Man’s $651,000 horror after Googled partner’s name

Luke Allen thought he had found the man of his dreams until a strange set of circumstances led him to Google the name of his partner – who in turn revealed a disturbing secret.

The 31-year-old Melburnian told A Current Affair he was so thrilled with the new man in his life that he was even considering marriage.

But despite daily “I love you” messages, expensive gifts and dinners, Allen has accused his former partner of impersonating him and racking up thousands of dollars in debt in his name.

“Honestly, I didn’t see any of this coming,” Allen told the show. “He just played the part so well.”

It all came to a head in March this year, when his partner suddenly broke up with him and left with a new partner.

It was then that Allen tried to move on. But when he made an offer on an apartment, his whole world fell apart.

“The bank turned around and said, ‘We’re not going to hit you with a 10-foot pole, because of your credit history, because you’re essentially bankrupt’.”

Allen said credit cards and loans were taken out in his name, totaling $651,060, of which Allen claims he had no knowledge.

He told A Current Affair that a fake bank statement was used to secure a loan with Allen’s name on it, but he claims it wasn’t his account.

He said the bank account belonged to his former partner.

” Two days after [my partner] and I first met, had three or four credit inquiries using my name,” Allen said.

He was even more shocked when he typed his ex-boyfriend’s name into Google.

“The first time I had done this the whole time we had seen each other and the first two articles that appeared were news articles.”

They reported that in 2018, her partner narrowly avoided jail time after defrauding a food company of over $186,000.

A current case has reported that the man is currently wanted in New South Wales after he failed to appear in court. He is accused of using his job at a medical clinic in 2019 to make false health insurance claims, allegedly pocketing $30,463. has contacted NSW Police for comment.

Allen’s partner declined to answer questions when approached by A Current Affair and did not respond to a written request for comment.

In a statement, Victoria Police said detectives had received a report of fraud, believed to have been committed over a four-year period.

“The exact circumstances remain to be determined and the case is currently being assessed by investigators,” police said.

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