Tesla-Inspired Auto Designs That Show Why This Company Is At The Pinnacle Of Modern Innovation: Part 3

Tesla is a forerunner in the electric automotive industry, especially when it comes to innovation and invention. Their designs are revolutionary, as well as breaks consistent with the conventions of the automotive industry! And, these electric vehicles are a huge source of inspiration for designers around the world. The result is unique and mind-blowing Tesla-inspired automotive concepts that honestly appear to be the real deal. And, we’ve curated some of the best of the bunch for you! Immerse yourself and prepare to be amazed!

The Model B forms a bridge between conventional bicycles and road vehicles, with a design that, like cars, is designed to be safer, more efficient and less fuel-efficient. The B-Model’s sleek frame features front, side and rear proximity sensors and LiDAR sensors that scan the environment to create a protective bubble around the rider, warning them of any obstacles. Each wheel comes with its own dedicated motor, forming the model B’s dual-drive system. The spokes on the wheels are replaced with shocks, allowing you to ride smoothly.

The Rover missions to Mars have uncovered the secrets of the Red Planet, and to explore the moon’s jagged terrain, a designer is considering the Moonracer. An exploration vehicle that seems so inspired by the Tesla Cybertruck with its crisp lines and the characteristic front and rear design. Of course, to tread the most difficult unknown terrains and hostile environments in case we humans are looking for signs of life on as yet unexplored planets and their moons. The tires on product design student Robin Mazánek’s NASA exploration vehicle will be the most vital, as they need to be ready for any adventure. The airless Tweel tires developed by Michelin will be the ideal choice as they will never be punctured or burst as the hub of the tire is connected to the rim by flexible polyurethane spokes which also serve as shock absorbers for a smooth ride.

Origami is more than just an intriguing art form, it is a scientific methodology that forms the most aesthetic forms of nature while being structurally sound. This is what inspired transport design student Jaeheon Lee from Chung Ang University in South Korea to create the Tesla Origami concept car that breaks the barriers of automotive design when it comes to form. and function. Adapting elements from Tesla’s Cybertruck framework, SpaceX’s Mars colonization dreams and NASA’s Mars rover – the concept design is straight out of a sci-fi future. Keeping the cardinal points of the vehicle’s overall structural design, Lee envisions it to be a car powered by renewable energy – again with origami-inspired solar panels at the rear that expand to harness the energy of the sun when the vehicle is parked.

This insect-like rover that looks like the big daddy of the compact Martian rovers we’ve seen over the years is, in fact, a garbage disposal vehicle for the rugged terrain of the Red Planet. Called the D25 Modular Rover, the design comes courtesy of Joshua Cotter, who reimagined the form and function of a vehicle to make it look like his tailor-made design for the masonry landscape and extreme weather conditions of Mars. The three-part vehicle consists of an electrically driven modular platform chassis, a cabin crew module and the main waste disposal module. While the first and second are a deposit given on the vehicle, the waste disposal module can be swapped for other modules that can be customized as needed.

Imagined by two transportation designers, Drake Nolte and Jack Donald Morris, this conceptual bicycle design imagines a decade later the state of personal travel amidst heavy California traffic in the year 2030. Getting the best of both. worlds; two-wheelers and cars – the concept dubbed “Tesla Model C” is a rare combination of road safety, ride comfort, compact size and driving dynamics! The duo put a lot of thought into the design of the bike concept with a driver’s seating position adopted from all four wheels. The revolutionary vehicle’s steering column extends horizontally like that of an F1 car in the form of a handlebar for superior grip at all times.

The Tesla Squad imagined by Fabian Breës is a logical hypothesis of a racing division made possible by the evolution of the company’s battery giving birth to hypercars that compete on technologically advanced circuits. Yes, a future where recharging batteries will be laid in the pit lane and parts of the track – just like the DRS areas in F1. This will give pilots the ability to recharge their hypercar’s battery while fighting for position on the track, bringing a new level of strategic decision-making to live racing. The cars are fitted with ground-mounted lithium-ion batteries that charge wirelessly from induction charging equipment installed under the asphalt. In tune with the future of racing, airless tires are 3D printed – filled with a porous material to dampen the extreme pressure on the tire walls at high speeds.

Radek Štěpán’s Pandemax concept is unconventional to say the least. It has a distinct Star Wars inspired aesthetic and those off-road tires and that high ground clearance really implies that the car could easily run over even the most rugged alien terrain. Designed to be a sort of exploration vehicle or manned rover, the Pandemax comes with two seats that are absolutely at the front of the vehicle, with a panoramic windshield that allows explorers to have a full view of the terrain and landscape in front of them. Of course, there are also a few questions that come to mind, especially when it comes to driver safety and the center of gravity, given that drivers are seated outside of the car’s wheelbase. . However, it’s a neat aesthetic exploration of an interplanetary vehicle if you ask us.

If you’ve always wanted a specially designed caravan for your Tesla, your wish is granted! Polydrops, based in Glendale, Calif., Have been designing trailers for four years, and now they’ve come up with a P17A motorhome that your EV will love. The angular design of the trailer is well suited to your Tesla Cybertruck, and it’s not just about clean looks! The P17A trailer comes with built-in ground batteries capable of storing 12 kWh of electricity when needed. Great attention has been paid to the temperature variation inside the cabin to keep energy requirements to a minimum. This is made possible by the true foam structure providing 8.7 ”EPS insulation, eliminating the need to use a 5,000 BTU air conditioner in the summer or an electric heater in the freezing winter.

Based on the highly anticipated Tesla Roadster v2.0, this electric superbike goes as fast as it looks. But unlike the new Tesla Roadster with its curvy body, the Tesla Sports Bike has sharper lines that are akin to a Nighthawk stealth fighter. This concept e-beast features dual hub-mounted electric motors, air suspension, massive brakes and a lower center of gravity. It’s not about how fast the Tesla sports bike can go, but how long you can hold your life while you activate its ridiculous mode!

Spinner 44 could swing somewhere between Blade Runner’s flying car and a Tesla Model X, the two full-fledged cars of tomorrow. Usable as a ground or airborne vehicle, Spinner 44 appears as a two-seater with an additional rear compartment in the trunk. The Spinner 44’s dual front wheels are given proper smoothness, which spans the entire car, giving an overall smooth, lute-like appearance. Spinner 44’s shape resembles the great black wasp, with the front wheels being the wasp’s mandibles and the angular, licked rear the wasp’s stinger. Lunarpunk’s appearance, like its mirror-gloss finish and jet black coating, glides over the entire vehicle, for night journeys incognito, against the chiaroscuro backdrop of Blade Runner’s City of Angels.

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