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There has been a pandemic of irrational decisions lately. It is enough to recall the recent decisions of the Supreme Court concerning: the separation of Church and State, the rights of women, the diffusion of firearms and the protection of the environment. But to quote a notorious con artist, “We’re in trouble right here in River City.”

Every year, from late June to July, on every corner of every mall, a fireworks shack appears, adorned with American flags reeking of patriotism. These are sponsored by service clubs like the Knights of Columbus and Oroville Orcas.

I have no problem with these otherwise righteous organizations raising funds to do good work in the community. As a teacher at Oroville for many years, I organized fundraisers: car washes, bakes, raffles, and even sold bingo cards to support the arts program.

But during the hottest time of the year, can these clubs find anything else to sell? Something that doesn’t exacerbate air and noise pollution, terrifies pets, disrupts sleep, blows on fingers and, obviously, burns the county down.

FIREWORKS! It’s just in the name.

Give our noble firefighters a break. Bring rational thinking back into fashion. Sell ​​something else or at the very least sell those dangerous toys in December.

—Bonita Malone, Oroville

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