Ford brands Skyline name in US and we don’t know why

Say the word Skyline and we guarantee that a Nissan luxury sedan is the first vehicle that comes to mind.

But it looks like Ford wants you to think of the blue oval when you hear Skyline – at least that’s what the most recent trademark filing suggests. Highlighted by Ford Authority, Ford Motor Company filed a trademark application for the name Skyline with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, dated July 12, 2021.

So what is going on here? Just like you, we’re not exactly sure how important the name Skyline is to the American automaker.

According to the brand (serial number 90823372), the name has been registered under Goods and services, specifically for “motor land vehicles, namely SUVs, trucks and automobiles”. Whether the name will be used on a production automobile, that is still the question. But for now, your guess is as good as ours.

To add to the confusion, Ford has never used the Skyline nameplate before. He did, however, use Skyliner several times in the 1950s, especially for the Crestline, Fairlane Crown Victoria, Fairlane 500 and the Galaxie. The last use of the Skyliner name dates back to 2015, which was used for a concept vehicle based on the Ford Transit.

As mentioned, Nissan at least uses the Skyline name in Japan, which represents its luxury compact sedan with a lineage connected to the Nissan GT-R. The model is sold in the United States and other markets as the Infiniti Q50.

That said, whatever Ford’s planning on this trademark filing, we’ll be sure to check for updates, so keep us in your tabs. Not becoming a production vehicle can also be a possibility, so don’t expect that right away.

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