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Brandon is the # 1 all-sports profit capper at Wager Talk in 2021, earning his clients +210 units and he played in the Kumamoto Vorters at the Fukushima Firebonds Japanese League B2 basketball game at 2 a.m. morning. Get the game now for $ 9.

Brandon won 60% of his Asian baseball in 2021 and Wager Talk is offering his 2022 Japanese + Korean baseball seasons wrapped for $ 499 for a limited time. See Tokyo Brandon betting talk page for details.

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WT # 1 Profit Capper in 2021 (+214.2 units)

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Consultant biography

Based in Tokyo, Japan, Brandon previously scouted Japanese baseball for the Pacific Rim scouting department of a Major League Baseball team for ten years. He now uses his mathematical probabilities and betting patterns to cripple Japanese baseball and a range of international basketball leagues. He also styles college hoops. Most of the leagues that Brandon handicaps are smaller markets which are less sharp and therefore offer more line value than the more popular markets.

Brandon believes in long term success. Sports betting is not a get-rich-quick scheme, it is a long-term investment and after giving bookies their juice on every bet, the advantage for the bettor is small. Each bet should be based on perceived value. Brandon makes his own lines and compares those lines to books. He only bets when there is a gap between his lines and the accounting lines from which long term value will come. This philosophy combined with smart bankroll management will produce long term success and more money in the pocket.

Brandon is the top handicapper in Japanese baseball with a Lifetime Win% over 58%. He has lived in Japan since 1992 and is originally from Phoenix, Arizona. Brandon graduated from the University of Arizona with a BA in Japanese Studies in 1992.

————————————————– –

99% of people lose in sports betting. If you don’t make your own lines and compare the value to the pounds, you will lose. Without a doubt.

How to lose in sports betting:
* sports betting you watch
* sports betting that you like
* choose a team to win based on intuition
* bet without projecting your own lines
This is how 99% of people lose.

How to win at sports betting:
* make your own lines
* compare value to the books and only bet where there is value

that’s it

A good capper will earn 55%, a BIG capper will earn 57%. If a capper tells you that they earn more than 60% for life, they are a liar. It is not possible. Betting -110 and winning 57% over a period of time will earn you money. It’s as simple as that. This is not a get-rich-quick scheme. If you treat it like that, you will be one of the 99% of the losers.

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