New owners, new name, new vision for Adams Sports Facility

ADAMS, New York (WWNY) — A sports facility in Adams is getting a facelift and a new name after a change in ownership, but still seeks to provide quality sports programming and entertainment for the area.

A few years ago, Trevor Perry opened the South Jeff Sportsplex in Adams, a place where area athletes can train 12 months a year.

In April Perry decided to sell the Sportsplex and Kristine and Shawn Maloney, Mark and Sarah Sugden and Jessica Winters stepped up and purchased the facility.

“It just felt like a natural fit. We love the community, we love the kids, we want to be there for them. We want to provide as many opportunities as possible for everyone,” Kristine Maloney said.

The purchase also resulted in a name change, with the South Jeff Sportsplex being renamed Xtreme Sportsplex.

Maloney says the name change was made because athletes from across the North and beyond are taking advantage of the facility.

“Our incentive program has girls coming all the way to Baldwinsville, so we’re definitely for the whole community. We’re not just one school. Any specific reason we chose lime green as our color, no specific area , no school had that. We want everyone to know that we’re open to the community and everyone as a whole,” Kristine Maloney said.

As Maloney said, the 2 main sports that operate out of the Sportsplex are cheerleading and soccer, but in the past the facility has hosted a wide variety of sports, including soccer camps and showcases of softball.

She says they’re looking to not only continue that, but add to it.

“Basically, we’re a 9,000+ square foot indoor training facility. Also, we’re definitely an event center, and I think people forget that we’re an event center. What I mean by that, Rob, is that we’re always looking for people to come and rent our space. Whether you want a family reunion, whether it’s winter and you want to play cornhole and want to do it here, or disc golf or something like that. A birthday party,” Kristine Maloney said.

While the Sportsplex is Xtreme’s main focal point, the group also uses other facilities in the area, such as the land behind the former Adams Elementary School and the grounds of South Jeff High School, where the football Xtreme held its training on Thursday evening.

Shawn Maloney, Belleville Henderson’s college football coach, is responsible for the Xtreme football program.

“70% coaching for every individual from 3-6 year old shooting stars and up to 17 year old kids entering their senior year playing college. We have 4 teams in our NNYYSL league and we we’re doing well, but it’s my job to improve them, so hopefully next year we’ll be a force to be reckoned with,” said Shawn Maloney.

The ownership group as a whole says their primary goal and ultimate goal for Xtreme Sportsplex is to be there for local youth who seek to excel in their individual sport and make them the best athletes possible.

“My ultimate vision is to create a program that can help every child if they want to. I don’t want to have to go recruit, I want to help an individual, an athlete, whether it’s soccer, baseball, football. pom -cheerleader. We all want to do this,” Shawn Maloney said.

Xtreme Sportsplex, seeks to help area athletes achieve their dreams on and off the field.

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