Massage therapist accused of rape uses fake name to get media attention in Atlanta

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WSMV) – In what might be the most bizarre developments to date in News4 Investigates’ review of Tarek Mentouri’s actions, the former massage therapist accused of rape and kidnapping has sought media attention in Atlanta. while using a fake name.

Mentouri was stripped of his massage license and charged with 21 counts, including rape and kidnapping, following a series of News4 Investigates stories that revealed women saying he sexually touched them during job interviews and massages.

Allowed to live in Duluth, Georgia, to care for his ailing mother while awaiting trial, the investigative unit of NBC’s Atlanta affiliate 11Alive reported that Mentouri contacted their hotline using a fake name.

The station reported that Mentouri went by the name “Issac Men” and said he wanted to help people understand how they can sue caller bots to make money.

It’s unclear whether Mentouri knew who would come to interview him, as chief investigator Brendan Keefe is widely known as one of the best local television investigative reporters in the country.

Keefe, who also shoots and edits his own video, arrived alone at Mentouri for the interview.

Keefe reported that when he started searching for “Issac Men” before the interview, he found no record of anyone with that name living in Georgia.

Keefe described the flat as cold, set at 58 degrees, with Mentouri using an oven to heat the rooms, wearing a full suit and yellow Homer Simpson slippers.

Keefe reports that Mentouri has answered all of his questions about how he makes money by catching calling bots violating the Telephone Consumer Product Act.

Keefe said Mentouri never mentioned anything about his criminal charges.

It wasn’t until after the interview that Keefe noticed that in photos, provided by Mentouri showing him with his caller bot checks, his name was blurred out.

When Keefe confirmed that Mentouri’s mother owned the apartment, he then began to investigate the name “Mentouri” and learned of her criminal charges and real name.

Keefe then requested a follow-up interview in which he grilled Mentouri on using a false name and not disclosing that he faces criminal charges.

Mentouri responded by saying his lawyer told him not to discuss his charges.

“Why, then, would you call a television station while awaiting trial in another state for multiple crimes?” Keefe asked.

“I just wanted to discuss this wonderful opportunity, share it with you. It’s very newsworthy,” Mentouri said.

This is not the first time that Mentouri has attracted media attention.

Amid News4 Investigates exposure of his actions, Mentouri asked to appear on “Dr. Phil” to prove his innocence and appeared in a two-part episode that revealed he had failed a drug test. lying.

Years ago, Mentouri also appeared on an episode of the MTV show “Catfish.”

News4 Investigates also revealed that a woman in Duluth, Georgia told police that Mentouri wanted to massage her and did not acknowledge that he faced criminal charges.

The Davidson County prosecutor’s office then filed a motion to restrict his bail conditions, but a judge ruled that he had not violated his bail conditions.

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