City Council votes to start contract termination process with Edmond All Sports

The City of Edmond will no longer be a partner of Edmond All Sports Incorporated (EASI).

EASI currently manages sports for young people in the city.

Council members voted Monday night to begin the process of terminating his contract after a man under investigation in connection with child rape was hired to umpire a baseball game.

The owner and director of EASI pleaded with the board members not to terminate his contract.

But the council decided to go in a different direction and said this latest incident was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

Council members finally accepted the growing list of parents’ concerns about EASI.

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“We stand up for our children, and my question is, is this the best we can do? Said concerned parent Jenifer Standish.

“Of all the youth sports in Edmond, since I’ve been on council most of the complaints I’ve received have come from the baseball diamonds,” Ward 2 Councilor Josh Moore said.

Standish said she was shocked after learning that EASI recently hired Levi Clark to referee youth baseball games at Hafer Park.

Clark has been arrested and is being investigated by the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office for the alleged rape of a 13-year-old boy last year.

Despite this, EASI owner and manager Terri Jungles admitted in Monday’s meeting that they hired Clark to replace him as an arbitrator after passing a background check.

“Based on our review of the facts, we thought he was not guilty,” Jungles said.

She said because Clark was only under investigation and no charges had been laid, they gave him the green light.

“We made an impulsive decision, one which is now the worst decision of our life,” said Jungles. “I am very sorry for the decision taken and I really know; I would never hurt a child.

Despite a tearful apology and a promise of change, the city decided to go their separate ways.

“It didn’t seem like it was a difficult decision for the board to make, they did it quickly and voted unanimously that the contract was canceled in 60 days,” Standish said.

EASI’s contract is said to have ended in December 2022 but will now be terminated within 60 days.

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