Forget Android Auto: Google Says Android Automotive Is Ready For Prime Time

As the Android Auto app ecosystem grows, with more developers bringing their software to the platform, Google appears to be fully committed to making Android Automotive a key part of its long-term automotive expansion. .

And this week at I / O 2021, the Mountain View-based search giant announced that the adoption of Android Automotive in the automotive world is expected to skyrocket this year, as the platform debuts on more than 10 car models by the end. from 2021.

This is undoubtedly big news for Google and the future of Android Automotive, as the operating system has so far only been installed on a few models from Polestar and Volvo.

But Google says Android Automotive would land in General Motors models, Renault, and Volvo was planning to get operational in the coming months, so sooner or later more automakers would end up rolling out this operating system in their cars.

Compared to Android Auto, which requires a smartphone to run, Android Automotive is preloaded software that comes bundled with the car’s infotainment system and offers deeper integration with Google services.

In addition, apps like Google Maps come with features specifically tailored to each car, for example, the app can read data like EV range and battery level to provide additional information such as the battery estimate when drivers arrive at a set destination.

Google gives automakers the freedom to customize the look of Android Automotive as they see fit, so while at first glance it might seem like two models are running different operating systems, they can be powered by the same platform. -shaped but with a different skin.

For example, GM has already confirmed that its new Hummer EV will come with Android Automotive, and a video released by the company showed the platform with an all-new, more robust user interface that’s totally different from what we know from Polestar.

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