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QUINCY, Mass. (AP) – The town of Quincy names two roads in honor of modern military generals with close ties to the town.

City council recently voted to name two new roads under construction as part of a new bridge and park project underway in downtown General McConville Way and General Joseph F. Dunford Drive, The Patriot reported. Ledger.

Joseph Francis Dunford Jr. was born in Boston and raised in Quincy. He is a retired four-star general of the Marine Corps who served as the 19th Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff under Presidents Barack Obama and Donald Trump.

James Charles McConville was born in Quincy and is an active United States Army General who is the 40th Chief of Staff of the Army.

“In the theme of the bridge and the park, we have found it appropriate to honor two of the most modern generals,” said Mayor Thomas Koch. “There is kind of a nice touch. Both were sons of veterans and came from some pretty amazing local families. “

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The $ 35.6 million Generals Bridge project will ultimately honor seven Quincy generals. A dedication is scheduled for September 11.

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