Cowgirl Culture: Sofia Rojas – Oklahoma State University Athletics


Because of Covid-19, finding universities has been difficult for 2021 high school graduates, but Sofia rojas found a home in Stillwater.

Rojas attended an all-sports summer camp at the age of seven and his love for tennis was born.

Born in Lawrenceville, Georgia, Rojas moved to Sarasota, Florida to college and attended an online academy while training in Bradenton, Florida.

Over the years, Sofia began to participate in international junior ITF tournaments. Rojas always wanted to play in college and says she knew she had the skills when she found success in tournaments at the age of 16.

Several things shed light on Cowgirl culture across the country. For example, the coach of professional tennis player Marie Bouzkova, friend of Chris Young‘s, also knew Rojas, told her about the state of Oklahoma and helped her get in touch with the program.

“I reached out to Chris and we got in touch and talked,” Rojas said. “After a few months I made the decision to come here. I liked that all the players were very good. It seemed like the right environment.”

Since being here, Rojas has integrated well into the program. She appreciates the coaches and culture of the state of Oklahoma.

“These are different styles of coaching,” Rojas said. “Jaime is more fiery on the pitch and that’s a good contrast to Chris. Chris is motivating and creates a relaxed environment that is also intense. They are a great contrast and we can all learn a lot from both of them.”

Besides appreciating the coaching staff, Sofia loves her new team. Rojas loves that everyone comes from different walks of life and thinks it makes them so close as a group.

“I love that everyone is close,” Rojas said. “Everyone always works together as close family. I love the small group and the way we are all connected and working together for one thing. It shows how much we can connect no matter the differences. all from different places, but we still have a strong bond. “

In the fall, many Cowgirls, including Rojas, found success in professional tournaments. There is a lot to look forward to this season, but Rojas knows there is always room to improve.

“I am excited about our team this season,” said Rojas. I like individual tournaments. Through these two tournaments that I played, I saw what I have to work on for the spring because this level is higher. I am excited to grow from now until spring and continue to grow after. I can’t wait to be at a good team level. “

As for the rest of the squad, Rojas had this to say: “I think we’re all in a good position, but we have things we can each improve on. We’re good at staying positive and uplifting and encouraging each other. and show your support in training. It’s very important for the season and for the competition. “

Rojas specializes in construction engineering technology. Her goal was to become an architect, but she decided to go into construction engineering.

Rojas wants all Cowgirl fans to know that the three freshmen will bring a lot of new energy and that there is something to be excited about this season.

“We all come from different parts of the world and are all great competitors,” Rojas said. “Expect an exciting season.”


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