Ford Brings Back Maverick Name for New Compact Truck


After a number of leaks and spy photos (you can see more than one on Autoblog) Ford has confirmed he’s building a new compact pickup. Dubbed Maverick, it revives a name that was originally used for a Ford sports compact coupe / sedan sold in the 1970s as it attempted to deliver more fuel efficient vehicles.

All Ford has confirmed so far is the name, styling and that it will officially unveil the vehicle on June 8 with the help of actress Gabrielle Union to present “Something You Do.” had not seen it coming “. Oh, and of course the fact that the Maverick was Ford’s first vehicle to debut on its new TikTok channel.

Leaked images make it clear that Maverick is a smaller (and probably cheaper) truck than Ford’s F-150 or Tidy, which will likely share a platform with the Escape and the recently introduced Bronco Sport. As for what’s hiding under the hood, we can only guess, even taking into account Ford’s recent push for electrification that brought the hybrid F-150 as well as electric vehicles like the Mustang Mach-E and the F-150 Lightning.

The Bronco SUVs didn’t include hybrid or EV options, while the Escape does have a hybrid version, but we’ll know everything next week before the Maverick 2022 goes on sale this fall.

Ford Maverick – Gabrielle Union


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