Daniel Jeremiah reveals name of sleeper to know for Bengals at No. 31

The Cincinnati Bengals won’t get their usual pick of top prospects early in the draft this year after a trip to the Super Bowl.

But picking the 31st, there should still be plenty of great instant-start potential along the offensive line. And according to NFL Network’s Daniel Jeremiah, at least one of the lesser-known names (for now) would make sense.

Jeremiah identified Tulsa’s Tyler Smith as a big name to watch:

The only name I had, I think just before them, I think I had it go to the Dolphins, we talked about it a little earlier, but I’m telling you, the train, the train Tyler Smith got about to take disabled. I think it probably takes off when we get to the combine, from Tulsa. Again, he is 6’5″ and 332 pounds. I think he’s someone who could play guard if he wanted to and be hell on wheels as a guard but play tackle. This is the one I think is really, really intriguing. But the good thing with the Bengals where they are right now is that they’ve had all this success.

Smith’s rare blend of size and athleticism makes him an intriguing prospect with high potential. He’s another one of those guys the Bengals could add right away as a possible starting guard before firing him to tackle later, if needed.

Either way, he’s part of a growing list of names for the Bengals to know at No. 31.

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