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Note: The following appears in the Furman Football Gameday program.

Drew Swinney is no stranger to Clemson football. Born in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, he moved to Clemson when he was three years old and has spent most of his life around the Tiger program.

It was no surprise when he decided to attend Clemson and join the football team. Although his father, Dabo Swinney, is the Tigers head coach, Drew said there was no pressure from his immediate family to attend Clemson.

“I wanted to come to Clemson. Growing up with the team, running to training as a kid and seeing the culture here has really influenced me. Clemson is such a family environment and I remember talking to my brothers and hoping for the opportunity to roll down the hill one day as part of the team.

This dream came true when he decided to continue in 2018, joining his father and older brother while wearing number 81, Dabo’s high school number.

While at Clemson, Swinney had the chance to play four seasons with his older brother, Will, which he described as a unique and fulfilling experience. Drew was quick to mention his older brother as one of his role models. Other role models include his father, Hunter Renfrow and Wide Receivers coach Tyler Grisham.

“Will has been a tremendous leader for me. To be able to play alongside him and have a hardworking mentality has been amazing. It’s also amazing to see my dad in this environment and as a coach. He is so passionate and has so much joy for what he does. How he was able to reach so many young people and inspire them was really cool to see. It does what it is made for. »

As Tiger, Will became one of college football’s most renowned starters, holding the ball for five seasons and 558 points. Drew now has the chance to step into his brother’s shoes and continue his legacy as a starting starter in 2022. Drew is excited and ready to make the most of it.

“In high school, Will was rooting for Daniel High School, and then I came in, and they saw I was another Swinney. Next thing I know, I was rooting for Daniel.

“At Clemson, Will has been a starter for the past five years, and I got to see him hone his craft and learn from him, and I hope to translate that this year. It’s a very detailed position that takes a lot of talent, and I’m excited for what this season has to offer.

Will graduated in May 2021 and Drew hopes to mirror his older brother and fill the leadership role for his younger brother, Clay, who is a freshman on Team Tiger.

“I was never in the same school as Clay. When I left high school, he would arrive, so we could never play on the same team. His presence here is really cool, and I’m excited to pass on the legacy and get him started on the right foot. I was able to play with my two brothers while playing for my father at this level, and I don’t know if anyone else can say that.

The Clemson culture of celebrating every victory is familiar to Swinney. His father’s locker room dances were seen across the country, and the slogan “We win, we dance” became a way to celebrate hard-earned victories.

Although his dad is usually the one who grabs the attention of the cameras at these dances, Swinney is convinced he beat his dad in the dance department.

“Will dances like my dad…Clay and I are the ones with the rhythm. We probably got it from my mom, because she can dance too. The best dancer on the team is EJ Williams, but Hamp Greene is definitely a sleeper. Not many people know this, but Hamp can really break it down.

Many fond memories at Clemson, Swinney recalled winning the 2018 national title as one of his most memorable moments. The Tigers capped off their perfect 15-0 season with a convincing win over Alabama in his first year on the team.

Swinney jokingly remarked that he never thought he would lose after the Tigers posted 14 more straight wins in his sophomore year, going 29-0 before losing to LSU at the end of the 2019 season. He said the 2022 team had a similar vibe to the star-studded 2018 team, and he expressed high hopes for the season.

Crediting PAW Journey as a massive influence during his time at Clemson, Swinney was elected an ambassador in 2020 and has held that position ever since. While involvement in PAW Journey is available to the entire team, Ambassadors help lead team initiatives and lead the team in a student leadership role.

Through PAW Journey, Swinney has participated in several internships, including last spring with Elliott Realty in Myrtle Beach, SC Noting similarities between how the business was run and how the football team is run, Swinney thinks he could have a smooth transition into the post-graduate work world and be successful with what he learned during his time at Tigertown.

Swinney graduated from Clemson in May with a degree in marketing and is pursuing his MBA, which he will complete next summer. Talking about a possible career in the business world, Swinney said he could also see himself in a coaching role.

Although he’s not sure what his future holds, he’s not worried and is focused on having a great final season…with one other thing. Swinney recently proposed to his longtime girlfriend Mary Crosby Spiers, the younger sister of former Clemson punter Will and football staffer Ashley, as well as the daughter of Bill, another Tiger staffer and former MLB player. They plan to get married in March on a beach in Florida.

As Swinney’s final season unfolds, he is focused on making the most of it and cherishing the wins alongside his teammates.

“The first time I ran down the hill, it was surreal and I got goosebumps. I know the last time will probably be even more special, so I’m trying to absorb it all in my last season.

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