Popular Berlin daycare reopens under new name, owners in August

BERLIN, Md.- A daycare that has been closed for almost two years will now reopen with a new name and new owners.

What was once known as Beary Best Day Care will now be called Sunny Start Learning Center.

An academic director of Worcester County Public Schools and a retired teacher from Ocean City Elementary School will reopen the school’s doors in August.

They told us that the idea came about after a conversation about the lack of child care in the area.

They found out that one of the reasons was that Beary Best was closed.

So, with the need in the community and a location close to schools, they felt it was the right call to make.

“We believe this will help young families who want to stay in the Western Ocean City to stay and live there and have proper child care for their infants,” said Annette Howe, co-owner of the Sunny Start Learning Center.

“The fact that this is already an established center with such a wonderful reputation will only help us establish, hopefully continue this wonderful reputation and serve the community by making the community proud,” said Dee Shorts. , co-owner of the Sunny Start Learning Center, said.

We are told they plan to open on August 16 and have an open house on August 11.

They are adding parking and a new playground.

In addition, they will be a center for infants, toddlers, 3- and 4-year-olds and elementary school children.

There will be care before and after.

The co-owners have said they start small with 30 children, but hope to grow eventually.

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