How do I change my name on the CoWIN application? Change name, first name, date of birth and more

The CoWIN app launched by the Indian government has consistently enabled a smooth online process to make the vaccine accessible to everyone. With such a process in place, people can easily book appointments for vaccines themselves. However, many new users who mistakenly entered the wrong first or last name on the platform are now starting to wonder how to change their name on the CoWIN app. So if you have been faced with similar questions then don’t worry, here is everything you need to know about it.

How do I change my name on the CoWIN application?

The process of registering the CoWIN app is quite crucial because if you get the wrong name on the registration there is a good chance that you will not be able to get the vaccine at the given appointment. The name on your CoWIN record will help doctors and assistants identify you correctly so the process runs smoothly. However, the renaming system in the CoWIN app can be a bit confusing. So you can just follow the steps below to change the name in CoWIN –

  • First, download the Umang app from Play Store on your Android smartphone.
  • Now open the app and wait for it to load
  • Then you will find a button that reads – “Covid-19 vaccination registration for people aged 18 and over”. Just tap on it

    IMAGE: Screenshot of the app

  • Let the CoWIN portal in the app open.
  • As soon as it opens, you will find two options – “Register or login for vaccination” and “Download vaccination certificate”

    IMAGE: Screenshot of the app

  • All you have to do here is click on the option “Register or login for vaccination”
  • This will then open a window where you will ask to log into your CoWIN account providing details.
  • Once you have filled in all the details, your registration will appear right in front of it.

    IMAGE: Screenshot of the app

  • Now here you need to check if you have already scheduled an appointment or not. If so, you can cancel the appointment by clicking on the “three vertical dots” to the right of your name. Otherwise everything is fine.
  • Now click on the “three vertical dots” again, it will display an option to “Delete” your full registration details. Tap and delete it.
  • Once you have deleted your registration, you can re-enter all the details and book your appointment from the app itself.
  • For vaccination, a person must be provided with the identity document that they indicated when registering on the CoWin portal and a print / screenshot of your appointment voucher.


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