referring to the sprawling campus, “dates back to the acquisition of this property in the ’90s, made possible by President Harrington. She was an educator, a visionary, a pioneer.

Harrington led the effort for the state to acquire an old GTE lighting installation to develop the central campus. Walsh was surprised by the spectacular growth of his alma mater.

Brian J. Mulholland (left) nephew of the late President Nancy D. Harrington of Salem State University, left, and Neil J. Harrington, his cousin, spoke at the change of Friday name. Suzanne Kreiter / Globe staff
Suzanne Kreiter / Globe Staff

“I’m just a little overwhelmed. I mean, I had no idea, ”Walsh said, wiping away a tear. “When I went to school here, it was just a building on the street. And I already came back to visit and see some of it, but I didn’t know it was that big.

Just before the ceremony began, a light rain fell. But the droplets seemed to stop just as quickly, allowing the campus to shine in the sun.

“I know the downpour that went through the clouds that were here, [Nancy] said ‘get out of here, it’s my day,’ joked Gwen Rosemond, Salem State faculty member.

Harrington received a bachelor’s and master’s degree in education from Salem State and a doctorate from Boston University. As well as being the first woman, Harrington was also the first alumnus and native of Salem to serve as president.

“We have to remember that in 1990 it was quite unusual for a woman to be given the first place of leadership in an institution like this,” said Robert Lutts, president of the university’s trustees.

Members of the 1960 class received white roses in honor of their classmate, Nancy D. Harrington, at the ceremony on Friday.  Suzanne Kreiter / Globe staff
Members of the 1960 class received white roses in honor of their classmate, Nancy D. Harrington, at the ceremony on Friday. Suzanne Kreiter / Globe staff
Suzanne Kreiter / Globe Staff

Harrington, who also served as the dean and vice-president of the college, retired in 2007. “Put simply, she was and still is considered by many to be the soul of the state of Salem,” said Lutts.

Harrington’s nephew Brian Mulholland, who graduated from Salem State in 1978, described his aunt as a dedicated leader, who helped make education more accessible.

“She was a very, very serious woman,” Mulholland said. “And she was very serious about the things that were important to her, like public education, diversity and breaking down the various economic barriers that stood between these children and a public education.”

Alex Slazar, who graduated in 2008, said she met Harrington one day in the campus dining hall. Slazar asked Harrington why she had lunch there.

“She said, ‘How can I be an effective leader, leading Salem State to change, if I don’t know where I should be leading us?’ Slazar said.

“Just because there’s a president in front of my name doesn’t mean I’m more important than anyone else. At the end of the day, we’re all Vikings from Salem State, aren’t we? ‘ “

Each of Harrington’s former classmates in attendance received a white rose in his honor. A framed photograph of the campus was also gifted to Mulholland and Neil Harrington, a cousin.

“Nancy has faced her fair share of skeptics throughout her career and has overcome obstacles. . . it would have deflated a person of lesser character, ”said Harrington, a former mayor of Salem. “Our family is very proud of her. We are very grateful to her alma mater for honoring her here today. She and the entire Harrington family will always be a part of Salem State. “

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Name calling and bullying from others is bad – period Wed, 08 Sep 2021 06:16:00 +0000


Fear is a powerful motivator. Human beings (as well as most other creatures in creation) share automatic impulses designed to protect us and preserve us from the many dangers with which we share the globe. But sometimes fear can cause us to do terrible things, things we wouldn’t consider doing under different circumstances.

Fear has been exploited by demagogues and charlatans throughout history, and by none more than politicians of all stripes, shapes and sizes, to lead people down paths they would not normally take. It is therefore not surprising that distrust of government has generally increased around the world.

It was fear that drove the staid, civilized burgers of the Weimer Republic to turn their backs on reason and humanity to elect a monster to a post of power. Once mastered, this fear helped plunge the world into several years of darkness from which 12 million innocent people would not return. This darkness would continue to cost thousands of lives, all because (legitimate) fear kept honest people from speaking out and speaking out.

In the current context of the COVID-19 pandemic, fear is once again at work, leading to consequences and reactions both positive and negative.

On the bright side of the ledger, much of the success of current vaccination efforts (with over 83 percent of the nation rallying for the vaccine) can be attributed to a healthy fear of the deadly consequences of contracting the virus. Canadians, traditionally more confident in their government and health officials south of us, have rolled up their sleeves to join the battle to tackle this pernicious virus and its variants – and despite the growing numbers of Wave Four, our nation is winning this battle.

But on the negative side of the ledger, many of us have turned our fears to those who are unwilling to take the word of politicians and the medical establishment (Oxycontin was not addictive according to many of these and in normal times the former are less trusted than your average used car salesman) and join the vaccinated on the barricades of this war.

Unintentional medical interventions have a long, storied and incredibly horrific history in this country, especially for indigenous peoples. However, there are some among us who would gladly see them impose themselves on their recalcitrant neighbors.

On the negative side of the fear ledger are also those who oppose the voluntary vaccinations of others. It’s hard to understand the motivation of the small handful of protesters rallying at vaccination clinics – crying vitriol and derision against those who voluntarily rally to help crush the virus. But not all who oppose vaccination fall into this odious category; it is important to listen and understand the other’s point of view.

Neither those who shame and insult those who express fears about vaccines or the loss of rights and freedoms they consider inherent in vaccination passports and travel restrictions, nor those who mock and insult those who express their fears towards the unvaccinated. are right on their side, even if they believe it passionately. Both camps are convinced that God and the Fatherland are with them – we cannot claim to speak for the former, but we can categorically state that the latter does not agree with either side, despite these fears.

Passion can be a good thing, but like fear, passion can go too far down the road of intolerance. Insults, shame, intimidation, intimidation and other forms of coercion should never be considered tolerable in a free and democratic society. Those who pile up anti-vaccines in digital forums, at work, or on the streets and those who pile up derision and vitriol about those who voice concerns about the need to vaccinate more people have opinions different from ours are the two sides of a very bad penny.

Very few friends are earned on the playing field by calling names. Instead, positions harden and fears turn into paranoia, damaging mental health at a time when stress and anxiety have reached almost unprecedented levels in our country.

Reasoned debate is the cornerstone of a just and civil society. It is not necessary to scroll to a position different from our own, in fact, understanding another’s point of view is essential to find common ground on which we could stand together in this fight, but the uncivil responses should stay beyond pallor.

Don’t let fear lead us to unreason and hatred – history has shown us that such paths don’t work in the end.

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Baylor women’s hoops remove “Lady” from team name, to be called Bears Sat, 04 Sep 2021 05:14:14 +0000

Baylor’s women’s basketball program is removing the “Lady” from her nickname and will be known as the Bears, like the rest of the school’s athletic teams, it was announced on Friday.

Other school girls’ sports teams had carried the Bears nickname in previous years. Under new coach Nicki Collen, who took over in May when Kim Mulkey left for LSU, the women’s basketball team will now do the same.

“Baylor women’s basketball has cemented itself as one of Baylor’s most notable and celebrated programs,” the school said in a statement. “While the use of Lady Bears is still part of the program’s decorated history, in an effort to be more consistent with the current nomenclature of Baylor’s other 18 sports programs, the team will now be referred to simply as the Bears.

“This development is unique in that it creates consistency between Baylor’s teams while showcasing individual sport and the contributions of its athletes and coaches.”

The use of “Lady” with sports teams has been a divisive problem over the years, and many programs that used it in the 1970s, early in women’s varsity athletics, got rid of it. , some from the 1980s. The vast majority of colleges no longer use it for any of their female teams.

The only female Big 12 team that still uses “Lady” in their nickname is Texas Tech, which is called Lady Raiders. Oklahoma State uses Cowgirls for their women’s team because the men are the Cowboys.

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England appoint Moeen Ali as vice-captain of 4th test against India Wed, 01 Sep 2021 09:51:29 +0000

England appoint Moeen Ali as vice-captain of the 4th test against India. | Photo credit: AP

The England and Wales Cricket Council (ECB) confirmed on Wednesday that all-rounder Moeen Ali will be the vice-captain in the forthcoming fourth test against India, which starts at the Oval on Thursday.

“Moeen Ali has been appointed our vice-captain for the fourth test against India. Congratulations, Mo,” England Cricket tweeted.

Joe Root has already racked up over 500 runs in the series and if he continues to rack up runs India would definitely be left behind. Good signs for England were that forerunners Haseeb Hameed and Rory Burns also had over 50 scores in Headingley’s test.

England would be without Jos Buttler in the fourth test and Jonny Bairstow would don the wicket goalkeeper gloves. James Anderson is already going back in time to flaunt vintage bowling style and it’s safe to say that the next game in the Five Test series is on the edge of a knife.

With the five-game test run between India and England perfectly balanced at 1-1, the focus is on whether ace spinner Ravichandran Ashwin will finally have a chance in the game’s XI or no.

The fourth test will be played at the Oval, and traditionally the ground has offered some help to the spinners, so if management wants to unleash the off-wire this would be the perfect opportunity.

England team for the fourth test: Joe Root (capt), Moeen Ali, James Anderson, Jonathan Bairstow, Sam Billings, Rory Burns, Sam Curran, Haseeb Hameed, Dan Lawrence, Dawid Malan, Craig Overton, Ollie Pope, Ollie Robinson , Chris Woakes, Mark Wood.

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NatWest sacrifices innocent customers in the name of fraud prevention Sat, 28 Aug 2021 04:00:00 +0000

They would never say it out loud, but the banks argue that the occasional aggrieved customer is worth the collateral damage if that means stopping the real bad guys. Try to tell this to the poor whose lives have been disrupted for no reason. A man’s home purchase fell apart because his funds were frozen by NatWest. He was given £ 250, barely enough to hire a moving van, not to mention the thousands of other costs incurred when buying a property.

In the case of NatWest, it is fairly obvious that there has been a change of course since the Financial Conduct Authority initiated criminal proceedings for alleged money laundering on an industrial scale.

Worryingly, other banks are now following suit. It is great news that MPs have looked into this problem and have written to the FCA to demand answers. It will be more difficult for bank executives to ignore the Treasury Committee like they did to me.

I contacted several large banks as well as UK Finance, the industry’s professional body, and none were willing to let me speak to senior executives. OK, it’s August, so maybe I’m not charitable, but that suggests it’s an issue they’re struggling to resolve.

Fingers crossed over the bigwigs’ foreign spending during the holidays sees them excluded from their accounts. Maybe then we would see some action.

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Bloomberg’s ‘the Agg’ bond index changes name Tue, 24 Aug 2021 12:14:00 +0000 The most popular bond index has been known by three names over its 25-year history, but has – and always will be – “the Agg” even though it undergoes its fourth name change.

Five years after the Bloomberg acquisition


‘, the Bloomberg Barclays Fixed Income Indices are, as of today, renamed Bloomberg Fixed Income Indices, after the agreed transition period.

The name change includes the Agg, now the Bloomberg US Aggregate Bond Index, which is widely regarded as the best total index in the bond market, representing high-quality US government and corporate bonds.

But there is more in store for Bloomberg beyond its dominance among fixed income indices. Since the acquisition of Barclay in August 2016, Bloomberg’s index business has expanded to include benchmarks for stocks, multi-assets, crypto, ESG and thematic strategies. Total assets following its indices more than doubled during the period. As a non-traditional financial data company and index provider, Bloomberg also brings a new level of transparency to the business.

Barron’s chatted with Steve Berkley, CEO of Bloomberg Index Services, and Dave Gedeon, Head of Multi-Asset Index, about the company’s growth and their outlook for the broader index industry. The conversation has been edited and condensed.

How has index activity evolved over the past five years?

Stéphane: When you look at the history of indexes, it started out as the purview of the banks. Investment banks like Lehman Brothers (the original owner of the Agg) or Merrill Lynch would set a benchmark, hoping it would become an industry standard. Asset managers who wish to follow indices would have access to this information through their relationship with banks. When the index rebalancing took place, trades would inevitably go through the banks and that’s how they made money. It was an efficient and profitable business model.

Over time, the buy-side organizations started looking for the best deal. With the advent of regulations, the responsibilities associated with doing things incorrectly are also increasing. Banks realized that they needed to focus on their core business and therefore began to divest from index activities. For example, Barclays sold their index unit to Bloomberg, Citi sold theirs to FTSE, and Bank of America Merrill Lynch sold theirs to


Acquirers were generally data providers and did not make money on transactions.

What does this change mean for investors?

Stéphane: Historically, index data users tended to be the privileged few. Given the business model and the limitations of technology at the time, information was only really available to large institutions. Bloomberg has exposed many clues on our terminal. In doing so, we democratize information and put power in the hands of investors.

For example, we have a product called IQ on the terminal, which stands for index query. It allows investors to create their own indices, see their performance and backtest the data. They can then come and ask us to run this custom index for them every day. The vision is that you can do things that only very sophisticated investors could do before. You don’t need millions of dollars. Right now the product is only available to a few, but we are in the process of rolling it out to a larger group of investors.

What’s next for Bloomberg’s index business?

Stéphane: The continued growth of ETFs has had a positive impact on our business. We have been able to extend our product line, both deeper into existing references and more broadly across multiple asset classes and regions. The fixed income franchise, which we acquired from Barclays five years ago, will continue to be an important part of our business, but we are also expanding our capacity through other acquisitions like the

Bloomberg Commodity Index

(BCOM) achieved last year, and through organic growth on the equity front.

We also help customers create personalized and tailor-made products with different parameters, generally aiming for better performance or less risk. For example, fixed income managers may place bets over time based on predictions of rising or falling returns. They can also make quality bets, overweighting junk bonds for higher returns.

Bond indices weighted by factors other than market cap haven’t really taken off like similar strategies for stocks, although investing in a bond index weighted by market cap is not the best strategy.

Stéphane: The challenge with this type of product is that the smart-beta strategy itself might be the right one, but the costs associated with implementing the strategy are often prohibitive, as bond markets are less liquid than equity markets.

When we create or improve an index, it can’t just be academic exercises, it needs to be a benchmark that investors can actually use. And we do this through shared ownership with the investment community. We would reach out to investors to understand what the bottlenecks are and do our best to resolve those issues, whether they are issues on our side, in the markets, or with the regulators.

Where do you see most of the growth opportunities for index business over the next 5-10 years?

Dave: As investors become more sophisticated and access to markets becomes easier, the demand for complex investments increases. The possibility of simplifying this to a transparent rules-based index will have a lot of appeal.

Options are a big area. There have been a number of interesting and successful options products. These indices take different types of strategies that target particular income or risk profiles, and bundle them into a simplified product for a broader investor base. They are still extremely small compared to the wider asset management world, but they are growing because they offer something investors were not able to achieve on their own before.

The opportunities in the crypto markets are also evident. We just launched the Bloomberg Galaxy DeFi Index last week.

What are some of the challenges of indexing cryptocurrencies?

Dave: One of the big challenges is figuring out what the best price is. Crypto asset price data is not from the New York Stock Exchange or the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, it is from


and Gemini and others. One of our jobs is to aggregate all of this trade data and create what we consider to be an accurate price for a particular part.

The other challenge is figuring out which assets to include or exclude. The decision can be made based on liquidity, negotiability, and even transparency of the protocol behind a coin. There’s a lot more to say, hey, it’s the price of Bitcoin.

Bloomberg is also launching its own thematic indexes such as Bloomberg Electric Vehicles Index. How do you plan to differentiate yourself in a field already saturated with many established rivals?

Dave: With larger index providers, when they partner with experts in the field to create a thematic index using natural language processing and document scraping, this process is proprietary and often cannot be shared.

At Bloomberg, we have our own data and analysts. Because all search information is internal, we can publish it directly to the terminal. Any subscriber can consult our thematic baskets, click on each name and see analysts’ research on this subject. Each quarter, as the index is updated, you can also see the reasons why a business is added or deleted.

Other indexers do not offer the same degree of transparency. I think it gives us a competitive advantage and the possibility of becoming the preferred reference for a particular theme, even if one already exists.

Thanks, Steve and Dave.

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Europe’s top six names at Solheim Cup 2021 confirmed | LPGA Sun, 22 Aug 2021 21:09:45 +0000

Emily Kristine Pedersen and Georgia Hall advance to Solheim Cup points standings

August 22, CARNOUSTIE: Following the conclusion of the AIG Women’s Open, the six players automatically qualified for Team Europe at the Solheim Cup 2021 have been confirmed.

Dane Emily Kristine Pedersen topped the LET Solheim Cup points table, accumulating 126.38 points thanks to her winning streak at the end of last year.

Pedersen made her Solheim Cup debut in 2017 when she was one of Annika Sorenstam’s captain’s caps at Des Moines.

The 2020 Costa del Sol Race champion is joined by England’s Georgia Hall, who took second place after her performance this week.

The 2018 Women’s Open champion has enjoyed good form recently, notably with a T6 at the Amundi Evian Championship and a T2 at the AIG 2021 Women’s Open.

Team Europe had four players qualified through the Rolex Women’s World Golf Rankings and there was a change in the ranking after Anna Nordqvist’s victory at Carnoustie.

The AIG 2021 Women’s Open champion rose to world number 16 and secured a place in the European squad for the seventh time in a row.

Last year’s AIG Women’s Open champion Sophia Popov will make her Solheim Cup debut in Toledo after securing her spot.

They will be joined by England’s Charley Hull and Spain’s Carlota Ciganda, both of whom will be making their fifth appearance in the competition.

“I’m really happy with my squad at the moment for the Solheim Cup 2021. Congratulations to Anna on her victory at the AIG Women’s Open and on securing a qualifying place in the squad. There is a lot of experience there and it’s great that Sophia is representing Europe for the first time, ”commented Captain Catriona Matthew.

“Over the past few months, so many European players have played well and thrown their name in the hat. Choosing picks is always the hardest part, but I think we’ll have a great team.

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Arsenal vs Chelsea: Tuchel gives Jorginho a ‘new name’ Sun, 22 Aug 2021 11:06:04 +0000

Chelsea manager Thomas Tuchel gave Jorginho a new name ahead of his side’s Premier League clash with Arsenal on Sunday night.

Tuchel called Jorginho a “very strategic player”, adding that the Italy international has a good sense of rhythm.

The German said the 29-year-old midfielder is relentless in defense, very well organized in his game and wants to be everywhere on the pitch.

Jorginho won Euro 2020 with Italy and the UEFA Champions League and the UEFA Super Cup with Chelsea.

He was named one of three nominees for UEFA’s Male Player of the Year award alongside teammates N’Golo Kante and Manchester City’s Kevin De Bruyne.

“I think Jorgi [Jorginho] is a very strategic player, ”Tuchel said in his pre-match press conference ahead of Chelsea’s Premier League clash with Arsenal on Sunday night.

“He can play ahead, knows what to do with the ball, can imagine what will happen in a pass or two ahead.

“He knows where to help in short and long distances, when to change games, when not to change games. He has a good sense of rhythm.

“He lacks, if you put him apart or look at him separately, the sheer physical ability that makes him the number one contender to be number six in the Premier League.

“But once you have him in a structure, he is very well organized in his game, he organizes the whole environment around him, which then helps him, when everything is organized, and then he can show his true ability to control the pace of a game.

“He’s relentless in defense. He wants to be everywhere on the field, he has a huge ability to run a lot. Maybe he lacks high speeds, but he made up for it with a lot of pace and with very good anticipation in his defensive work.

“On top of all that, he’s a great guy. He’s funny, he has a big smile on his face everyday. You can chat with him, you can laugh with him every day, because he is ready to laugh, to have a good life.

“He’s in love with this game and that’s the feeling he carries in the first minute and he never stops conveying that energy that he’s really into the game and thinks about the tactics and loves being involved and feeling. a real connection to the game and such a positive guy.

“It makes him a very, very important player and a huge connection in the midfield, not only for us but also for Italy.

“I am very happy that guys like him like [N’Golo] Kanté and [Kevin] De Bruyne – and it will have a huge effect on guys like Mateo Kovacic – for people to understand the importance of these characters and what they do.

“That sometimes they don’t shine, but they make other people shine and that’s also important for any team in the world.”

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