Singer Automotive Crowned Mixed Competition Champion

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Play a triple title to claim victory

Bethany Bolts players cheer on their team during the quarter-finals.

Singer Automotive had a long night on Tuesday, riding through a triple title to claim the Mixed Competitive Championship with a narrow 26-25 final victory over Western.

The afternoon started with second-seeded Singer taking on the third-seeded Bethany Bolts in the quarterfinals. Singer emerged victorious, moving them to the semifinals where he beat Western, 27-12.

In his first competition, Singer got ahead quickly, using his five homers over the fence. But the second turned out to be a barn burner. Western doubled down on their strong defense, providing a counterbalance to Singer’s continued performance at the plate. Halfway through the game, with runners in second and first place, a hit from Singer went to shortstop Western. The shortstop tagged the runner who headed for third before throwing him to second, for another out, which ended the inning. The game continued like this for its entire duration, with close plays and big hits.

It was past 10 p.m. when the match ended, with Singer winning the league title by a single point.

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