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“We believe our college fully reflects the goals and objectives of the State Board College Names Policy, as we embrace equity, diversity and inclusion as important values ​​to our college, our students and our communities. communities, “Copenhagen wrote, and if the hyphen does not work, the PHCC board agrees with” Patrick & Henry Community College “.

Copenhagen said it was unfair to refuse to allow a community college to bear the name of the area it serves.

“We again remind the State Board to consider the punitive nature and the unintended consequences of not allowing a community college to be named for its service area localities,” Copenhagen wrote. “We have established with clear evidence that the college was named for the counties of Patrick and Henry. The college is named simply for its area of ​​service; it is not named for the individual, Patrick Henry.”

Of course, the counties of Patrick and Henry are named after the man, Patrick Henry, but Copenhagen wrote: “The counties of Henry and Patrick are in no way affiliated with the man, as the absence indicates. statues, plaques or any other iconographic element. . “

She noted that there was “a much greater representation regarding Patrick Henry, the man, in Richmond than what is present at PHCC or in the communities served.”

And she noted that the signal sent by the State Board is that students in Henry County Public Schools or Patrick County Public Schools might consider not attending PHCC because the name of their school system does not fit. to college that they might attend.

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