Strategies for better crossing the US-Mexico border

The North American automotive supply chain depends on reliable, efficient and fast cross-border logistics, with huge volumes of parts and vehicles moving just in time between the United States, Mexico and Canada every day. Today, manufacturers face significant time, cost and customs processing issues with Covid-19 related controls, capacity shortages and growing regulatory requirements.

But there are ways for OEMs and suppliers to alleviate these issues, especially in logistics solutions that reduce handling and dotting requirements and improve visibility into transportation equipment and digitally connected locations.

This is why D-Troy Logistics, one of the leading providers of cross-border logistics solutions, has established a strategic alliance with Transportes Logisticos Especializados (TLE) on door-to-door cross-border solutions. TLE is a CTPAT certified logistics provider specializing in reducing cross-border delivery times with a fleet of equipment and drivers on both sides of the US-Mexico border and state-of-the-art logistics systems.

In this interview, TLE CEO Agustin Sustaita addresses Automotive logistics Editor-in-Chief Christopher Ludwig ahead of the upcoming Automotive Logistics and Supply Chain Global Live conference in Detroit on the lingering challenges at the US-Mexico border, highlighting the processes, technology and collaboration that help TLE and D-Troy keep traffic flowing goods .

Sustaita will join Adam Pieniazek of Magna Powertrain, Senior Logistics Director for North America, on a panel discussing best practices in cross-border logistics at the Automotive Logistics and Supply Chain Global Live conference, which will take place in Detroit, as well as online, October 5-7 (check out the full schedule here).

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D-Troy cross-border logistics

Guest interview

Agustin Sustaita, Transportes Logisticos Especializados

Agustin Sustaita
General manager
Transports Logisticos Especializados
Partner of the D-Troy Logistics Alliance

Augustin Sustaita is the Managing Director of Transportes Logisticos Especializados, partner of the strategic alliance of D-Troy Logistics. In this role, he is responsible for operations, sales and customer service for domestic and international customers, including automotive, retail, manufacturing, special cargo and freight companies. hazardous materials using a wide range of logistics solutions, including trays, dry vans and cars. -transport truck loads. With over 25 years of operations management experience, he has cultivated a distinct competitive advantage by leveraging customer satisfaction, continuous improvement and a commitment to meeting customer needs.

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