Look for the new Karma Automotive vehicle at Prestige Imports

Car buyers excited about the upcoming Karma GS-6 can find out all about it on the Prestige Imports website.

A brand new vehicle from Karma Automotive will be delivered this year – the next step in the evolution of the Karma Revero GT. The new vehicle, dubbed the Karma GS-6, will adopt an overall aesthetic similar to that of its predecessor while offering an option to buyers at a more affordable price. It continues the brand’s tradition of high-performance hybrid vehicles with a truly exotic design, modifying the features and technologies available to expand its availability to even more customers.

Prestige Imports is a Miami, Florida area dealership that supplies new and used vehicles from a number of exotic auto brands, including Karma Automotive. Local buyers who may be interested in the Karma GS-6 when it becomes available can get a head start on the vehicle by visiting the dealership’s website at PrestigeImports.com.

the Karma GS-6 will offer drivers an overall range of 360 miles, a combined MPGe of 70 on all lines and a charging time of 34 minutes. These are just a few of the more technical details that might be of interest to a buyer before deciding if the vehicle is the right choice for them. Many more details – like details of the entire vehicle powertrain, the brand’s human-machine interface technology and more – can be found on the Prestige Imports website.

Prestige Imports is located at 14780 Biscayne Blvd. in North Miami Beach, Florida. Specific questions regarding the Karma GS-6 or any of the other makes and vehicles available from the dealership can be directed to the sales team at 833-290-6287.

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