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In an effort to alleviate the climate crisis, we are helping to overhaul America’s broken oil and gas leasing system. It is a system that ceased to serve the public decades ago and has since stood in the way of the conservation of millions of acres of wild public land and water across Montana including people, wildlife and plants will need to survive and thrive in the face of the climate. change.

We have also established ourselves as a powerful force in the state capital, where we have put in place policies and funding that protect wildlife habitat, improve access to public lands, and help rural communities benefit from wildlife. lands and waters of their backyards. And, of course, we galvanized a statewide movement that has quashed countless attempts to privatize and exploit public lands.

Obviously, our scope of work has widened to the point that it overshadows our old name and its implication – that our organization is strictly focused on the designation of the wilderness.

While our organization has learned anything in our 63 years, those who live and visit Montana relate to and connect with wild public lands in myriad ways – as wilderness certainly, but also as a traditional homeland, in as places for family gatherings, as inspiration for stories, etc.

Indeed, public lands and waters represent the diversity of who we are, what we revere and what we hold sacred. With our name and brand, we intend to recognize and honor this diversity, and we aim to do our part to change the conditions that have historically excluded some people from the conservation movement and to build a more inclusive movement.

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