Cross Country Preview: Can Salpointe repeat?

Junior Salpointe Kylie Wild. (Andy Morales / AllSportsTucson)


SEVEN. 4: Battle of the border at Nogales
SEVEN. 15: Willcox invites
SEVEN. 18: Sunnyside Los Mezquites at Kennedy Park
OCT. 6: Benson Invitation
BED. 16: Salpointe Gleeson in Rolling Hills
OCT. 23: Eye of the Tiger in Marana


D-III: Salpointe Boys (Mike Urbanski)
D-III: Roshan Tinoco-Miranda, Rio Rico
D-III: Salpointe Girls (Mike Urbanski)
D-III: Kylie Wild, Salpointe


Taylor McCue, Jr. Catalina Foothills
Delaney Kaminski, Sr Canyon del Oro
Loni Jorgensen, So. Catalina foothills
Beatrice Honebrink, Sr. Ironwood Ridge
Riley Becker-Kopke, Jr. Catalina Foothills
Mariza Chavez, So. Marana
Madelyn Cosmas, then. Catalina foothills
Natalie Flores, Jr. Cienega
Libby Shields, Sr Marana
Chloe Thome, Jr. Canyon del Oro
Briana Levengood, Jr. Tucson
RaeAnna Merrill, Sr. Cienega
Sarah Pedersen, Sr Buena
Emma Edwards, then. Cienega
Lillian Bhola, Sr. Catalina Foothills
Logan Marek, Sr. Ironwood Ridge
Sammy Rosthenhausler, Sr Pueblo
Brandon Martz, Jr. Catalina Foothills
Joseph Moreno, Sr Tucson
Sean Jacobsen, Sr Canyon del Oro
Ethan Fritzinger, Jr. Canyon del Oro
Declan Jorgenson, Jr. Catalina Foothills
Adrian Ureta, Jr. Flowing Wells
Noé Brunet, therefore. Ironwood crest
Caleb Salcido, Sr Marana
Mason Tengel, then. Ironwood crest
Jacob Castillo, Sr. Ironwood Ridge
Russell Bauer-Woodman, Sr Marana


Kylie Wild, Jr. Salpointe
Maria Fernanda Ruiz de Chavez, Sr Salpointe
Alex Montano, So. Salpointe
Bella Caldwell, Jr. Salpointe
Avrille Giron, Sr Rio Rico
Eva Bruce, Sr Sabino
Eliza Stowell, Sr Sahuarita
Angela Holman, Sr Rio Rico
Anaelle DePoint, Sr Salpointe
Rya Oliver, Sr Empire
Paulina Aguilar, So. Salpointe
Sophia Rico, Jr. Salpointe
Johana Holman, So. Rio Rico
Diego Veliz, Jr. Salpointe
Michael Urbanski, Jr. Salpointe
John Harris, Sr Salpointe
Jorge Trujillo-Lira, jr. Rio Rico
Diego Delgado, Sr Salpointe
Diego Logan-Behshad, Sr Salpointe
Ethan Mobley, Sr Salpointe
Daniel Eisele, Sr Salpointe
Nathaniel Dyson, then. Salpointe
Aidan Reid, Sr. Tanque Verde
Channing Porter, Jr. Walden Grove
Brayden Willour, Jr. Salpointe
Joseph Markowski, So. Sabino
Carter Jones, Jr. Mica Mountain
Wyatt Preble, Sr Salpointe


Kyra Floyd, Sr Pusch Ridge
Amity Hall, Sr. Benson
Reagan McGuire, then. tomb stone
Bailey Hall, then. Benson
Taylor Jundt, Jr. Gravestone
Siarra Wilson, Jr. Benson
Madison Grizzle, then. Pusch Ridge
Ilse Wischki, Jr. Pusch Ridge
Ella Allred, then. Benson
Delma Santiago, Sr Benson
Fleishman Course, Sr Pusch Ridge
Brooke Schmidt, Jr. Benson
Jillian Thomas, Sr Pusch Ridge
Ella Pierpont, Jr. Pusch Ridge
Liliana Lerblance, So. Benson
Maylee Thompson, Jr. Willcox
Myles Floyd, then. Pusch Ridge
Ramon Loya, Jr. Bisbee
Logan Leister, then. Pusch Ridge
Charles Elliott, Jr. Pusch Ridge
Kegan Dorschner, then. Pusch Ridge
Zach Laura, Sr Benson
Joseph Akers, Jr. Benson
Aaric Myatt, then. Benson
Conner Galloway, Jr. St Augustine
Sean Galloway, Jr. St Augustine
Caden Marchesseault, Jr. St Augustine
Zachary Russo, Sr Pusch Ridge


Manuel Olivo-Quinones, 2016

Canyon del Oro
Bridgette Doucet, 2014

Catalina foothills
Ben reed, 2002
Andrea Crowe, 2005
Harvey Nelson, 2013

Ayden Schilb, 2018

Desert view
Victor Zazueta, 2005, 2006

Kenny Cormier, 2004

Flowing well
Ellen Mork, 2003
Tara Erdmann, 2005

Ironwood crest
Sarah Miville, 2008, 2009
Steve Magnuson, 2009

mountain view
Valerie McGregor, 2002

Zahira Jiménez, 2009

Pusch Ridge
Sarah Macdonald, 2011
Kyle Cajero, 2012

Rincon / University
Ashley Chirco, 2006

Rio Rico
Allie Schadler, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016
Eric Chavez, 2001, 2002
Aeoleone Bristow, 2008, 2009
Hanna Henson, 2007
Oscar Amaya, 2013
Carlos Villarreal, 2014
Samantha Schadler, 2017, 2018
Roshan Tinoco-Miranda, 2019, 2020

Alex Evans, 2008
Christian Prize, 2008

André Trouard, 2012
Nathan Thomas, 2014
Zoey Delgado, 2019
Kylie Sauvage, 2020

St. Augustine
Nico Montanez, 2011

tomb stone
Cody Rosengarten, 2008, 2009
Justin Prévatte, 2002


5: Ron Gant: Catalina Foothills, Sunnyside
5: Jeff Lockwood: Sahuaro
4: Roger Bristow: Rio Rico, Gravestone
4: Doug Keen: Catalina Foothills
4: Mike Urbanski: Salpointe


Kenny Cormier, Douglas 2004: 15: 10
Ben Reed, Catalina Foothills 2002: 15: 23.51
Carlos Villarreal, Rio Rico 2014: 15: 24.14
Harvey Nelson, Catalina Foothills 2013: 15: 25.64
Roshan Tinoco-Miranda, Rio Rico 2020: 15: 32.4

Allie Schadler, Rio Rico 2016: 17:03 (State Record)
Allie Schadler, Rio Rico 2015: 17: 04.50
Samantha Schadler, Rio Rico 2016: 17:58
Samantha Schadler, Rio Rico 2018: 18: 01.32
Samantha Schadler, Rio Rico 2017: 18:06


Sahuaro (4)
1980: 5A (Jeff Lockwood)
1988: 5A (Jeff Lockwood)
1989: 5A (Jeff Lockwood)
1990: 5A (Jeff Lockwood)

Salpointe (4)
2006: 5A-I (Malisa Carino)
2016: D-III (Mike Urbanski)
2018: D-III (Mike Urbanski)
2020: D-III (Mike Urbanski)

Catalina Foothills (3)
1995: 4A (Ron Grant)
2005: 4A-I (Eric Grossman)
2014: D-II (Mike Smith)

Ironwood Ridge (3)
2007: 5A-II (Rob Clouse)
2008: 5A-II (Rob Clouse)
2009: 5A-II (Rob Clouse)

Ajo (2)
1981: 3A (José Nogales)
1983: 1A / 2A: (José Nogales)

Buena (2)
1977: 5A (Dick Haines)
1982: 5A (Dick Haines)

Sinking well (2)
1979: 4A (Hayden Smith)
2004: 5A (mended fish)

Nogales (2)
2009: 4A-I (Manny Gatica)
2010: D-II (Manny Gatica)

Rio Rico (2)
2007: 4A-II (Roger Bristow)
2013: D-III (Stephen Schadler)

1984: 5A (Sam McClung)

1982: 1A / 2A: (Jerry Lee)

1982: 3A (Léonard Suarez)

2006: 4A-I (Kathleen Espinoza)


Catalina Foothills (8)
2000: 4A (Ron Grant)
2001: 4A (Ron Grant)
2002: 4A (Ron Grant)
2006: 4A-I (Doug Keen)
2008: 4A-I (Doug Keen)
2009: 4A-I (Doug Keen)
2010: D-II (Doug Keen)
2013: D-II (Adam Colombo)

Rio Rico (4)
2000: 3A (Stephen Schadler)
2006: 4A-II (Roger Bristow)
2008: 4A-II (Roger Bristow)
2012: D-III (Stephen Schadler)

Saint Rita (4)
1978: 56A (Gary Stefan)
1979: 5A (Ken Radon)
1980: 5A (Ken Radon)
1982: 5A (Ken Radon)

Sunnyside (3)
1966: 5A (Carl Brunenkart)
1975: 5A (Jim Mielke)
2008: 5A-II (Ron Grant)

Baboquivari (2)
1981: 3A (Bob Kahn)
1982: 3A (Bob Kahn)

Douglas (2)
1994: 4A (Dave Bond)
1996: 4A (Dave Bond)

Pueblo (2)
1957: 5A (Bob McCaa)
1958: 5A (Bob McCaa)

1983: 3A (Terry Orr)

1986: 3A (Léonard Suarez)

Canyon del Oro
2011: D-II (Rick Glider)

Ironwood crest
2009: 5A-II (Gary Forrest)

mountain view
2007: 5A (Dennis Hansen)

Rincon / UHS
1961: 5A (Cody Mothershed)

2007: 4A-I (Sylvia Kniest)

1984: 5A (Jeff Lockwood)

2020: D-III (Mike Urbanski)

tomb stone
2002: 1A / 2A (Roger Bristow)

1955: 5A (Hank de Bruin)


Andy Morales was recognized by the AIA as the Best High School Journalist in 2014, he received the Ray McNally Award in 2017, a winner of the AZ Education News Award 2019 and he has been a youth, high school and college coach. for over 30 years. He was the first in Arizona to write about beach volleyball and high school wrestling. His own children have won several state high school championships and have been named to all-state teams. Participating in high school hockey, basketball, baseball and track and field, his unique perspective can only be found here and on Andy is the Southern Arizona voting member for the Ed Doherty Award, recognizing Arizona’s best soccer player, and he has been nominated Local hero by Tucson Weekly for 2016. Andy was named Honorary Flowing Wells Caballero in 2019 and is a member of the Amphi COVID-19 Blue Ribbon committee. Contact Andy Morales at

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