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The conversation began with a direct message on Twitter from one 29-year-old entrepreneur to another: “Yo, what’s up? It ended in one of the most lucrative naming rights deals in recent sports history.

On Friday, TSM, a competitive Los Angeles-based video game organization, announced that it was changing its name to TSM FTX – and that it would be paid $ 210 million over 10 years in the process. FTX, a booming Hong Kong-based cryptocurrency exchange, will foot the bill.

The annual payment of $ 21 million is larger than many deals companies have made with traditional sports teams over the past decades to have their names attached to stadiums and arenas. It is similar to recent deals like Citibank’s deal with the Mets ($ 21 million per year), MetLife’s deal with the Giants and Jets (about $ 19 million per year) and the British bank Barclays with the Nets ($ 20 million a year).

Of course, the big difference here is that TSM is changing its name – the equivalent of the New England Patriots, which play at Gillette Stadium, renamed New England Patriots Gillettes.

The deal between the two companies comes as cryptocurrencies and gaming took on new importance during the coronavirus pandemic, with people trapped at home looking for online entertainment and ways to invest and save money. make money, sometimes in unconventional (and risky) ways. Interest in video games has grown dramatically over the past year, including in esports, where some professional gamers are making millions of dollars and competing for the championships in leagues dedicated to games like Fortnite and League of. Legends. More than 57 million people in North America watched an esports event in 2020, according to Newzoo, a game analytics company.

The value of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin has also skyrocketed in recent months; even with a recent downturn, a Bitcoin was worth over $ 36,000 on Thursday, down from just under $ 10,000 a year ago. This has led to huge business for cryptocurrency exchanges, which helps consumers buy and sell digital currencies through a so-called digital wallet, taking a share of every sale.

Sam Bankman-Fried, the managing director of FTX, which stands for Futures Exchange, said he quickly saw the parallels between his company and TSM after a series of Twitter posts with Andy Dinh, founder and CEO of TSM.

“Take a huge industry and then reimagine it in the digital age: that’s kind of what esports is to sport, and that’s kind of what crypto is to invest and fund,” he said. said Bankman-Fried.

TSM, which was originally known as Team SoloMid before changing to its three-letter abbreviation, lines up teams in more than 10 different video game leagues and was rated by Forbes last year at 410 million. of dollars, which makes it the most valuable esports company in the USA.

Dinh said he initially contacted Bankman-Fried with the intention of investing in FTX, but the naming deal was quickly concluded. He said the money would be used to attract star players with better salaries and to build teams in more esports leagues. TSM, Dinh said, would also open offices in China, Europe and South America.

“It gives us a solid foundation to really grow our brand on a global scale,” Dinh said. “We really want to be a global esports team. We have to invest to have bases in several places. “

For FTX, the deal gives the cryptocurrency exchange greater recognition in the United States, where it operates a small platform. Earlier this year, FTX has signed a deal with the Miami Heat and Miami-Dade County, Fla. for $ 135 million over 19 years to secure the naming rights to the arena where the Heat play. Working with TSM, Bankman-Fried said he hoped the crypto exchange, which launched in 2019, would become familiar to more Americans and make them more comfortable doing business with it. exchange.

FTX is currently fundraising that would value him at $ 20 billion, he said.

The majority of FTX sales take place outside of the United States, where FTX allows people to buy and sell what are known as tokenized stocks and crypto derivatives: essentially, bets on the future value of currencies. like Bitcoin, as well as betting on other future policies and financial possibilities.

Such bets are relatively new, largely unregulated, and can be risky, so they are generally not offered by US cryptocurrency exchanges or US legal sports betting (some casinos outside the US allow betting. on elections). The US FTX operation only offers traditional cryptocurrency trading.

Some international exchanges may offer symbolic shares without collateral, which increases the risk of dealing with offshore exchanges, which can make it difficult for clients to find them or take legal action against them if necessary. “The effect is to deprive its users of the right to exercise their rights against this exchange if something goes wrong,” said Christine Duhaime, an expert financial crime lawyer.

But FTX says it is not an improvised transaction: Its token shares have a guarantee through a registered brokerage firm, and it is more secure than other offshore exchanges, the company said. .

Bankman-Fried, a graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology who was described in a Wall Street Journal Profile as a “vegan billionaire” who sleeps on an ottoman in his office in Hong Kong, has sought to bring some credibility to the practice of trading such stocks with FTX.

He said FTX was simply ahead of the curve in offering currencies and bets that people were interested in, and predicted that the United States would eventually regulate such stocks.

“There are some fragmentary exchanges on an international scale; I think there are also professionals, ”he said.

Friday’s deal, the two CEOs said, was just the start of their companies’ partnership.

“TSM could potentially have a bigger and brighter future than it means today,” Dinh said.

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Northeastern Ohio Native American Groups Respond to Cleveland Indian Name Change Update Fri, 04 Jun 2021 03:16:00 +0000

Team leaders say they have already conducted more than 140 hours of interviews and interviewed more than 40,000 fans.

CLEVELAND – The process of selecting a new name for the Cleveland Indians is well advanced, so much so that the team has narrowed its roster to 1,198 possibilities.

The club gave the latest update to their high-profile name research on Thursday by unveiling a new website that outlines the steps they will take to make a final decision. The team leaders say they have already conducted over 140 hours of interviews and interviewed more than 40,000 fans, processes that will only continue as the search for the No.1 selection progresses.

After years of protests from fans and Native American groups against the current name of the Cleveland Indians, Native American groups believe change is really on the horizon, including Jess Vallejo of the Cleveland Indigenous Coalition.

RELATED: Cleveland Indians Say They Have List of Almost 1,200 Possible Options for New Name

“The coalition is really encouraged that we finally have in public view what our communications have always been and that they are ready to change the name,” said Vallejo. “Our comments were intended to change some of the fan behaviors and some of the offensive racist traditions that have been allowed to continue inside the baseball stadium by first recognizing the sanctity of such objects like feathers, like the drum. “

And what about a schedule?

So far, a Cleveland Indians spokesperson has said the change could come in 2023 or earlier.

“It’s not a short turnaround and so for them to come out and say it was 2022 in the first place, and now to be realistic and push it back to 2023, it’s not that disappointing – I think we know it’s always going to happen, ”said Vallejo.

RELATED: Cleveland Indians and Cuyahoga County Rulers ‘Make Good Progress’ in Negotiations to Extend Lease at Progressive Field

Cynthia Connolly of the Lake Erie Native American Council sent a statement to 3News:

“Since last summer, the Cleveland Indigenous Coalition has worked and continues to work closely with the Cleveland MLB team during this time of transition. We are delighted that the team has taken such a comprehensive approach to really listening and learning; and we are encouraged by their cooperation in listening to specific recommendations and comments from our community. Our coalition remains dedicated to this important work as we move forward in this process. “

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Ford Brings Back Maverick Name for New Compact Truck Thu, 03 Jun 2021 14:00:34 +0000

After a number of leaks and spy photos (you can see more than one on Autoblog) Ford has confirmed he’s building a new compact pickup. Dubbed Maverick, it revives a name that was originally used for a Ford sports compact coupe / sedan sold in the 1970s as it attempted to deliver more fuel efficient vehicles.

All Ford has confirmed so far is the name, styling and that it will officially unveil the vehicle on June 8 with the help of actress Gabrielle Union to present “Something You Do.” had not seen it coming “. Oh, and of course the fact that the Maverick was Ford’s first vehicle to debut on its new TikTok channel.

Leaked images make it clear that Maverick is a smaller (and probably cheaper) truck than Ford’s F-150 or Tidy, which will likely share a platform with the Escape and the recently introduced Bronco Sport. As for what’s hiding under the hood, we can only guess, even taking into account Ford’s recent push for electrification that brought the hybrid F-150 as well as electric vehicles like the Mustang Mach-E and the F-150 Lightning.

The Bronco SUVs didn’t include hybrid or EV options, while the Escape does have a hybrid version, but we’ll know everything next week before the Maverick 2022 goes on sale this fall.

Ford Maverick – Gabrielle Union

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What’s in a name? A lot when it comes to Odisha by Naveen Patnaik | Latest India News Thu, 03 Jun 2021 05:06:09 +0000

On Tuesday, the government of Naveen Patnaik created a new department called Mission Shakti to govern 6 women’s self-help groups (SHGs) of around lakh in the state which became the largest vote bank of Biju Janata Dal (BJD ) of Patnaik two decades later it started as a program in 2001. Mission Shakti was transformed into leadership in 2017 until it was incorporated on June 1 as a separate department with a secretary at its head.

“This is a historic step for the Naveen Patnaik government in empowering women … Mission Shakti department would lead to greater inclusion of women in Odisha development,” tweeted top BJD leader Pranab Prakash Das. , referring to the female members of 70 lakh. SHGs, which take loans from banks and provide small loans to their members.

While a new department will likely result in a separate budget for self-help groups starting in the next fiscal year, political observers are unsure whether it will transform their operation on the ground or turn into another exercise of ” renaming ”aimed only at producing political dividends.

“As part of the Shakti Mission, the women members of the self-help groups may have been empowered financially, but has anyone checked to see if the self-help groups create tangible assets? Most of the loans given to SHG members are used to cover household expenses such as child rearing, marriage, and husband’s affairs. I don’t understand how having a separate department would lead to better governance, ”asked retired bureaucrat Prasanna Mishra.

Over the past few years, the Odisha CM has created or renamed at least half a dozen departments and buildings, including the Secretary of State which is now called Lok Seva Bhavan, suggesting that service to people was his reason of being. At the height of the farmer suicides in Odisha in 2015-16, he renamed the Department of Agriculture to the Department of Agriculture and Farmer Empowerment. In December 2017, he split the Tourism and Culture Department and created a separate Odia Language and Culture Department to promote the Odia language. A few years ago, the planning and coordination department was renamed the planning and convergence department while the revenue department became the income and disaster management department. Three days ago, his government renamed the forestry and environment department to the forestry, environment and climate change department.

“It’s nothing more than [a] delusional activity. The name game is just for fooling people. From Garibi Hatao in the 80s to Mo Sarkar today, most of these names don’t convey anything to anyone. The worst part is that the poor and the middle classes do not protest against the government driving them away, ”said sociologist Rita Ray.

Political science professor Gyana Ranjan Swain said the naming and renaming exercise is essentially how Patnaik leaves a legacy behind. “After leading the state for 21 years, he surely wants to leave his mark. Creating new departments is a good move to decentralize power, but does he really intend to do it, ”Swain asked.

Many others, like the former bureaucrat Prasanna Mishra, see it as Naveen Patnaik’s tactic to put on a big show without delivering anything on the pitch. Mishra points out that Odisha is actually ranked at the bottom of the governance rankings, along with Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. In the Public Affairs Index (PAI) -2020 released by the Center for Public Affairs, a Bangalore-based nonprofit organization last year, Kerala topped a composite index reflecting sustainable development, while Odisha and Bihar scored negative points of -1,201 and -1,158 points respectively.

Former Finance Minister Panchanan Kanungo agrees that the creation of a new department is nothing more than a gimmick. “After having created a separate department for the Odia language in December 2017, an Odia university was supposed to [be] set up at Satyabadi in Puri district with facilities for higher education in Odia. There remains a non-starter. All stores and commercial establishments in the state were supposed to display signs in the Odia language, but this did not happen. It’s about repackaging old wine in a new bottle, ”he said.

BJD general secretary Bijay Nayak disagrees, however. “Contrary to the slogan of the BJP of Sabka Saath Sabka Vikas, the creation of new departments and initiatives like Mo Sarkar and 5T is transforming governance. If it had not been so, how does Naveen Patnaik win the election after the election, ”Nayak asked.

Patnaik kicked off the 5T agenda – technology, transparency, teamwork, time leading to transformation – after winning the 2019 assembly polls and it has now become a buzzword in Odisha. His trusted assistant and private secretary VK Pandian is now better known as the “5T secretary”, as he deals with the implementation of the formula in different departments.

BJP chief Sajjan Sharma said the state government had little to show in administration, but was ready to reap political benefits through name games. “On behalf of [building a] Smart City, the government dug up the capital of Bhubaneswar on [the] Last 4 years, but the roads are flooded after the showers. If this government was so active, why has Odisha slipped to 29th in the Ease of Doing Business ranking for 2019, ”asked Sharma.

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Do consumers have a gender preference when it comes to brand names? – RetailWire Wed, 02 Jun 2021 15:11:15 +0000

June 02, 2021

Feminine language brands are perceived by consumers as warmer and are therefore better appreciated and more frequently chosen, according to a new university study.

In the paper, “Is Nestlé a woman? The Feminine Brand Name Advantage, ”researchers at the University of Calgary, University of Montana, HEC Paris and the University of Cincinnati said that several factors determine whether a name is perceived as feminine or masculine:

  • Female names tend to be longer, have more syllables, stress the second or subsequent syllable, and end with a vowel (eg, Amánda).
  • Men’s names tend to be shorter with a stressed syllable, or with an emphasis on the first of two syllables, and end with a consonant (eg, Ed or Edward).

Analyzing the top-ranked brands on Interbrand’s Best Global Brands list over the past twenty years, the study found that 55%, including Coca-Cola, Nike, Disney and IKEA, had female names, 36 % had male-sounding names. Nine percent had gender neutral names.

Participants in the studies conducted also rated brands with linguistically feminine names, including coined names, as warmer, thus increasing purchase intentions.

Female-sounding brands have been found to be more attractive because they are associated with traits such as reliability, sincerity, friendliness, tolerance and good nature.

“People tend to treat certain words instinctively, triggering associations they may not be aware of,” said Ruth Pogacar, co-author and professor at the University of Calgary. the the Wall Street newspaper.

The benefit was found to be reduced if the product was designed only for men (e.g. men’s sneakers) and eliminated when the product was strictly functional, such as a bathroom scale.

Brand names represent “a consumer’s first point of contact and can therefore generate initial impressions, associations and expectations,” according to the study.

The internet is full of tips for finding good brands. Lately, search engine optimization, URL competition, and social media appeal have become the main concerns. The study researchers also cite the fact that “as new brands are introduced daily, obtaining a desirable name is a growing challenge due to the limited number of existing words for the brand.”

DISCUSSION QUESTIONS: Does it make sense that female-sounding names have an advantage in attracting consumers? What suggestions do you have for finding brand names?


“While this study is interesting, I find it all a bit unnecessary and strange.”


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Death of the president of outlaws: the accused man maintains the temporary suppression of his name Wed, 02 Jun 2021 03:53:03 +0000

Police after closing off access to Mersey St in Pandora after the incident outside the Outlaws MC pad on March 29. Photo / File

The continued interim name suppression has been granted to a man charged with the death of Outlaws MC National President Peter Lui, who died after a confrontation near his gang’s new Pad Napier nine weeks ago.

While Judge Bridget Mackintosh has questioned why the name suppression should continue, police did not oppose defense attorney Eric Forster’s request when the man was called to court on Wednesday in Napier, appearing via audio-visual link from prison.

A dozen family members and friends of Him sat quietly in front of the court during the short appearance.

The man faces charges of aggravated theft and injuring Lui with intent to cause grievous bodily harm, related to the incident near the new Outlaws headquarters in Mersey St, Pandora, in the morning of Monday March 29.

The man also faced other separate counts on Wednesday, pleading guilty to one of obtaining by deception and not guilty to another of receiving a stolen Holden Commodore motor vehicle.

He is remanded in custody to appear again on June 23, when he is expected to plead.

Police did not announce any further arrests in connection with the death.

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Why does changing the name of a team take so long? Tue, 01 Jun 2021 10:00:00 +0000

The Cleveland baseball and Washington football teams are both embarking on the arduous task of renaming their historic sports franchises. After years of backlash against race-insensitive names and mascots, both teams have a chance to start fresh with new identities. But although their name changes were announced in 2020, neither of the two franchises will implement their new permanent name until at least 2022. Why will it take so long?

Choosing a new name for an existing sports franchise sounds like a fun exercise. How hard can it be? Everyone has named a child, dog, boat, or their Twitter handle. You gather a group of creatives in a room with a large whiteboard, sip a few cocktails, and think. Everyone is bursting with ideas and positive energy, ready to collaborate on this epic creative process. Someone will come up with the right name, an epiphany moment where everyone will shout: “That’s it!”

The reality is that the process of finding the right name for a sports team is grueling, expensive and time consuming, and it involves occupational risks. After an NHL expansion team was granted in Seattle in 2018, I helped pilot a comprehensive process that carved the Kraken brand out of a list of 1,200 potential names. the Kraken name launched 19 months after league approval of the franchise.

Renaming a team with a deep history is even more treacherous. Unlike the name of the latest tech startup, there is a fanatic attachment to the name of the original team. Fans and media alike judge your long-awaited selection. There is a huge turnover forecast for the sales of the newly branded merchandise. Add players as essential partners in the brand new decision. The owners may want to exercise control over the name since they own the franchise. And finally, the branding process. Almost every word in English language has been filed by the US Patent and Trademark Office. Do you think the Washington Redhawks are in the clear? A trademark application was filed for this name last summer, perhaps by a law firm secretly representing the team or by an enterprising fan hoping to sell it for six figures. What about the Cleveland Rockers? It was also recorded last summer (after the mark has been abandoned in 2006 by the WNBA). Add names that were previously registered as website domains or Twitter aliases, and you’ve got a long legal process before you reach the finish line.

Finding the right name takes time, patience, a flawless process, and clear direction from the property. Here’s how the Washington and Cleveland franchises might approach it.

A fan contest: A good idea that can go wrong. Remember the San Diego soccer group asking fans to name their potential MLS expansion squad? Result: San Diego Footy McFooty Face. The best way to engage fans is to ask for submissions, which Washington did on its portal. The team might find a few nuggets among the thousands that have been submitted.

The team owner appoints him: Homeowners may not handle rejection well. Once they lock into a name they like, even a bad one, it’s hard to change their mind. If they are open to bouncing their ideas off brand experts, this option is achievable. Vegas Golden Knights owner Bill Foley was inspired by his military experience when he decided to name his new NHL franchise in 2016. He has already come up with three names selection of the golden knights.

Brand experts: A handful of brand name agencies have put in place solid tools to extract new names and evaluate them objectively. Given the high stakes in finding the right name for Washington and Cleveland, they could spend six low figures on this expert opinion. (Washington has would have hired agency code and theory to work on its rebanding.) A typical company’s rating system uses the following criteria to narrow the name field to a manageable few:

  • Does the name have any links to the region? (History, industry, culture, nature.)
  • Is the name popular with fans? (Washington Redhogs, Cleveland Rockers.)
  • Does the name allow for brand extension? (Mascot, uniforms, merchandise, creative content, animation, songs and fan songs, fan club, foundation.)
  • Does it correspond to the values ​​of the franchise? (Tradition, courage, effort, unity.)
  • How does that sound? (The alliteration in Washington Warriors is sweet. Washington Sentinels is a mouthful.)
  • Are there brand complications? (Cleveland Buckeyes would lead to a legal challenge from a major state university.)
  • Are there any negative aspects? (Cultural sensitivities, dark connotations.)

This is the turning point in the process; which criteria prevail, and then write down each name. But once the field is reduced to a reasonable number, the design process begins – months of exploring logos, keywords, uniforms, field designs, merchandise concepts. What does the logo shrunk to the size of a bug on TV look like? Do your team captains like it? Does the design have a lasting hold? Is it iconic?

After the design process is complete, trademark attorneys conduct a comprehensive international search on the name. Each name is used somewhere, from Singapore to Saginaw. Experts still take several months to assess whether there would be a legitimate claim for infringement of rights before allowing the name to register.

Give credit to the leadership of the Washington Football Team and the Cleveland Baseball Club. It is difficult in the short term to delay the launch of the new name for a season or two. But being process-oriented – even taking a year or more to do it right – is worth it in the long run. It is not a “trust your gut” decision. It’s as crucial a decision as the quarterback you draft at the start of the first round. The difference is you can trade or reduce the quarterback if he bombs. A new name for a sports team, with few exceptions, is eternal.

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How do I change my name on the CoWIN application? Change name, first name, date of birth and more Mon, 31 May 2021 16:57:00 +0000

The CoWIN app launched by the Indian government has consistently enabled a smooth online process to make the vaccine accessible to everyone. With such a process in place, people can easily book appointments for vaccines themselves. However, many new users who mistakenly entered the wrong first or last name on the platform are now starting to wonder how to change their name on the CoWIN app. So if you have been faced with similar questions then don’t worry, here is everything you need to know about it.

How do I change my name on the CoWIN application?

The process of registering the CoWIN app is quite crucial because if you get the wrong name on the registration there is a good chance that you will not be able to get the vaccine at the given appointment. The name on your CoWIN record will help doctors and assistants identify you correctly so the process runs smoothly. However, the renaming system in the CoWIN app can be a bit confusing. So you can just follow the steps below to change the name in CoWIN –

  • First, download the Umang app from Play Store on your Android smartphone.
  • Now open the app and wait for it to load
  • Then you will find a button that reads – “Covid-19 vaccination registration for people aged 18 and over”. Just tap on it

    IMAGE: Screenshot of the app

  • Let the CoWIN portal in the app open.
  • As soon as it opens, you will find two options – “Register or login for vaccination” and “Download vaccination certificate”

    IMAGE: Screenshot of the app

  • All you have to do here is click on the option “Register or login for vaccination”
  • This will then open a window where you will ask to log into your CoWIN account providing details.
  • Once you have filled in all the details, your registration will appear right in front of it.

    IMAGE: Screenshot of the app

  • Now here you need to check if you have already scheduled an appointment or not. If so, you can cancel the appointment by clicking on the “three vertical dots” to the right of your name. Otherwise everything is fine.
  • Now click on the “three vertical dots” again, it will display an option to “Delete” your full registration details. Tap and delete it.
  • Once you have deleted your registration, you can re-enter all the details and book your appointment from the app itself.
  • For vaccination, a person must be provided with the identity document that they indicated when registering on the CoWin portal and a print / screenshot of your appointment voucher.


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Local veterans group secures new seat thanks to renowned supporters – WSOC TV Mon, 31 May 2021 00:20:00 +0000

CHARLOTTE, NC – Veterans Bridge Home is a Charlotte-based nonprofit that, as the name suggests, connects military service members and their families with jobs, housing and social media. With that in mind, it’s no surprise that the organization used a similar strategy to find and develop a new headquarters on a tight budget, recruiting funders such as Lowe’s, Carolina Panthers, and Charlotte Hornets.

Last week, contributors, supporters and veterans attended an opening ceremony at the 10,000 square foot corporate headquarters, located between Renaissance Park and the intersection of Billy Graham Parkway and South Tryon Street. BECO Management owns the 91,000 square foot Airport Plaza building, which now includes Veterans Bridge.

The centerpiece is a 3,000 square foot hub that will serve as a community center and meeting space as well as a casual gathering place. The open space allows for multiple configurations; there are also several small glass-enclosed desks for job interviews, counseling sessions and other confidential conversations.

As for those networking skills: Veterans Bridge had previously collaborated with Lowe’s on community work, and the local home improvement retailer’s foundation encouraged Veterans Bridge to think bigger.

Learn more and see photos of the new space here.

(Watch below: Hunger Relief Program Helps Veterans in Need)

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It’s time to rid Jefferson Davis’ name from Montana places Sun, 30 May 2021 07:01:29 +0000

“African slavery, as it exists in the United States, is a moral, social and political blessing.”

Believe it or not, there are three places in Montana named after the man who wrote those words – Jefferson Davis.

Yes, this Jefferson Davis, President of the Confederate States of America and defender of slavery, white supremacy and racism until his last days.

Our five groups recently joined with the Confederate Salish and Kootenai Tribes (CSKT) in petitioning the American Geographical Names Council asking them to remove Davis’s name from these three places in Montana. They include Jeff Davis Peak and Jeff Davis Creek in the Beaverhead Mountains northwest of Dillon, as well as Davis Gulch, just south of Helena in Lewis and Clark County.

Together with the CSKT, we requested that these places be given names that honor the indigenous inhabitants and Chinese immigrants to the area.

We recommended to the Geographic Names Council that the name of Jeff Davis Peak be changed to Three Eagles Peak, in honor of Salish Chief Three Eagles. He welcomed Lewis and Clark’s Corp of Discovery to the Salish camp in September 1804 and gave the feast food, horses, and other gifts. (Charles Russell’s mural, “Lewis and Clark Meeting the Flathead,” depicts this meeting on the wall of the Montana House of Representatives.)

For Davis Creek, we recommended Choos-wee Creek honor the thousands of Chinese immigrants who worked in mines, ran businesses, and made up a large portion of the people of Montana, especially Beaverhead County, to the late 19th century. “Choos-wee” is the Anglicized phonetic spelling of Čusw̓í, the Salish word for the Chinese. It refers to the only long braid or “queue” that many Chinese wore at that time.

For Davis Gulch in Helena, we come up with In-qu-qu-leet – a rough phonetic interpretation of the Salish word which means Place of Lodgepole Pine. This choice recognizes the importance of this tree in the lives of the Salish and other First Nations, who use them as tipi stakes and other purposes and gather them near the place in question.

Renaming these characteristics in Salish terms celebrates the importance of the people who first cared for this land. It sends the message that the Montanais understand our history and want to continue to progress towards justice and inclusion for all.

We have heard opposition from a few people before that removing Davis’ name would “wipe out” or “hide history,” as if General Sherman was passing through Beaverhead County or the native peoples of that state no. ‘had not themselves lived through centuries of culture. erasure.

There is simply no reasonable argument we can make to keep Davis on our cards. This argument should be in defense of a man who believed so strongly in slavery that he started a war that claimed the lives of an estimated 750,000 Americans and, decades later, wrote this: The United States for a Pardon . But repentance must precede the right to forgiveness, and I did not repent. If everything had to be redone, I would do what I did in 1861. “

The places we are asking to be renamed are mostly on public land. These lands belong to all Americans, and all Americans have the right to feel welcome to enjoy them. But that cannot happen if these lands are named in honor of Jefferson Davis.

Montana has an incredibly colorful and diverse history, and Davis luckily isn’t one of them. Let’s use names for our geography that reflect the true history of our state and make Montanais proud and all Americans feel welcome here.

Judith Heilman is Executive Director of the Montana Racial Equity Project. Amara Reese-Hansell is the Program Director of the Forward Montana Foundation. Travis McAdam is the program director at the Montana Human Rights Network. John Todd is Deputy Director of the Montana Wilderness Association. Paul Spitler is director of nature policy at the Wilderness Society.

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