Take your partner’s name out as the newlyweds merge nicknames to keep the kids happy

For example, TV personality and author Dawn Porter simply took the “O” from her husband’s name, actor Chris O’Dowd, to become Dawn O’Porter.

Others have taken a more substantial approach. Laura Wardwood, 28, told the Telegraph how she decided to mix up her maiden name, Moorwood, and her husband Tom’s last name, Ward, after they got married on September 10.

“I really didn’t like the idea of ​​having to take Tom’s name,” she said. “Tom really didn’t want to take my name, giving it up would have been a real loss of identity.”

“It’s something we can do together. We’re sort of starting your own clan, and luckily for us, it has worked pretty well.

“I didn’t want to be in the position where if we were to get a divorce and had kids, and suddenly there’s an identity crisis of ‘Oh, that name isn’t mine anymore.’

“If the worst should happen, it’s a name that belongs to both of us and a name that belongs to our children.

Dare to go against tradition

Cécile Mazuet, Founder and CEO of NameSwitch, said: “Maybe the underlying reason is equality. Couples are more open-minded or dare to go against tradition and do things their own way.

“They’re also more aware that there are choices and different combinations to get started with their new team name. And I suspect they are inspired by each other, as friendship groups / age groups tend to marry in batches.

“The kids are a big driver and a consideration for the name change – the name of ‘the team’ is a major consolation factor.

“Some women don’t change their names until several years after marriage because of the imminent arrival of a newborn baby. The same goes for couples who choose to double the barrel or “mesh” later, in time for the arrival of a newborn. “

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