Indiana to Pass Name, Image and Likeness Law for College Athletes

INDIANAPOLIS – As of Thursday, several states will have laws or executive orders in effect that will allow compensation of college athletes through sponsorship agreements. Indiana is not one of them.

This follows a United States Supreme Court ruling that the NCAA cannot limit the educational benefits provided to college athletes.

Laws or decrees have been signed in 20 states so far, giving college athletes control over their names, images and likenesses. This allows them to enter into agreements with agents and to be paid by endorsements.

Ohio, Illinois, and Kentucky are among those states, but the issue has yet to be discussed in the Indiana General Assembly.

“There is interest among my colleagues in light of the US Supreme Court ruling that we need to study the subject,” State Senator Fady Qaddoura (D-Indianapolis) said.

State Senator Qaddoura said some of his fellow lawmakers plan to introduce such legislation in the next session.

“We have to be alert to any unintended consequences,” Qaddoura said. “And we need to be aware of the legality of what came out of the US Supreme Court decision. “

The NCAA announced on Wednesday that it had adopted a new temporary policy that would no longer prohibit student-athletes from using their names, images and likenesses to enter into sponsorship agreements.

Experts believe all 50 states will eventually pass NIL legislation.

“For most of these deals, we’re not talking big dollars,” said Larry DeGaris, co-director of the Center for Sports Sponsorship at the University of Indianapolis.

Despite the endorsement of the endorsements, DeGaris said, he doesn’t expect athletes to eventually be paid to play through their colleges and universities.

“We are moving towards more benefits for student-athletes, more freedom for student-athletes to pursue opportunities but still solidly fit within the current framework,” said DeGaris.

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