CDO’s Julia Holt wins transfer appeal with AIA, won’t serve half season

Julia Holt, the daughter of the former Arizona footballer Julius Holt who signed with Howard University, got his appeal on Wednesday for not serving half of his senior season at the CDO following his transfer from Salpointe.

The younger Holt, a pitcher/first baseman, played just two games for Salpointe’s junior varsity team last season before heading to the CDO for the 2021-22 school year.

According to Arizona Interscholastic Association transfer rules, Julia had to miss the first half of the Dorados’ season.

According to Julius Holt, his daughter appeared before the board on Wednesday and argued that a change was needed for her.

The AIA reduced their ineligibility to around 25% of games, just eight games out of a potential 30-game schedule.

Julius Holt is also the past president of the Tucson Youth Football & Spirit Federation who has spent the past six years in that role and over 30 years with the organization as a whole.

“As a family, we are glad the AIA listened to our daughter’s statement during the hearing,” the elder Holt said. “Julia stood up for and spoke for herself. We would like to thank Amphi AD M. Amado Soto and CDO AD M. Marco Dominguez for standing up for our daughter. We also appreciate the decision made by AIA. Today is a big day.”

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