Pipeline company fights order to name Iowa landowners on the way

DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) – A company that wants to build a pipeline to transport carbon dioxide from ethanol plants in Iowa and several other states to North Dakota where it would be stored underground is battling the order from Iowa regulators to reveal the names of companies and governments on the way to the $ 4.5 billion project.

Summit Carbon Solutions has appealed to the Iowa Utilities Board and asked a court to intervene because it says the order would require it to identify many individual farmers who own land along the road because the land is often held by trusts or family companies, depending on in the Des Moines Register.

Regulators have said the names of individual landowners may remain private, but companies and governments that own land in the pipeline route through Iowa’s 30 counties should be disclosed.

“The board should reconsider its order and decide that the names and addresses of business entities – the vast majority of which are small family farms – should be kept confidential,” Summit said in its appeal.

Environmental groups argue that keeping the names a secret will only make it harder to organize opposition to the project.

Jess Mazour, of the Iowa chapter of the Sierra Club, said on Friday that the information should be made public so that landowners can join forces to protect their interests.

“As soon as landowners know they’re not alone, that they don’t have to feel hopeless, that there are things they can do to protect their land, they don’t want to sign.” pipeline easements, Mazour said. “And Summit doesn’t want that to happen.”

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