One thing we learned about every NFL team in week 4 of the 2021 season: Cardinals, Cowboys are for real in the NFC


Week 4 of the 2021 NFL season is officially on the books and while it didn’t look like it, there were other games that didn’t involve Tom Brady and Bill Belichick. The Giants and Jets actually won a game on the same day, the Cardinals remain undefeated, and the Dallas Cowboys made a statement by dominating the previously undefeated Carolina Panthers.

Sixteen teams recorded victories. Sixteen others failed. But what did we learn about each of the 32 after another week of action? We’re so glad you asked. Heading into Week 5, below we take a look at one thing we took away from every team thanks to the last weekend of football:

At least for now, they are the real class of the NFC West. Everything the Rams are talking about couldn’t stop Kyler Murray and Co. from moving up and down the pitch in Week 4.

Their defense is not good, but we already knew that. Let’s go with this: Cordarrelle Patterson’s hot start was no accident. Its use and production only increased as the surprising centerpiece of their attack.

It became more apparent about every two weeks, but Marquise Brown establishes herself as a true n ° 1. What an extension he had for the deep touch of the great victory of Baltimore.

The pre-season hype was completely justified. Yeah, they just beat the Texans, but damn it, they make it easy on both sides of the ball.

Despite the warm start of the season, they are still not proven under pressure. Sam Darnold and their offensive line – already a faltering unit – withdrew in record time to allow Dallas to steal a victory.

Justin Fields looked a lot better at start # 2, but their offense might have more problems now that David Montgomery, whose rushing really helped in Week 4, is suffering from a knee injury.

Zac Taylor cannot be deregistered yet. We’re as guilty as anyone of doing just that, and there’s still time to fall apart, but it certainly made Joe Burrow and Co. play with combat and more cohesion from the start.

It’s not Kevin Stefanski’s offense, but rather the defense that wears them. Myles Garrett and Co. held off the Viking explosives on the road, taking over for Baker Mayfield.

Besides the fact that they could be NFC Championship material? Ezekiel Elliott is really an X factor for this offense. Zeke didn’t have much love in 2021, but even with Tony Pollard doing well, he has maintained himself as a regular playmaker.

They lost by 20 and things could easily get worse before they get better. The Steelers, then, are beatable, but Drew Lock could be forced to start for Teddy Bridgewater, and their defense wasn’t as stuck against the Ravens.

They fight every week, but this team is not opportunistic enough. Three different trips to the red zone against the Bears in the first half, and they managed to come away with zero points there, finishing 1 for 5 inside the 20.

It might just be the Steelers’ defense, but Randall Cobb looks like he always has it. We know one thing: Aaron Rodgers certainly trusts him as the prime target outside of the slot machine.

Davis Mills’ first start may have been a match. Even that wasn’t gorgeous, of course, but it was way better than his outing in Week 4, in which he was selected four times in a 40-point loss.

Their defense still lives. Carson Wentz and Jonathan Taylor each had nice second-half contributions against the Dolphins, but Indy’s “D” was the real MVP, shutting Miami completely out of the gate.

How can we say this politely? Urban Meyer is in turmoil, for reasons that go far beyond the football field.

Their defense remains a total sieve, but Patrick Mahomes and Tyreek Hill remain the game’s most dangerous combo. They shredded the Eagles with ease whenever they needed to.

As Derek Carr again showed a fight in the second half, their offensive strategy needs work. Josh Jacobs was too often the focal point of the early passing game against the Chargers, and the whole unit took way too long to start.

Justin Herbert Belongs To The MVP Conversation. It’s crowded, no doubt, but it was super-efficient from the start in prime time – enough to let Los Angeles essentially go through cruise control for much of a Monday night win over the Raiders. .

It will sound pretty wide, but it’s still true: They are indeed vulnerable. After opening 3-0 and generating MVP buzz for Matthew Stafford, they had almost no response for the Cardinals after starting slow in Week 4.

An extension from last week: Their attack is one of the worst in the NFL. Yes, the Colts were stingy on Sunday, but with Tua Tagovailoa and Jacoby Brissett, they were completely non-explosive.

The ground game still means a lot to them. Kirk Cousins ​​had pitched him in the first three weeks, but faced with pressure and little help from Dalvin Cook and Co. against Cleveland, there was little he could do.

He may not have won the scheduled Sunday night battle against Tom Brady, but Mac Jones is clearly the best QB in his class yet. His poise and efficiency against the Buccaneers defense was exceptional.

Through four games, they could be the most unpredictable team in the NFL. They struggled mightily on defense against a wayward Giants team, with a late-game collapse to lose in overtime.

Daniel Jones could still be anything. On a bad team this year, he actually played one of his best football games, and his efforts were one of the main reasons for New York’s loss to New Orleans.

Their 0-3 start clouded his potential, but Quinnen Williams can change her defense, as he did on Sunday headlining a stifling performance against the Titans.

Jalen Hurts is still promising, including keeping pace with Patrick Mahomes for much of Sunday’s game, but Nick Sirianni deserves skepticism for three consecutive games of questionable calls.

After missing several open shots at depth and once again struggling to operate new coordinator Matt Canada’s favorite attack, Ben Roethlisberger could actually be in danger of losing his job Later this year.

This is Trey Lance’s show now. Not because Jimmy Garoppolo fell on Sunday, but because he is injured again. Kyle Shanahan may have no choice but to stick with the rookie if / when he gets his look extended.

Russell Wilson saves them. And that’s not really new, is it? But it is still notable. Their third-down defense was solid against San Francisco, but the No.3 is still the number one reason they’re competitive.

Once again, their ground game is underestimated. Tom Brady grabbed the headlines, but even he was part of the rushed attack on the Patriots, with Leonard Fournette and Ronald Jones contributing to a tough win.

They ask a lot of Ryan Tannehill, whether with a shaky O-line, an unreliable receiving duo that lost two injured stars, or something else. Derrick Henry can’t do it all for you on the pitch.

Washington football team

It may not be extremely reliable, but Taylor Heinicke will keep them in the hunt for divisions. What else can you say after his daring finish against the Falcons, with some nice throws to Terry McLaurin?

You may have noticed that the The NFL has launched its Crucial Catch campaign during week 4. Each year, all 32 NFL teams raise awareness during their Crucial Catch game featuring Crucial Catch elements on the field and in the stadium. The Crucial Catch games also offer a chance to honor cancer survivors and those currently battling cancer. Since 2009, the NFL has raised over $ 23 million for the American Cancer Society. You can buy Crucial Catch gear just as coaches and players were on the sidelines and can join the fight against cancer by donate to the American Cancer Society.

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