The 10 best names for baby boys and girls in New Jersey for 2020


While the name of the best boys for babies born in New Jersey in 2020 came as no surprise, there is a new name at the top of the girls’ side.

Liam marked his sixth consecutive year as the name of New Jersey’s Best Boys on a Top 100 list released by the Social Security Administration. There were 662 new Liams baptized in 2020, up from 634 in 2019.

For girls, 2020 represented a breakthrough for the name Olivia. There were 489 Olivias born in New Jersey in 2020, mostly female first names. It came after a 17-year streak where Olivia was one of the top five girl names, but never No. 1.

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It could be argued, however, that Olivia actually lost her popularity in the NJ in 2020 compared to 2019. In 2019, there were 511 new Olivias, but that was not enough to overcome Emma’s popularity, which has been commissioned 517 times.

The first five daughters also included the aforementioned Sophia (448), Emma (437), Mia (402) and Ava (397). For boys, Noah (560), Lucas (420), Joseph (411), and Jacob (401) also saw regular use.

Michael, a name that once led the way in boys for 49 straight years, came sixth on the boys’ side for a second year in a row.

The top-ranked name in the top 100 that didn’t appear in the 2019 rankings – meaning it’s probably growing in popularity – was Ezra for the boys (# 68) and Jade for the boys. girls (n ° 78).

Of the names that were on the 2019 list, Jordan made the biggest jump among the boys’ names, 25 places from No.84 to No.59. For the girls, three names skipped 28 slots: Alaia (No.74 to n ° 59). 46), Addison (# 95 to # 67) and Everly (# 100 to # 72).

For girls, the last three names to appear in the top 100 were Anna, Autumn and Kennedy. For boys, the list was rounded out with No.98 Yosef, No.99 Max and No.100 Jace.

The biggest names in NJ, Liam and Olivia, also took the top spots on the full list of American boys and girls. Noah, Oliver, Elijah and William joined Liam in the men’s national top five, while Olivia was joined by Emma, ​​Ava, Charlotte and Sophia.

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