Morgan Olson, EAVX, REE Automotive Introduce Newly Designed Electric Step Van

EAVX, Morgan Olson and REE Automotive are hosting the first live demos and customer reviews of Proxima Powered by REE, the recently announced fully electric step van, this week. The joint events highlight the benefits of the new EAVX and Morgan Olson body combined with REE’s fully flat, modular P7 chassis and x-by-wire technology.

Over the next few weeks, potential customers will have the opportunity to experience the Proxima bodywork powered by REEcorner technology and the P7 chassis. The joint program aims to reduce the total cost of ownership, thereby facilitating the transition to electric for fleets. It also helps fleets meet ever-increasing demands facing the industry, including increased deliveries to consumers and continued driver shortages.

Additional benefits include operational efficiency and flexibility which can be extended to other applications and classes 2 to 6 for body and chassis, with modularity and design freedom in mind.

Key benefits of the Proxima body over REE’s P7 include improved aerodynamics, improved driver ergonomics, increased driver visibility and overall safety, improved handling and integrated technologies. Additional features described by the companies included:

  • Nearly 60% reduction in drag by combining the Proxima body with the REE platform.
  • Cable drive, steer and brake features eliminate mechanical obstructions, reduce underfloor turbulence and ensure a smooth ride.
  • An intelligent digital infrastructure from EAVX allows all connected vehicle systems to exchange information and support the driver.
  • The low loading floor allows quick and easy access for drivers and helps reduce delivery times.
  • Ergonomics designed with drivers of all body types, emphasizing every interior detail to reduce driver distraction and increase safety and comfort.
  • Significant improvements in driver visibility from both the body and chassis, enhancing driver and bystander safety.
  • REEcorners’ minimal turning radius combined with Proxima’s sleek and compact design ensures optimum maneuverability in crowded urban areas and loading docks.
  • Fast repair times and reduced total cost of ownership thanks to fast REE corner swaps and the 50-50 weight distribution of the Proxima body.

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