“Fun and tasty” or “the same”? McDonald’s Russian successor is reportedly seeking a new name


The successor to Russian company McDonald’s has applied for several strange names for its new fast food business, according to trademark applications filed with the Russian patent office seen by Reuters, as the new Russian restaurant chain scrambles to respond quickly to the exit of the American fast food giant from the country.


The company has registered several brand names with Russia’s government agency Federal Intellectual Property Service, Reuters reports, including “Fun and Tasty”, “The Same One”, “Just Like That” and “Open Checkout”.

The name registrations come after McDonald’s said last week it would leave Russia entirely to protest its invasion of Ukraine, and former McDonald’s Russian locations began removing the McDonald’s name and logo from their restaurants. Monday.

Forbes could not independently verify the patent applications and McDonald’s did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Key context

McDonald’s Russian sites have been closed since early March, and the company announced on May 16 that it would unload operations in the country. The American chain Starbucks announced on Monday that it would leave Russia, closing the coffee giant’s 130 cafes in the country. McDonald’s announced on May 19 that it would sell its Russian operations to local licensee Alexander Govor. On Monday, the Russian successor to McDonald’s confirmed that it plans to remove all of McDonald’s golden arches logos from its location, as part of what McDonald’s calls the “de-arch” process, which involves removing the name, company logo and menu. However, Interfax quoted Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin as saying on Thursday that the new Russian incarnation of McDonald’s would keep the same menu. This is far from the first time that Russian authorities have suggested infringing the intellectual property names of Western companies, or even McDonald’s. Russia’s State Duma backed a McDonald’s knockoff named Uncle Vanya’s in March to take control of the company’s Russian operations, while the government essentially gave the green light to stealing patents from companies from opposing countries to the invasion of Ukraine.

To monitor

The Russian successor to McDonald’s plans to open to the public on June 12, a company spokesperson told the Interfax news agency on Thursday. The company said it would unveil its new branding in the “near future”.

Chief Spokesperson

Russian President Vladimir Putin applauded the multinationals’ decision to leave Russia in televised comments translated by Reuters on Thursday, saying: “Sometimes when you look at those who are leaving – thank God, maybe? We will occupy their niches: our business, our production – it has already grown, and it will rest safely on the ground prepared by our partners.

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