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Automotive vision research: with division of labor, Mobileye’s share in China is expected to exceed 55%

With the development of smart cars, the industry has gradually come to a consensus on “software-defined cars” whose core lies in the separation of software and hardware as well as on-board hardware. From January to May 2021, many new cars launched in China, such as NIO ET7, SAIC R ES33, IM L7, Xpeng P5, ARCFOX-S Huawei HI, ZEEKR 001 and so on, have been integrated with a large number of sensors. , especially cameras, to achieve ADAS functions above L2 / L2 +.

In the future, as the volume of new cars equipped with high-speed autonomous driving, urban autonomous driving and memory parking increases, the demand for perception around and inside cars will increase further. It is estimated that more than 11 cameras are generally needed for L2 + and above, and more than 15 vision-based cameras for L4 L5.

It is estimated that more than 16 million passenger cars in China will be installed with a front view system by 2025

Front view: In 2020, 4,968 million new passenger cars in China were equipped with a front view, up 62.1% year-on-year; the installation rate was 26.4%, an increase of 10.9 percentage points over the previous year. With improved computing power and increased front view system functions and the relative cost advantage, it is estimated that over 16 million passenger cars in China will be installed with a front view system in 2025. with an installation rate of 65%.

Currently, the front view monocular solution is the dominant solution for Chinese passenger cars, and some companies are also exploring the application of front cameras such as binocular cameras. In 2021, Huawei and DJI successively launched cameras and self-developed binocular solutions. Huawei’s binocular cameras have been applied on ARCFOX Alpha S. DJI also plans to apply the binocular camera autonomous driving solution to Chinese models in 2021.

In addition to Jingwei Hirain Technologies, Aptiv, ZF, Kostal, Wistron, Yihang AI, iMotion, etc. have also established long-term cooperative relationship with Mobileye. According to the publisher, Mobileye held around more than 30% of the Chinese passenger car front view chip market share in 2020. At the same time, Mobileye continued to reach out to new OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers, such as Great Wall Motors, Dongfeng Motors and Toyota. It has launched a large-scale deployment plan with Volkswagen and Ford. Its market share is expected to reach over 55% by 2025.

We can see that the mode of division of labor is more recognized by the equipment manufacturers. Besides Mobileye, Horizon Robotics is also making efforts in the field of vision chips.

The Lixiang ONE 2021, released in May 2021, is equipped with two Journey-3 processors developed by Horizon Robotics, an 8-megapixel front camera (effective visual distance: 200 meters, recognition angle: 120), four surround cameras, five radars , 12 ultrasonic radars, Lixiang’s ADAS controller and NOA navigation assistance driving capabilities.

Domestic Suppliers Consolidate Commercial Vehicle Market While Working Hard in Passenger Car OEM Market

Main topics covered:

1 Overview of Automotive Vision Industry

1.1 Basic introduction to ADAS

1.2 Classification of ADAS functions

1.3 Main Application Scenarios of Automotive Cameras in ADAS

1.4 Classification of automotive cameras

1.5 Working principle and structure of automotive cameras

1.6 Cost structure of automotive cameras

1.7 Automotive Camera Industry Chain

1.8 Company Overview of Automotive Camera Industry Chain

2 Chinese automotive vision market and trends

2.1 Market overview

2.1.1 China Passenger Car Camera Configurations, 2019-2025E

2.1.2 China Passenger Car Camera Installation Rate, 2019-2025E

2.1.3 China Passenger Car Camera Installations, 2019-2025E

2.2 Front view system

2.3 Panoramic view system

2.4 SGD

2.5 Rear view system

2.6 Driving recorder

2.7 Major Suppliers of Front View System

2.8 Layout of Chinese vision enterprises

2.9 Development Trends of Chinese Vision Market

2.9.1 The policy encourages the DMS and driving recorder markets to see opportunities

2.9.2 Market demand for commercial vehicles will increase dramatically

2.9.3 New models have integrated hardware one after another, resulting in an increase in the number of cameras

2.9.4 A number of vision companies are entering the passenger car OEM market

2.9.5 Mobileye Takes the Lead in China’s Chip Market in Front View

2.9.6 Front cameras enter the 8-megapixel era

2.9.7 Huawei and DJI Launch Home Binocular Vision Application

2.9.8 The “360 Surround View + Ultrasound” solution has become the general public solution for integrated parking

2.9.9 Technology and policies are accelerating national visual DMS / OMS

3 Chinese monocular vision companies


3.2 Suzhou INVO

3.3 Intelligent JIMU


3.5 Road defense

3.6 Free technology

3.7 Tsingtech Microvision

3.8 CalmCar

3.9 Automatic cruise

3.10 Jingwei Hirain Technologies

3.11 OFILM

3.12 Streamax technology

3.13 Tsintel technology

3.14 iMotion

3.15 Anzhi-Auto

3.16 Whetron electronics

4 Chinese binocular vision companies

4.1 A smarter eye

4.2 Sphyrna technology

4.3 Metoak

4.4 Huawei

4.5 DJI


4.7 Dahua technology

5 other vision companies

5.1 TungThih Electronic

5.2 Hangsheng electronics

5.3 Hikvision

5.4 Desay SV

5.5 Zongmu technology

5.6 oToBrite

5.7 Minth group

5.8 Hefei Softec Auto Electronic

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