Maybe Google’s new Android Automotive logo will help us all tell it apart from Android Auto

Totally not easy to confuse these names or anything


Mobile technology has radically changed the driving experience. We’re all familiar with Android Auto – it connects your phone to your car’s infotainment system, providing all the music, maps and information you might need as you navigate your route. Meanwhile, Google’s new in-car software, Android Automotive, isn’t yet widely available, but continues to steadily gain new features. While the two are often confused thanks to their similar names, it might be a little easier to tell them apart now that Android Automotive has a new logo.

While Android powers both systems, Auto runs on your phone and uses your vehicle’s dashboard screen and buttons as its interface, working in conjunction with your automaker’s native system. The automobile, on the other hand, is designed to be your car’s native system, providing audio, navigation, hands-free calling and other useful features, while running directly on your car’s hardware (no need to connect your phone).


Snapp Automotive’s Al Sutton posted the new logo on Twitter, showing that it consists of a distinctive representation of the acronym AAOS, which stands for Android Automotive Operating System. Also, the folks at 9to5Google shared the animation used when booting up.


Currently, Android Automotive is available or will soon only be available on a small number of car models, so it will probably be a while before most of us experience it. Perhaps as the feature list grows, it will offer enough value that more automakers will consider offering it instead of their own systems. Only time will tell.


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