Ford to revive more historic model names for new cars

Ford is set to revive more historic model names in the years to come, having applied Puma, Mustang and Kuga nameplates to its latest SUVs in the European market.

Each of these three models takes its name from a lower, more overtly sporty ancestor (the Kuga being phonetically related to the Cougar Coupe of the 1990s and the Mercury Cougar of the 1960s) and comments from the company’s European design chief. suggest that similar revivals are on the agenda.

Speaking to Autocar recently, Murat Gueler explained that the design of the previous generation Fiestas had not influenced the recent facelift of the current car, and that retro design – like that used for a variety of high-profile models, including the new Renault 5, Nissan Z and Lamborghini Countach – will not appear on any future Ford models. Instead, Gueler explained, Ford is more likely to nod to past successes by bringing their names back.

“The industry is in its craziest period since I joined it 20 years ago, and I’ve never seen it as disruptive as it is now. There are a lot of things that happen. in the marketplace and consumers are bombarded with all kinds of products and information, ”he said.

“There are a lot of things from China that are very competitive, and the Koreans are already very competitive with beautiful designs and powerful technology, so the question for manufacturers like Ford is ‘how do you position yourself?’.

“I think we have the unique advantage of having nameplates from the past that we can tap into to move our product and tell stories that no other brand can tell.”

Gueler stopped short of naming specific models that might be ripe for a revival, but acknowledged that such a technique could be “an opportunity for Ford to distinguish itself from the upcoming electrification bombardment.”

There were “a lot of skeptics” when Ford launched the all-electric Mustang Mach-E, Gueler said, “but it turns out it was the right thing to do, because the Mustang name gives the product some seriousness. which perhaps otherwise would not exist.

“There is an opportunity with nameplates that you can really update and execute in the right way to set yourself apart from the rest. “

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