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The unnamed parent asked Mumsnet for advice, revealing his relatives had described the name she and her partner chose for their second son as a ‘drug name’. More than a hundred people responded to the mum-to-be’s message – many saying it’s best to wait until after birth before revealing the baby’s name.

However, users have been very supportive of her name choice, reports The Mirror.

The message read: “I’m 30 weeks pregnant with my second, it’s still a boy, which my family made it very clear they wanted a girl and were disappointed when I revealed it was a boy.

“After weeks and weeks of discussing names with my partner, we finally settled on Reggie a few weeks ago, kept it to ourselves until we knew it would fit and now it’s stuck , we told the family.

“Very few families really like the name and my family strongly opposed it. Saying it’s a drug gang name, I can’t name my child like that. Then I suggest other names.

“I tell them firmly that Reggie is not what we agreed on and that will be his name. What I get the answer to, you will change your mind when you see it, so what about he of that name.”

She added: “It really upsets me and I have to go to a brother’s birthday party tomorrow and I really don’t want to go because I know the topic of names will come up.”

One person responded by saying, “And that’s why you should never tell people your child’s name until it’s born! Seriously, you were just causing trouble.

“People tend not to give you such negative reactions if you wait until after the child is born – few people would be so rude to a real baby.

“The damage is unfortunately done now, so it just depends on how much you like the name – if you do, tell them their opinion is irrelevant and you won’t change it.

“For what it’s worth, I love Reggie and I think you should stick to your guns!!”

Another said: “Unless your first born is Ronnie they can stick their opinion where the sun doesn’t shine.”

A third wrote: “I love the name reggie – ignore them all. Congratulations.”

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