“He’s using my name to his advantage”

Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James has said he “won’t energize” the sneakers Boston Celtics forward Enes Kanter wore for their Friday night game.

Kanter took to Twitter on Thursday to call James for not opposing Nike and its alleged use of forced labor in the manufacture of its shoes in China.

“I don’t really give my energy to too many people. And it’s definitely not someone I will give my energy to. I try to use my name to create an opportunity for myself,” James told reporters. after the game. “I certainly won’t comment too much on this, if at all, and that will be where I expand on it.

“He kind of always has a word or two to say in my direction, and as men, really, if you had a problem with someone, you were really addressing them. And he had his opportunity this. evening. I saw him in the hallway and he walked past me. “

Kanter criticized China on social media, saying the country’s leader Xi Jinping was a “brutal dictator” because of his government’s repressive policies in Tibet. This led to the removal of Celtics games from Chinese internet broadcasting.

Originally from Turkey, Kanter openly criticized the country’s president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, so much so that Turkish prosecutors demanded his arrest and his Turkish passport was revoked.

In 2019, then Houston Rockets general manager Daryl Morey tweeted his support for pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong, triggering what would amount to a blackout on Tencent and the state TV provider. CCTV for the world’s most populous nation’s league.

The games were eventually returned to Tencent’s lineup but not to CCTV, with the exception of two games in the 2020 NBA Finals. Tencent, however, did not resume streaming games for the Philadelphia 76ers, Morey’s new team. .

The NBA estimated that strained relations with the Chinese and the loss of broadcast rights meant the league missed about $ 400 million in revenue in the 2019-20 season alone.

Information from the Associated Press and Reuters was used in this story.

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