Game 157: Judge and Stanton. Name a better duo, I’ll wait

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The Yankees’ magic number has dropped to three. Tonight’s 7-2 win over Toronto and Boston’s 4-2 loss to Baltimore (!!) put the Bombers in a prime position to clinch one of the two Wild Card spots with five games to go. . They now have two leads over Boston for first place and have a three-game cushion (pending the Mariners game tonight) in total.

Tonight’s game started off badly, but luckily ended comfortably in favor of the Yanks. Toronto took a 1-0 lead in the first and Jameson Taillon again injured his ankle and left after three innings, but that doesn’t matter. Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton scored five of the team’s seven runs, Stanton’s three-run homerun in the seventh representing the knockout.

More on this game in take out after the jump:

The Yankees are expected to give Giancarlo Stanton a raise. Here’s a question: What month (s) of the year do we usually see headlines like this?


Usually April, November or December, right? In other words: playing time on the pitch matters the least. Meanwhile, Stanton kicked off his 35th homerun of the season tonight on near impossible ground to hit, and now has a 141 wRC + this season.

He’s extremely good, guys. And extremely clutch, I might add. This is not new either. Stanton had a knack for the big hit – especially the big home run – even the unhealthy years in the stripes. If the second half of 2018 or the last playoffs weren’t enough, it would be better to close the deal for everyone on the fence.

Luis Severino’s change is something to watch out for. It’s worth posting, but I’ve seen a lot about it on Twitter tonight, and it’s worth mentioning here. Sevy’s change seemed very clear on his return from Operation Tommy John. Of course, it’s only three games, but watch this from tonight:

Entering tonight, Severino had racked up a 55.6% puff-per-swing rate from his change. It happened tonight as Toronto passed it once in three tries. We’re talking extremely small sample sizes here, so take it for what it’s worth, but it certainly looks like an interesting development.

As I wrote on Saturday, Severino’s ability to throw three more raised pitches is a luxury. As a starter he had a lot of success with just his fastball and slider with a fair amount of shifts mixed in. They showed potential, but were never consistent back then. At the moment, he is clearly very confident in this offer. He’s been there on six of his 15 shots tonight. Her confidence to use it speaks volumes.

Again, we’re talking about just 19 changes made since returning from the casualty list, so take things with a grain of salt. Still, it’s hard not to like what we’ve seen. In the short term, having three bad shots in relief is unfair. On the road, it certainly bodes well for a good return to the rotation.

I don’t think we can expect to see Jameson Taillon again this year. He left today’s match in the third set. Maybe if things go well, Taillon can be a late playoff box option (assuming such a run), but even that will be difficult to do if his ankle can’t withstand the physical demands. pitch. If it is indeed the end of the year for Taillon, it is a disappointment, even if he can keep his head high given his performances in the home stretch.

Taillon posted a 3.59 ERA in 15 starts from June 18 to September 6 and took home the AL pitcher of the month honors for July. It happened after it was just awful at first. He did a great job solidifying the rotation over the summer when Gerrit Cole, Jordan Montgomery, Corey Kluber and Domingo Germán missed varying periods of time.

As good as the rotation remained without Taillon in the mix for most of September, losing him again is always a blow. The Yankees still have some work to do to reach the ALDS, but now the team is locked into Kluber and Nestor Cortes in a playoff rotation behind Cole and Monty. With a good start today and one more against Tampa to end the year, Taillon could have beaten Kluber or Cortes. Too bad.


  • Aaron Judge’s little finger is doing very well. Stanton has been stealing the show since Friday – and rightly so – but man, Judge keeps getting big hits too. After his clutch double against Adam Ottavino on Sunday, he went 2 for 2 and produced some points tonight. The judge hit a solo homerun to tie the score in the third and hit a free kick in the fifth.
  • Let’s give Anthony Rizzo his due. The first baseman went 2v5, including a tie-breaking RBI single below. It doesn’t surpass Stanton in terms of difficulty (and outcome), but it was certainly tough ground to hit against Hyun Jin Ryu. It also sent him to the showers, which was a welcome sight as the southpaw ended the offense.
  • The return of Good Chad Green would be awfully nice. Green pitched a seventh inning 1-2-3 and now has five consecutive scoreless outings (6.1 IP, 2H, 1BB, 6K). This recent stretch follows four straight games in which he allowed one point (and three homers in total). He had four days off after a tough outing against Baltimore on September 15, and I wonder if that really helped him. Green has already surpassed his career highs in innings and appearances. I’m always scared of the long ball every time the Greens throw, but putting in those good outs was huge at a time when it was needed most. More please.
  • Michael King did a good job again getting up. He gave up a run in 2.2 innings, but the length he provided was enormous. It is not an easy task to get into the cold after the starter is injured, although it is given plenty of time to warm up. His work really saved the pen as no other reliever has had to pitch more than one inning tonight.

These two parts are back tomorrow. Gerrit Cole (16-8, 3.08 ERA) and José Berríos (12-9, 3.48 ERA) will meet tomorrow night at 7:07 pm. See you later.

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