Fans have responded to a “farcial” call to name the 17th NRL team “The Dolphins”

NRL fans raised eyebrows after it was revealed that Redcliffe will now be known simply as “The Dolphins” when he joins the NRL in 2023.

On Wednesday, the Dolphins were officially unveiled as the 17th team in the NRL, after fending off rivals the Jets and Firehawks to become the Brisbane-based second team.

The club’s headquarters will be based on its traditional home ground, Moreton Daily Stadium in Redcliffe, 40 km northeast of Brisbane’s business district.

However, they will represent the greater Brisbane area and share Suncorp Stadium as their home ground with the Broncos.

Talk to Corp News Ahead of the official announcement, Dolphins general manager Terry Reader said the club would remove “Redcliffe” from their name and consult with the community on using a more general geographic reference instead if they were to win. License.

“Redcliffe is not meant to be on behalf of the NRL Dolphins team,” Reader said.

“Redcliffe will be the base of the Dolphins’ NRL team and showcase what Red Hill’s base is to the Broncos.

“The Dolphins aim to consult with the community, fans and the NRL on a final name that may include a suitable geographic reference for the Brisbane NRL second team.”

However, after being officially approved for the 17th license, it has since been revealed that they will be called “The Dolphins”, in a bizarre call that caused confusion following Wednesday’s announcement.

While the Dolphins’ name may take some getting used to, more details can be expected regarding the players the club is looking for for their inaugural roster in the coming months.

The inaugural Dolphins coach, widely touted to be Premier Wayne Bennett’s seven-time winner, is another key announcement expected to be made in the near future.

“The Dolphins have always been ready for the NRL – and now we’re here,” a club statement said.

“The Dolphins have been successful in our quest to join the NRL as the 17th club in the competition in 2023.

“This is an important day in the history of the National Rugby League, the Queensland Rugby League and, of course, the Redcliffe Dolphins, who will now adopt a new identity in the NRL.

“A huge thank you to the thousands of contributors whose dreams never wavered and who carried us on your shoulders until the NRL.

“A community club like the Dolphins would be nothing without our family and the NRL had a close eye on all of you in making their decision for the Dolphins.

“To those new to the Dolphins family, we say ‘welcome’. The Dolphins have been waiting for this for 72 years and now we are here.

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