Help finalize the name of the new Mandan Rodeo Days mascot

The Mandan Rodeo Days organization is asking for help in choosing the name of the new event mascot from the top five submissions.

A character wearing a large cowboy hat, boots and sporting a large mustache was developed in time for the upcoming 143rd Mandan Rodeo.

Hundreds of names were initially submitted for the character’s name, and the Mandan Rodeo Days band narrowed down the list to its top five:

  • ten gallon tom
  • The man Dakota Dan
  • Riggin’ (also known as Riggs)
  • RowdyRandy
  • Missouri Maverick

The association invites the public to go online and vote for the name they prefer. Voting will take place until March 7 and the winning name of the new mscot will be announced on social media on March 8.

“It’s something we’ve never done before at the Mandan Rodeo Days, but we’re so excited about it,” said Laiken Aune, Vice Chairman of the Mandan Rodeo Days Committee. “We’ve gone through so many names over the past two weeks and are thrilled to give the community the opportunity to choose.”

You can vote online at

The mascot will represent the Mandan Rodeo Days and be part of the July 4 parade, among other events in town.

Tickets for Mandan Rodeo Days 2022 will be available from March 15.

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