“Pirate” captured in Utah after living for years under a false name

PROVO, Utah – A man from Utah who fancy called himself a pirate while organizing local scavenger hunts through an app he owned now learns that X is marking the spot in a jail cell.

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The US Marshals arrested Jody Russell Trapp on Monday in Provo after spending years in hiding under a false name.

Trapp, who passed by Abram Hochstelter while in Utah, was charged with money laundering and wire fraud in Indiana in 2012, but left the state before pleading guilty for a year later.

While in Utah, Trapp worked as an electrician for Chipping Electric and co-founded Treasure Finders, a free app that combines geocaching and geocaching. The Treasure Finders app website was down on Wednesday.

During promotions for his application, Trapp called himself Admiral Abram the Pirate and dressed the role during treasure hunts.

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Trapp is now sent back to Indiana to face jail time for his original charges.

“This multi-state, multi-year investigation represents the relentless determination of men and women who are dedicated to the pursuit of justice,” said Southern Indiana District Marshal Joseph McClain. “I also want to especially thank our FBI partners for their continued assistance in the investigation.”

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