Dominion Hills Swim, dive teams to retire “Warriors” name

Swim meet at the Dominion Hills Pool in 2013 (photo courtesy of Dennis Dimick)

the swim and to dive teams at Dominion Hills Pool abandon the name of the team “Warriors” and move away from Native American motifs.

On Friday, the Dominion Hills Area Recreation Association board of directors began soliciting suggestions from swimmers, divers, coaches and families, according to an email to the families on the team, shared with ARLnow.

“We have decided to stop using Native American images in our pool and the name ‘Warriors’ for our swim and dive teams,” the board of directors told ARLnow in a statement. “Although the name ‘Warriors’ has many meanings and is flawless in itself, teams have used it in connection with Native American themes. The Board of Directors decided to solicit ideas from the members for a new name and a new mascot.

He has started to focus on the use of the name this season, according to an email to the families on the team. The pool board is open to a name that would allow members to use existing material, which bears a feather illustration.

“We recognize that there may be some disappointment with this transition, but we’re excited to select a new team name and mascot,” the email said. “The team names that would be appropriate for use with a feathered mascot have the added practical benefit of allowing us to continue to use the feather on existing team equipment. “

A committee of team representatives and board members will review the submissions and recommend a new name to the full board, which aims to announce the new name at a banquet on Saturday, July 24, according to the email. .

Washington football team – who deleted his old name a year ago – is make a similar game because it narrows down the options for a new name and logo, which will be chosen early next year.

“Feedback from all the communities we’ve engaged with clearly revealed a deep-rooted unease around Warriors, with the clear recognition that it aligns too closely with Native American themes,” WFT President Jason Wright explained in a blog post.


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